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(MSNBC) NewsFlash 5 more in Florida test positive for anthrax as attack spreads   ( divider line
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2001-10-13 07:52:26 PM  
2001-10-13 07:55:51 PM  
Go to your local army surplus store and get your gas masks..
2001-10-13 07:56:28 PM  
This is such shiat!! What the fark?! Come on, I want to hurt someone for this... the problem is that there is no one immediate to hurt. Damn it all! I'm not ready to croak...
2001-10-13 07:57:03 PM  
anthrax boobies.
2001-10-13 07:57:39 PM  
A spore for a spore....let's smoke em out.... drop a few cases of anthrax on the Afghan mountains....SEE HOW YOU LIKE THAT YOU farkING ASSHOLES!!!! DIEEEE!!!
2001-10-13 07:57:59 PM  
I don't feel well...

/me sneezes into envelope and posts it to bin Laden.
2001-10-13 08:01:54 PM  
nah, dont drop anthrax into the afghan mts.. I'm sure the US has something a lot more potent....hehe
2001-10-13 08:02:06 PM  
holy shiat
2001-10-13 08:03:15 PM  
I dunno if this is connected to bin Laden or not. I wouldn't be suprised if it was some deranged Ted Kazynski-type doing this. To me this seems more pausible. bin Laden would've picked a much higher-profile target. But who knows.
2001-10-13 08:05:52 PM  
agreed, Cheshire...
2001-10-13 08:07:06 PM  
Yeah, it was the cast of the 700 Club.. crazy hypocritalcal zealot's
2001-10-13 08:07:22 PM  
hypocritical too
2001-10-13 08:08:11 PM  
There are a lot more than 7 people in the United States.
2001-10-13 08:11:25 PM  
Whats the matter scarecrow, afraid of a little anthrax?
2001-10-13 08:11:29 PM  
Aye DuSaugen, we have at least 12 in mass and I think 9 or 10 in rhode island alone.
2001-10-13 08:15:27 PM  
Remember all, it's a patient count, not a BODY count. I highly doubt any of these will result in death.
2001-10-13 08:15:58 PM  
Hmmm.. let's see, terrorists blow up trade center, blow up pentagon, we are at war with them, they promise jihad.


Nah.. I don't think so.
2001-10-13 08:17:00 PM  
America is the largest producer of chemical weapons in the world...If you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas...
2001-10-13 08:20:31 PM  
The terrorists have given me a bad case of nervous hives...
2001-10-13 08:27:48 PM  
"This is your pilot speaking...
The world is coming to an end.
Please put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.
Thanks for flying Earth... We respect the fact that you have no control
over this situation, and we hope you continue to travel with us.
Thank you."
2001-10-13 08:28:33 PM  
"nah, dont drop anthrax into the afghan mts.. I'm sure the US has something a lot more potent....hehe"

you could give those farkers the common cold and they wouldn't be able to cure it, so I'm sure anthrax would give a them a good old fashoined ass whomping.
2001-10-13 08:39:29 PM  
Lets just start dropping white castle burgers on them till they give up.
2001-10-13 08:41:59 PM  
"Later, authorities tested a red, jelly-like substance found on a plate in a nearby kitchen. Initial tests came back negative for anthrax, police said"

Subsequent tests came back delicious!
2001-10-13 08:42:25 PM  
again u people forget a body count is not needed for a terrorist strike to cause terror....this is now 9 confirmed cases plus i bet at least another 10 to follow this week.....whoever says there is no link is an idiot...however thinks this isn't gonna cause just as much terror as the wtc is an idiot....
2001-10-13 08:43:09 PM  
There was a plane in San José tonite where a guy in the back threw some white powder. They sealed off the plane and the passengers inside until they can determine waht it was.. no link yet, it was on local news in Las Vegas.
2001-10-13 08:45:01 PM  
What the Hell are you talking about?! *One is too many!"
2001-10-13 08:49:31 PM  
Crazy as it sounds, if there are one or 2 more catastropic events on US soil, you watch... out will come the tactical nukes and fark whatever "allies" dont like it.
2001-10-13 08:55:40 PM  
I'm saying you guys act like the country is coming to an end. Only 1 death by Anthrax has occured. There is no need to panic because that is exactly what the terrorists want you to do.
2001-10-13 08:56:51 PM  
Vyxen: Do you still live in Portland? I think Ozone records is probably the best record store I've ever been too, including Amoeba Records in SF. Plus its right next to Powell's too! :)
2001-10-13 09:00:27 PM  
Cool it y'all... positive test for Anthrax is to be expected. It means you were exposed with too little, your body's immune system created antibodies and that is what was detected.

The terrorists, copycat loony perverts, and every wacko off their medication are now playing with your head. Since 911 how many folks died of food poisoning, drug over doses, gun shot wounds, airplane crashes, collapsing buildings, arson etc?

Vigilance yes... paranoia no...
2001-10-13 09:00:35 PM  
That was quite funny Kalkin!
2001-10-13 09:02:36 PM  
Hello boys and girls

The word for today is hypocondriacle mass hysteria

Can you say hypocondriacle mass hysteria?

Good I knew that you could
2001-10-13 09:08:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-13 09:14:44 PM  
True Story

Once upon a time there was a big big country called the Soviet Union. They had lots of big big tanks and big big submarines and lots of pretty pretty airplanes too. There were funny little holes all over the Soviet Union. The funny holes were filled with big big missles. They were called Inter Continental Ballistic Missles because they were made to blow up bad people in other continents. The bad people were known as Americans. You are an American. Did you know that? Can you say Inter Continental Ballistic Missle?

The big big tanks were always making grumbly noises and looking fierce along their border. The big big submarines just swam and swam and swam. The submarines had missles too, and they would sneaky sneaky sneak along the borders of America. The pretty airplanes flew way way up in the clouds carrying big big bombs. The big missles in the ground were controlled by primitive computers less powerful than the one in front of you. Everyone worried because they were afraid the computer would make a boo boo. A boo boo means thermonuclear war. Can you say thermonuclear war?

The moral of this story: Don't freak out on me now Sparky, you've had a gun pointed at back of your head since you were a little baby. It's easy to find something to worry about, the trick in life is to find something to be happy about. That's what Fark is all about.
2001-10-13 09:15:50 PM  
They said not to taste any strange mail you get, Damn, there goes my weekend!
2001-10-13 09:28:04 PM  
I never stopped to think about it quite like that, but you're right, Mohammed...

I remember seeing nuclear war films like The Day After and going to bed scared to death hoping that the Soviets didn't hate us enough to destroy the entire planet. We've had a lot of stress-free years until now, and this is nothing compared to having the whole world microwaved. It's still bad, but plenty of good things out there still.

Thanks for posting that.
2001-10-13 09:32:24 PM  
You know, Europe and most of the world outside of the U.S. has been living with terrorism for a long time.....Wake up guys, it's just another part of life to deal with...hell, puberty was scarier than this!
Go on with your lifes and don't give these farking bastards the satisfaction of knowing just how much they have scared you! fark them!
I will continue living my life to the fullest and if I die tomorrow, so be it!! Fark, a car could run me over tomorrow, what the fark is the diference?!?!
Live or they have already won
2001-10-13 09:34:03 PM  
MrScience: you got it. I don't think many people really appreciate what we have right now with a historical perspective. We've got troops in the Soviet Union. The world is more united than ever.
2001-10-13 09:36:06 PM  
Cheshire: Yup, been there, it does rock. Powell's is awesome too... I think I've fallen asleep in that store on 3 seperate occasions, it's so comfy in there.... Was out there during the anti-corporate Mayday riots too... :>
2001-10-13 09:38:04 PM  
Two words : Cluster Nukes !
2001-10-13 09:38:06 PM  
I don't think this is meant to kill many people or wipe out the American nation, at least not directly.

They are targetting the media, because they realize that the media will blow this out of porportion, spreading fear, which is the main objective of most terrorists.

So if you're afraid of getting Anthrax I guess the media has done its job :(
2001-10-13 09:43:52 PM  
Yiggs - What do you think the next attack is????
You have already been hit, the next attack has happen.

You have the FEAR that something will happen eventually, that is worse than something actually happening!
fark them and live on!
2001-10-13 09:44:59 PM  
I think they are using the mail system in the hope of spreading disease around as quickly as possible . What would happen if the envolope that contained Anthrax had lil holes punched in the side of it ? How many hundereds of people could come in contact with one parsal from one point to another ? Pretty effective but they will have to do better than that to scare me .Nobady in the muslim world is with these losers and wfter we clean them out of the foxholes we will establish a place where people can go about their lives and hopefully build Afghanistan back into what it was before all this crap .
2001-10-13 09:51:10 PM  
I think my electric, phone, and cable bills all look suspect. I am sure as hell not opening them! Thank gawd the Victoria's Secret catolog is safe!
2001-10-13 09:53:47 PM  
I'm not worried about this. I mean, I'm not going to change anything in my lifestyle over this Anthrax stuff.

But I think we can use it to our advantage. Our government should publicly suggest that the terrorist are likely responsible (whether they are or not he - he - he) and take it as a license to do whatever we see is necessary to defend ourselves. We should take advantage of every opportunity we can to show to the world that they are trying to poison us on top of everything else, make a big deal out of it, just like the enemy would do if it was the other way around.

I'm more concerned that we aren't going to do a thorough enough job of destroying these monsters than I am of getting poisoned.
2001-10-13 10:03:42 PM  
Justamovie: Right on bro , the media should be squeezing all they can from this . O'l Bush should br freaking out too .
2001-10-13 10:07:35 PM  
Well they have already spelled out what their next attack is going to be. Their spokesman has singled out a couple of present and past world leaders saying "(dead muslims) will be avenged from these criminals." Next attack will probably be an assassination attempt against a world leader or two.
2001-10-13 10:24:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Some of you people just don't get it do you? Go ahead, live in terror you eediot.
2001-10-13 10:37:49 PM  
Mr. Winkle will save us!!!

[image from too old to be available]

Sorry... in an odd mood tonight... I blame over work
2001-10-13 10:45:38 PM  
It's been said and demonstrated that these people will die for this "jihad" against a vastly superior entity. What the surviving members don't realize is that they too will be dying for the cause. They underestimate the ability of this country to seek out and destroy every last one of them. Mohammed bin Ladden? He can be had any time. It would not be wise to target a big mouth on another continent when we have such urgent house cleaning to do in our own back yard. Here or there, we will get them all. They are the ones who should be terrified.
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