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(EGO)   First gravitational wave detector to be inaugurated July 23   ( divider line
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8743 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jun 2003 at 8:51 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-30 08:53:40 AM  
i've been blinded with science
2003-06-30 08:54:54 AM  
2003-06-30 08:55:40 AM  
We have to stop with this science thing...we all know its turtles all the way down
2003-06-30 08:55:47 AM  
Great, now all we have to do is reverse the polarity of the resonance tachyon field.
2003-06-30 08:56:41 AM  
First Step: Build gravitational wave device.
Second Step: Harness Gravity to go back in time.
Third Step: Profit.
2003-06-30 08:58:09 AM  
Gravity is an illusion - the earth sucks.
2003-06-30 08:58:56 AM  
And my gravity detection device is still without funding
[image from too old to be available]

Its detected gravity successfully every single time so far. Fallen to the ground without a second of hesitation. Any universities out there want in, its all yours for 50 grand.
2003-06-30 09:01:16 AM  

I belive that turtles are actually our supiriors, manipulating our lives in order to benefit their demands. You have to be honest: it was a stroke of genious to let us have cars, thus making it easy for their enemies to be bumped off. I fear that we will never see the day when we are no longer slaves to the green shelled masters.
2003-06-30 09:06:14 AM  
I notice this story has an
img.fark.netView Full Size
which in itself
img.fark.netView Full Size
. I did my physics masters at Oxford in Oceanographic and Atmospheric physics and i don't find this in the slightest bit intersting.
2003-06-30 09:06:30 AM  
This isn't the first gravity wave detector. Bar type detectors have been around for decades. This isn't even the first laser inferometer type.

2003-06-30 09:09:41 AM  
Some day I'll learn how to spell interferometer
2003-06-30 09:10:04 AM  
Yoshi can take care of the turtles!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-30 09:12:41 AM  
I'm not sure about this 'Interferometer'. Is it calibrated in 'Jacksons' or 'Townshends'?
2003-06-30 09:12:54 AM  
shhhh EnglishMan! Not so loud! We cannot allow our turtle masters to hear of our plans to eliminate them!
2003-06-30 09:21:23 AM  
I'll bite. What does it do?
2003-06-30 09:23:58 AM  
The only turtle that I'd call my superior is the one from Godzilla that can shoot fire from it's shell and fly.
2003-06-30 09:25:57 AM  
But Threemagicnumber, don't you find it suspicious that turtles are the quite type, and they're always being hit by cars? I think it's quite clear that there is a secret sect of turtles that control everything you or I do, and if any green one steps out of line, they will be eliminated in a quick "accident" - and that accident can be easily blamed on humans! It's a conspiracy I tell you! A conspiracy!
2003-06-30 09:26:02 AM  
Well, I hate to be a downer on this, but I don't think it will work.
2003-06-30 09:30:36 AM  
Anyone that actually cares about this interferometer thing should read Einstein's Unfinished Symphony: Listening to the Sounds of Space-Time by Marcia Bartusiak. Lots of good stuff there.
2003-06-30 09:55:00 AM  
Don't worry guys, I'm sure the chance of a ressonance cascade scenario is very slim.
2003-06-30 09:55:04 AM  
Agreed, icecycle; too many people have tried and failed before. If it is the nature of gravity that you cannot detect it with interferometers, then they've blown a whole load of money only to hear the universe say, "detect this."

The worst part is, that another failure here will neither prove nor disprove anything - again.
2003-06-30 09:57:16 AM  

You know, this turtle theory is pretty interesting. I dated a girl who had 3 "pet turtles" and her life was often subjegated to them. (No we can't go away for 3 weeks, I have to take care of my turtles).

I never quite trusted them...

/hears very slow footsteps in the hall...
2003-06-30 10:03:17 AM  
I broke up with a girl because we had a huge fight over gravity waves and whether or not they propagate at the speed of light.

I'm such a nerd.
2003-06-30 10:07:02 AM  
Not to be picky, the science is awesome, but the webdesigner needs some help. Hint:*Untitled Page*
2003-06-30 10:07:06 AM  
Hmm... I thought it said gravitational wave generator. That would have been... useful. Oh well.
2003-06-30 10:07:47 AM  
I thought that it was interesting, but then again, I would.
2003-06-30 10:08:57 AM  
I read all 15 pages...
2003-06-30 10:12:56 AM  
My fear is that it will create a black hole and suck the earth into it at the speed of light. We will never know what happened. I'm moving to Fiji next week, so when we get sucked into the vortex, I will be on top of everone else.
2003-06-30 10:23:01 AM  
This gives the possibility to observe cataclysmic phenomenon such as the explosion of supernovas from the very first moment whereas they are usually discovered by telescopes well after the crucial moment.

does this mean that gravatational waves travel faster than the speed of light? Or does this just mean that there are precursors of gravatational waves before a supernova?

/curious nerd
2003-06-30 10:26:20 AM  
The experiment makes two suppositions; one, that change of gravity intensity propagates at the speed of light, and two, that measuring a compressed space with light will do anything beyond what the Michelson Morley experiment did. Either disprove the aether wind again or convince someone that measurements made with an elastic tape just will not work.

I could be wrong on this, but if a gravity wave compresses space, then the measurement could only be done around the compressed space.


Somewhere, some geek has a new hero.

BTW, which side did you take?
2003-06-30 10:29:21 AM  
FINALLY! - I've been pestering the State and County about these damn gravity waves for 18mos!

2003-06-30 10:29:30 AM  
Yeah, DarkAurora

Wake me up when we can build an anti-grav propulsion drive, or fire directed gravity waves at things and disrupt them.

I love how the further down the road of science we go, the more meager the rewards to mankind is. Though I guess I shouldn't sneeze at the advent of higher quality fused silica, ultra-sensitive accelerometers, and high-accuracy large welded plates. These will prove invaluable in the construction of yet larger, more expesive devices that will yeild discoveries even more esoteric and devoid of practical utility!
2003-06-30 10:46:35 AM  
2003-06-30 10:47:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Let's try that again.
2003-06-30 10:50:56 AM  
I love how the further down the road of science we go, the more meager the rewards to mankind is.

What are you smoking?
2003-06-30 10:52:05 AM  

So, you just want to skip all this painstaking research crap and jump right to the cool stuff?

2003-06-30 10:53:41 AM  
At least we can FIND the Nadesico now...
2003-06-30 10:59:53 AM  
These things ain't new. My lab is about 20m from one of the biggest ones in the world. Which suits me fine; it means I won't have time to worry about the black hole, since I'll be one of the first ones in
2003-06-30 11:13:04 AM  
I love how the further down the road of science we go, the more meager the rewards to mankind is. Though I guess I shouldn't sneeze at the advent of higher quality fused silica, ultra-sensitive accelerometers, and high-accuracy large welded plates. These will prove invaluable in the construction of yet larger, more expesive devices that will yeild discoveries even more esoteric and devoid of practical utility!

Spleen, no new research has practical applications; you see the applications emerge decades later. Do you realize, for example, how "far down the road" a quantum computer is, for example? Just because you personally can't see how something can be used doesn't mean that it can't be, or that your opinion is worth something. It is true that astronomy in general tends to be without application on Earth though, for pretty obvious reasons.

And yes, if the stupid biatch thinks gravity propagates faster than light, drop the ho.
2003-06-30 11:14:14 AM  
You nerds out there should read Kip Thorne's "Black Holes and Time Warps" for a gentle lead-in on the subject of gravitational waves, time dilation, etc.

Lividity: Please tell me you were on the "gravity moves at the speed of light" side. Else, you're not a nerd, just wrong...
2003-06-30 11:20:49 AM  
I thought "Gravity" was one of those myths, like the second law of thermodynamics?


GEB Forever! It's not turtles all the way down, it's turtles all the way UP.
2003-06-30 11:36:25 AM  
The concept of the speed of light is an illusion.
2003-06-30 11:38:58 AM  
Holy shiat! I can't believe that this wasn't the headline story at For the people of this ilk Star Trek = Boobies
2003-06-30 11:42:31 AM  
AutomaticHatstand: Do tell.
2003-06-30 11:43:43 AM  
Dano64CC Kip Thorne gave a talk at my university a few semesters ago about these gravitational waves and detectors...we had people from all over Florida and Georgia come to the talk. Evidently he does very few talks a year and we were priviledged enough for him to talk at my school. Was really informative and entertaining as well, made it so you didnt have to be a rocket scientist (which our school does train) to understand it.
2003-06-30 11:49:40 AM  
and therin lies the solution to leviation.
But you have to use magnets too.
2003-06-30 11:57:38 AM  
I can see how this might be of obscure interest to physicists. Now can someone tell me why this is cool?
2003-06-30 12:05:19 PM  
US has a spacecraft called Gravity Probe B, not sure if its been launched yet. Understanding gravity is one of the sticking points in getting a Unified Field Theory and proving General Relativity; and if you believe the 2nd Law of Thermo is a myth I have a perpetual-motion machine I'd like to sell you.
2003-06-30 12:11:13 PM  
Gravity wave detector is sexy
Gravity wave generator is sexier

/I'm waiting to be impressed
2003-06-30 12:16:04 PM  
OK, unimaginative morons, listen up. Why could this be useful?

If you can detect gravity waves, you can eventually detect mass. If you can detect mass you can see through other objects.

Would you like to get an X-ray without the x-ray radiation?

Would you like to know where the big oceans of oil are underground? How about where the big gold seams are?

I don't now that this technology will work for that. It probably won't in our lifetimes, but if it ever does, this is the first step.

Basic science is always good. "Science" comes from the Latin word "Scire" which means "to know".
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