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(X-Entertainment)   E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial, was a huge supporter of the Special Olympics?   ( divider line
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4537 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jun 2003 at 7:49 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-30 05:12:03 PM  
E.T is a retard!!! HAHAHA!!

/got nuthin.

(Review He-Man in space Matt. Do it for me, even if you don't know me)
2003-06-30 05:35:57 PM  
Replacing all weapons in a movie with walkie-talkies is like running in the Special Olympics.

And you all know the rest...
2003-06-30 06:43:51 PM  
Remember in Up in Smoke?

Mexican ET: Eddie Torres and his Extra Testicle.
2003-06-30 07:37:19 PM  
NC Farkers, and anyone driving down I-95, about a mile south of where I-40 and I-95 cross going southbound on I-95, there's a billboard that says "Get ready for the 1999 Special Olympics!"

It's a purple sign, and unfortunately, I couldn't help laughing at the implications...

I am not kidding about this. I saw it again today. It's just before Campbell University, I believe.
2003-06-30 07:52:39 PM  
robbyking - Still Smokin, actually.

great movie.
2003-06-30 07:55:25 PM  
ET was played by a midget in costume for several scenes, which is not unlike a retarded person, so show some respect!!!
2003-06-30 07:55:37 PM  
you know, here's a suggestion to the admins who determine what gets posted to normal

If the Total Farkers are barely interested in it - it's not that farking interesting! Cheese and flies.
2003-06-30 07:57:08 PM  
hahaha challengedtards

2003-06-30 08:00:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-30 08:00:42 PM  
"... grunting like a gorillas ass"

That's gotta be one of the most colorful descriptions of E.T.'s voice I've ever heard. I laughed till I cried.
2003-06-30 08:05:12 PM  
What's up with that "Conservatives Against Bush" website?
Conservatives Against Bush

Seems a little odd to me.
2003-06-30 08:06:59 PM  
Roger_the_Shrubber: 99% of all the TF articles have zero comments until they're greenlighted -- at which point it's a little late to guage interest.
2003-06-30 08:08:16 PM  
I didn't think that was funny.
2003-06-30 08:11:21 PM  
ah. well then.

I'll just go find another tree to climb then ...
2003-06-30 08:19:21 PM  
2003-06-30 07:55:37 PM Roger_the_Shrubber

you know, here's a suggestion to the admins who determine what gets posted to normal

If the Total Farkers are barely interested in it - it's not that farking interesting! Cheese and flies.

I also have a suggestion Roger. First my nice one. Start a website that is geared toward quirky news stories where people make comments about said news stories. Second my not so nice one. Go fark yourself. Then impress us with cutting your wrist, so we don't have to look at your comments. I lean toward the second choice.
2003-06-30 08:20:57 PM  
elaborating on Zoobtro's idea:

E.T.=Extra 'Tarded!
2003-06-30 08:23:53 PM  
The video seems farked,
but since when do little aryan kids qualify for the special olympics?
2003-06-30 08:29:28 PM  
christ that is one ugly reject of an x-file episode...
2003-06-30 08:34:27 PM  
Timmy doesn't look very special to me.
2003-06-30 08:41:33 PM  
My arms are really long today!
2003-06-30 09:14:35 PM  
...Even if you win, you're still challengedtarded.
2003-06-30 10:39:24 PM  
E.T. for atari 2600 is the WORST GAME EVER MADE. you complain about games made from movies now, jesus
2003-06-30 10:59:54 PM  
E3, the extratestical
2003-06-30 11:08:56 PM  
The video isn't farked, I just had to try twice.

It gave me goosebumps.
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