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(Reuters)   Weather report censored because it forecasted a 70-percent chance of erections   ( divider line
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16039 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jul 2003 at 3:50 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-01 09:48:16 AM  
An article announcing hotness, but not providing visual proof makes baby Jesus cry.

Since I know that there are a large percentage of Farkers with an Asian fetish, here's a better link: If loving Wu is Rong, I don't wanna be right
2003-07-01 09:49:40 AM  
Dammit. There is a large percentage...
2003-07-01 10:33:30 AM  
"The report, as thin on meteorology as Wu's skimpy outfits, titillated many viewers bored with robotic weathermen. But its racy format drew a backlash from more traditional audiences and national media attention."

2003-07-01 03:54:19 PM  
"There was pressure from above," Liu Bin, the channel's editorial director, told Reuters

...and, more than likely, a little pressure from behind the fly, too
2003-07-01 03:54:36 PM  
exick's article was written by Ong Hwee Hwee?
2003-07-01 03:56:18 PM  
I think I can say, with confidence, that NO ONE is interested in Chinese weather OR censorship.

Nevertheless, why can't WE get a channel like that?
2003-07-01 03:59:21 PM  
Thanks for being right there with a pic, exick. What a hottie. She can give me the ol' extended five-day forecast anytime.
2003-07-01 03:59:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
The idea is to have fun, says Ms Wu, Star Weather has cooled off after drawing flak.
2003-07-01 03:59:34 PM  
My personal forecast: High today moving into the evening; low tomorrow. Precipitation is expected. 100 percent chance of erection.
2003-07-01 04:03:02 PM  
No screen caps?
2003-07-01 04:04:03 PM  
"High air pressure make me so horny, me love you long time !"
2003-07-01 04:05:26 PM  
Well shut my mouth, I want me a little china girl, too.
2003-07-01 04:08:20 PM  
Maybe I misread the article, but it looks like they're blaming male chauvanists for the complaints. Wouldn't most guys want to see her on tv? I blame the prudish scary feminist lesbian agenda.
2003-07-01 04:09:38 PM  
Ah first time ever not closing off my tags on Fark. It's a special day...well...besides already being special for Canadians.

Because it needed to be done.
2003-07-01 04:11:16 PM  
No problem - there's still Naked News.
2003-07-01 04:11:23 PM  
If weather's wrong, I don't want to be right!!
2003-07-01 04:14:06 PM  
I'd ruve her Rong time.

2003-07-01 04:15:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'll stick with my favorite weathergal, Jillian Barberie
2003-07-01 04:15:48 PM  
As cool as a robot weatherman would be, I'd still take her.

GIS for "star weather"
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-01 04:16:15 PM  
Yep, I get my freak on with, but I'm still amazed at the ugly women they have on there. But you've got to admire their ability to present the news with a totally straight face while stripping off their clothes.
2003-07-01 04:41:20 PM  
She was trying to say elections
2003-07-01 05:09:48 PM  
Perhaps they kicked her off the air because she wanted to Sing the Body Electric.

/obscure reference alert
2003-07-01 05:11:30 PM  
Unfortunately there aren't enough pics of Wu on the web. Zero on the old google image search.
2003-07-01 05:12:42 PM  
A commentator on the Web site defended Wu. "Male chauvinists have impaired women for more than 1,000 years. They cannot even let one girl's career off the hook."

A successful argument for
img.fark.netView Full Size
being in the interests of feminism?

img.fark.netView Full Size

2003-07-01 05:16:09 PM  

2003-07-01 05:09:48 PM TheloniousZen
Perhaps they kicked her off the air because she wanted to Sing the Body Electric.
/obscure reference alert

Next time.. on the Twilight Zone.
2003-07-01 05:16:17 PM  
Wasn't this the plot of a Hentai movie? i could have swawn it was...
2003-07-01 05:20:51 PM  
They especially love it when she says "It's going to be HOT and MOIST down south."
2003-07-01 05:21:08 PM  
Apparently zzeuss isn't familiar with jazz-rock fusion.
2003-07-01 05:26:28 PM  
Jillian is the death of Broadcast Meteorology.
2003-07-01 05:28:45 PM  
I am a Meteorologist. My anchor on the weekend is named bill.. so with the new tropical system named bill, i said the moisture from bill will give us a chance of rain through mid week.. he thought it was funny, and had to cut to a commerical when i came back to the news desk from the chroma key wall. def something that can not be planned.
2003-07-01 07:43:27 PM  
how many people get to say they work in front of a chroma key wall? cool.
2003-07-01 09:51:19 PM  
No pictures. No time.
2003-07-01 10:18:10 PM  
I'd hit it till I was blind!
2003-07-01 11:20:46 PM  
Antimatter: <a href="">Otenki-oneesan</a> (The Weatherwoman). There was also a sequel.
2003-07-02 01:25:00 AM  

...shes a canuck! but hell, id do it for the beaver...
2003-07-02 03:03:32 AM  
Hand me chopsticks. I'm feeling like Chinese tonight.
2003-07-02 11:55:39 AM  

there are probably about 8000 on air meteorologist nationwide. it is the best job in the whole world, i get paid alot to work on air for about 45 minutes each day. great profession, lots of school though
2003-07-02 05:17:36 PM  

First of all, NO WAY are there 8000 on-air weathercasters. Even if every TV market had four news stations and three weather people, that's only about 3,000.

And some will say to call yourself "Meteorologist" after attending Miss. State is stretching it.

Lastly, if you ARE on air just after graduating MSU, I doubt you're getting paid "alot" (sic). You also know that it takes more work than "45 minutes a day". That may be your total "on-air" time, but IF YOU REALLY ARE on-air, you know that there's more to it than that.

/real weather dude with no tolerance for posers
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