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5463 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Oct 2001 at 10:54 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-12 10:55:24 AM  
And why do you keep coming back?
2001-10-12 10:56:01 AM  
probably the same as most...friends at work....
2001-10-12 10:56:11 AM  
Fark is my #1 choice for news. I love Fark!
2001-10-12 10:56:33 AM  
2001-10-12 10:56:51 AM  
and productivity has of course halved...probably like the rest of us accessing at work...
2001-10-12 10:57:01 AM  
I'd seen it linked from a few E/N sites including X-E and Fazed, eventually I read it religiously. I come back because of the free buffalo wings.
2001-10-12 10:57:01 AM  
Back in June. Don't remember how the hell I found you.
2001-10-12 10:57:10 AM  
My brother is Grimace... He beats me if I dont come here..

2001-10-12 10:57:13 AM  
Verrrrry funny, Jeff.

I've been here (lurking) probably since last September; I don't know how I found it.
2001-10-12 10:57:24 AM  
I first started coming here about a year ago,never got a user name till about 6 months ago,I found this site from a link that was on stileproject.
2001-10-12 10:57:36 AM  
i found it umm.. maybe almost a year ago? searching for something (on google), i really dont remember.. i know it was something odd tho.

keep comin back cuz i like the weirdo links. :P
2001-10-12 10:57:38 AM  
Link through

coming back: cool articles and peeps.
2001-10-12 10:57:44 AM  
a few months.

from xkot
2001-10-12 10:57:54 AM  
Is this just a survey? I heard about Fark about a year ago on the Tech TV/Internet Tonight page. Please vote for my photoshopped Tarantino pic. I know, I have no shame...
2001-10-12 10:58:14 AM  
I dont know when OR how I found it, and I can't freakin leave! I TRY AND I TRY but every DAY i come back to the fark. THE FARK IS MIGHTY!
2001-10-12 10:58:15 AM  
I found out about the Fark throught a friend that went to school with me. He put up a link to the fark, and I went there. That was in June, and now I'm hooked. I'm also in the process of converting my co-workers because I always find stuff on the Fark 2-3 days before anyone else. It rovks!
2001-10-12 10:58:26 AM  
The local (Portland OR) radio station, Rosie 105. Their morning show featured a basic knowledge quiz, intended for 11 year olds, that was given to adults and the average was 4/10. The host, Nelson, said that he got the article from, and gave it a quick on-air plug.

That would be, what, a month ago. Been a loyalist ever since.
2001-10-12 10:58:28 AM  
I'm about the same as EightPound... lurked from about a year ago.. the got a username after awhile..

found from BBSPOT
2001-10-12 10:58:56 AM  
Began a'browsing about 5 months ago. Good friend of mine emailed me the link. Now I have been FARKED.
2001-10-12 10:59:04 AM  
Some E/N site... hell, maybe even the Stileproject since that was almost 2 years ago... (please don't hurt me...)
2001-10-12 10:59:15 AM  
Way back, I was looking for the Smurfs and Communists page in my high school library, was going to show it to a friend... a search turned up So thats how I discovered the power of fark.
2001-10-12 10:59:15 AM  
I actually foudn Fark from X-entertainment. I've been coming here hm.. for about a year maybe? Something like that:) I didn't get a log in name till much later though (because I never really had much to say on articles) but now that there are so many of us..its fun:)

I keep coming back because it's an interesting source of's updated daily (as a news site should be) :P and most of the time the content is quite good.

So there you have it

2001-10-12 10:59:39 AM  
Been lurking since April, found it through a friend who found it at work.
2001-10-12 10:59:43 AM  
Started around April or May 2001 - I think I linked from BBSpot, also.
2001-10-12 10:59:43 AM  
i found it on the menu. I was wanting stuffed mushrooms but i saw item called stuffed fark..thought i'd try it out...

now i'm like a heroine addict, i need more....

ps, actually from techtv site.
2001-10-12 11:00:08 AM  
A few months ago.
TechTV : ScreenSavers
2001-10-12 11:00:18 AM  
BB Spot brought me over 6 months ago.
2001-10-12 11:00:26 AM  
I don't know when I first started lurking around this site...over a year ago, I'm sure. I heard of it from my friends Fubar and Harimwakairi.
2001-10-12 11:01:15 AM  
X-E brought me about 6 months ago
2001-10-12 11:01:24 AM  
I've been lurking for about four months, got my login... don't remember, click on my name it'll tell you.

How? Let's see... I think it was from BBSpot or Worth1000. Or maybe it was

Why? It's better than working. Just wish I had more time to read/photoshop/etc.
2001-10-12 11:01:36 AM  
Dobbs implanted a vision in my skull.
It had nothing to do with Fark, however.

TechTV, and that sexy show The Screenmotherfarking Savers pointed me here.

I was looking for boobies, but stayed for the news!
2001-10-12 11:01:47 AM  
Friend told me over the phone... told me to visit every day... and I have... ironically, I don't know his screen name... hey JCH...
2001-10-12 11:01:47 AM  
"Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard that you been messin' around" *grin*

Yeah, a friend told me about it. We all shared an office and liked to show each other cool stuff we found on the web. The 'Photochops' keep me coming back.
2001-10-12 11:01:50 AM  
Yahoo weekly picks
2001-10-12 11:02:16 AM  
about a year ago
i found you through friends at work
2001-10-12 11:02:29 AM  
Some wanker named LordothePings who doesn't post here turned me on to this place about a year ago. I signed up to be part of the community of witty retards and he dod not until now...Fark on brudahh's
2001-10-12 11:02:47 AM  
Something like 9 months ago... No idea where I stumbled over the link thou...
2001-10-12 11:02:52 AM  
I started lurking back in Nov.2000. I don't remember where I found it, but I think I found fark on the Shugashack. Maybe.
2001-10-12 11:03:29 AM  
Not even sure. Was about a year ago, and since then I've been lurking. "THIS" is actually my boobies. I plan on taking part in the photoshopping but I haven't set up an ftp account from this location yet. (Excuses, excuses...)

Fark has news faster than anyone, its actually pretty amazing. Thanks for all the hard work by the mods.
2001-10-12 11:03:45 AM  
my dad told me about this about a month and a half ago, and i am so addicted......i love getting the news from fark.....
2001-10-12 11:03:56 AM  
from X-E, sometime last spring.
2001-10-12 11:04:07 AM  
It's been about a year or a little more. My friend told me about it. We run Wergg, which has been laughed at numerous times on here. *cough* Note: laughed AT not WITH. *cough*
2001-10-12 11:04:15 AM  
This really hot chick I met at a bar wanted to try something freaky she saw linked from here with me. I had a great night and checked out the site Monday morning. That was about a year ago.
2001-10-12 11:04:19 AM  
I started comming here in April. I think I heard about it on TechTV. I keep comming back because you people keep putting up with me... Suckers!
2001-10-12 11:04:21 AM  
I blame X-Entertainment for turning me on to Fark. Now I'm a Fark junkie. It's Fark, Fark, Fark all the time for me now.
2001-10-12 11:04:43 AM  
er, make that B O O B I E S

lol, forgot about the filter
2001-10-12 11:04:58 AM  
Followed a link from somewhere a while ago and didn't really start posting until a few months ago. Love reading what the other Farkers have to say on subjects, though. Fun stuff!
2001-10-12 11:05:03 AM  
Started around June, only stopped by occasionally. Started visiting religeously since 9/11 when it was the only place I could find any news.
2001-10-12 11:05:03 AM  
about a year ago, read at work, but now at home as I have been layed off - can anyone in Wash DC help a fellow Farker?
2001-10-12 11:05:04 AM
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