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(Yahoo)   Apparently Congress must pass a law to stop politicians from stealing furniture, paintings and other historic objects from U.S. Capitol   ( divider line
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9766 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jun 2003 at 8:46 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-25 08:49:40 AM  
Since most politicians are lawyers, is this really a surprise?

bottom feeders.
2003-06-25 08:49:43 AM  
Isn't this obvious?
2003-06-25 08:49:47 AM  
oh yeah? clinton got a blow job
2003-06-25 08:49:50 AM  
Oh, come on. Doesn't everyone steal some office supplies from the place they work? It's called "fringe benefits".
2003-06-25 08:51:04 AM  
Why don't they just make all theft illegal?
2003-06-25 08:51:49 AM  

is that like bearskin rugs and sh*t?
2003-06-25 08:52:15 AM  
Poster is a guud spellar.
2003-06-25 08:53:37 AM  
Furnature - you should steal spellcheck!
2003-06-25 08:54:27 AM  
And it's "Capitol".
2003-06-25 08:54:42 AM  
Why do they have to pass a law that says that? Isn't theft illegal anyway or have I been missing out? I know a few big screen HD TV's I've had my eye on...
2003-06-25 08:56:26 AM  
And it's "Congress."
2003-06-25 08:57:15 AM  
"Most of the stuff is not worth having. The stuff in our offices is early junk, it's not antiques," Lott said. Much of "the good stuff," he said, is already gone.

Sounds like they're closing the barn door after the horses have already left then.

Actually though they just remember the number Hillary did on the White House when she left it so now that shes in the Senate they figured they better protect it now.
2003-06-25 08:58:04 AM  
GIS for "furnature"

[image from too old to be available]

seems about right...
2003-06-25 08:58:22 AM  
Lott applauded the measure and predicted the full Senate would approve it, saying: "There has been no real restraint."

What a farkwad. Really? Gee, I'm surprised that there aren't people in congress saying "I'm opposed ... I want to be able to steal stuff!" This guy is such an idiot.
2003-06-25 08:59:20 AM  
Oh no. A mistake of a spellological nature!

How dare he or she that wrote the headline?!?!
2003-06-25 09:02:08 AM  
Well there goes all incentive for me to run for Congress.

And I was going to put in a law for continued funding for boobies and fark.

/too bad.
2003-06-25 09:03:46 AM  
Get with it America. Iraqis were doing this bigger & better back in April.
2003-06-25 09:04:06 AM  
Hey, where's our grammar admin.???
2003-06-25 09:06:31 AM  
Great, now if they'd just pass some laws that would stop them from stealing my paycheck, I'd be all set.
2003-06-25 09:06:51 AM  
Do you think that the Congress had a session in the Iraq museum?
2003-06-25 09:09:24 AM  

Good eye.
2003-06-25 09:10:41 AM  
sugarfoots gandhi made some sort of a march to the sea to protest salt tax or something, i think that's the connection. i dunno the details, i only saw the movie.... the guy in that ad looks like a prick tho
2003-06-25 09:11:20 AM  
2003-06-25 08:59:20 AM theflyingdutchman
Oh no. A mistake of a spellological nature!
How dare he or she that wrote the headline?!?!


Welcome, I'm sure.
2003-06-25 09:11:50 AM  
Next law they need to pass for Congress - don't boink and/or murder your intern, nor any other intern serving in Congress.

2003-06-25 09:12:58 AM  
/off topic

What is nine_times a reference to? I am picturing Steve Martin enunciating it very slowly, but can't pinpoint the film.
2003-06-25 09:13:29 AM  
Who wrote this tag, a 3 yr old??
2003-06-25 09:14:20 AM  
they could make intern snuff films on the senate floor for all i care if they'd just stop giving themselves pay raises every three months
2003-06-25 09:15:07 AM  
Don't these people get enough kickba... er, donations from Haliburton and Hollywood to buy their own damn furniture?

Just an observation...
2003-06-25 09:15:08 AM  
nine times is from ferris bueller, right?
2003-06-25 09:15:19 AM  
Now if we could just get them to stop stealing from us and we'll be set.
2003-06-25 09:16:07 AM  
albtraum That's it. The fact I thought it was Steve Martin was what threw me off.

2003-06-25 09:24:27 AM  
note to self: cancel plans to run for congress, run for president instead
2003-06-25 09:28:05 AM  
"Capitol", dang it! Congress meets in the Capitol building in the United States capital city, Washington, DC.
2003-06-25 09:28:44 AM  
So, they can't steal furniture, but they can still lie, shake down donors for money, have health and pension benefits most can only dream about, take "fact finding" junkets to Aruba and Tahiti, and be absent from work about 50% of the time? Wow. I'm glad these guys are finally clamping down.

Sarcasm gun off.

/Plans run for Congress on Beer Party ticket
2003-06-25 09:29:05 AM  
"We want to make this what we think it is -- a living, working museum of American history,"

Well then, stealing things out from under the noses of the public would be just about right.

Much of "the good stuff," he said, is already gone.

Well, then, a half-assed attempt to close the barn door after all the worthwhile furniture has run off (shaddup, you get the idea) looks farking stupid, doesn't it?

Sad thing is this sort of action is noticed by idiot voters who believe this to be a good thing such brave lawmakers step forth to propose such items.
2003-06-25 09:29:50 AM  
whats more asinine is that we keep on voting for these kind of people, and nobody is angry that modern politics allows for this sort of thing. Partisan politics is to blame. If we had more choices, instead of "blue: choice A. Red: choice B. Yellow: Choice C is irrelevant." then I think we could be more discerning about this kind of thing.

eesh, ive ranted on. oh well
2003-06-25 09:34:01 AM

No entry found for furnature.
Did you mean furniture?
2003-06-25 09:34:45 AM  
We need more politicians that aren't crooks....

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-25 09:34:58 AM  
I dont think they can legally stop a politician from lying, stealing and cheating? I mean it is the job description seriously
2003-06-25 09:35:03 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-25 09:41:50 AM  
You know, thanks to these same politicians, I got a $55 ticket last week for not wearing my own damn seat-belt in the passenger seat of my friend's car. Thankfully, though, the officer showed me how little control I have over my own well-being.

Stupid farking politicians. They have to write a bill to keep themselves from stealing from themselves?
2003-06-25 09:42:47 AM  
The whole article is scary.

Dear America,
We stole all the stuff out of the building that is worth having. We passed a new law that says it won't happen again. As soon as the interior decorators are done spiffying up the joint we will be going on a buying spree to get some new old stuff. Then we will hire some new people to go around and count it once a year. Of course, the hiring process will be in accordance with all applicable EEO/AA governing directives, or we will hire some cute little bimbo who has no qualms about after-hour hijinx. If you would be interested in this employment opportunity send a resume, photo and vital statistics to my office.

Thank you and God Bless America
(insert politicians name)
*re-elect me*
2003-06-25 09:44:49 AM  
yea, maybe if clinton didn't rob the white house blind then we wouldn't need these kinds of laws... oh wait what's that?

you want him for a third term?
2003-06-25 09:48:31 AM  
Obvious again?
2003-06-25 09:48:45 AM  
I think the Lott quote about all the good stuff that has been taken calls for a Photoshop.
2003-06-25 09:51:25 AM  
Politicians should have to pledge their first borns as collateral when they take up office. If they get caught stealing, taking bribes or knowingly telling lies then Junior gets a Secret Service bullet in the base of his skull.
2003-06-25 09:52:38 AM  

Since most politicians are lawyers, is this really a surprise?

Not true. 40% of Congress (continually declining). Less than 30% of my state's legislature, and declining.
2003-06-25 09:56:55 AM  
Have they made sure it was stolen? I figure it is out getting stains removed.
2003-06-25 09:59:54 AM  

To many things would need to be considered in that rule for that plan to work. For example does first born only refer to legitimate children, or do illegitimate count too?
2003-06-25 10:00:24 AM  
Isn't theft already illegal?
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