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(Drudge)   Neato opinion piece on how the Burly Manly Man is back in style.   ( divider line
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3714 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Oct 2001 at 10:19 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-12 04:14:12 PM  
I agree with Croc... Anyone who could make Reagan sound like he was awake, and Bush Sr. sound like anything less than a raving loonie has to be given a great heapin' spoonfull of respect.

Oh, yah, Croc, you misspelled "Skilz".
2001-10-12 04:29:07 PM  
Seriously - this is just a horny woman fantasizing about some big, strappin' firefighter giving it to her good.

Not that that's a bad thing, but trying to intellectualize it and turn it into some sort of U.S. trend is gross.

Write a damn reader fiction story for Cosmo.
2001-10-12 04:34:45 PM  
Firemen and construction workers (and cops, to some) have always been attractive/sexy. Think about the costumes male strippers wear.

As for her comments about the dope-smoking "Man Show" the guys on the Man Show drink beer. They at most vaguely reference pot. So I don't know what the hell she's talking about...I think she just wanted to take an easy jab at stoner boys.
2001-10-12 04:37:20 PM  
I read a column once that concluded: The only thing women dislike more than a man who never asks for directions is a man who is always asking for directions.
2001-10-12 05:00:28 PM  
Sounds like a bunch of unmanley men got offended!
2001-10-12 05:10:34 PM  
Well that was farkin' stupid. a piece of my life that i'll never get back.
2001-10-12 05:45:51 PM  
Candy You must have missed the episode where Kimmel got stoned with Snoop Dogg!
2001-10-12 05:51:51 PM  
"And you say FEMINIST like it's a bad word! The whole thing behind being a feminist is that you want women to be equal to men. Yes, I know there are differences between men and women but there are some places that women should be equal. Like getting equal pay for equal work."

Vilainefemme - I agree completely, just head on down and sign up for selective service at 18 and I will be behind you 100%. If not then the 10% xtra I get is for a VERY GOOD reason. I say this as a vet of 4 years in the almost 8-5 US Air Force.

GrenWulf....Well said !!!!
2001-10-12 06:26:00 PM  
Peggy Noonan touched a nerve -- and listen to all the idiots wail!
2001-10-12 06:48:00 PM  
Marion Morrison, a.k.a. John Wayne, never served in the military and seems to have never held an adult job other than movie actor. He wasn't a hero, he just played them in the movies.
2001-10-12 07:11:21 PM  
Back hair is one of the last bastions of manliness. That and a short neck with bulging trapezoids.
2001-10-12 07:58:15 PM  
what i thought this article was going to be about was all the "it's okay to be a guy again" beer and radio commercials happening these days. applauding fictional guy's guys who, contrary to their ingrained attitudes, stoop down and pick up a sock from the floor and put it in the laundry basket. hooray! you saved the world! anyone from southern ontario can relate, it's from a commercial for mojo radio, "talk radio for guys". being a stereotypical slug of a male seems to be in fashion again. it's driving me mad.
2001-10-12 09:13:15 PM  
Thank you, Jay-zuuuuus!
2001-10-12 10:30:20 PM  
Damn, this thread smells of male insecurity... Kinda smells like when you don't have a male cat fixed, and he goes and sprays your bed to let you know who's boss. Yah, like that.

And before you ask, my bed smells of stale bourbon.
2001-10-12 11:01:13 PM  

John Wayne was gay!

2001-10-12 11:32:01 PM  
No no no, Fusillade.
The line is:

"John Wayne's a fag."

From Repo Man
2001-10-13 01:58:58 AM  
Why draw a dividing line between being manly and being intelligent? It's obviously a false distinction -- it's possible to be both. Also incredibly sexy to be both.

On the tangential point about feminism, a lot of women who call themselves feminists bother me; somehow their definition of what "equality" means seems to be a bit off. Not to mention that, in my opinion, we ought to be treated better than men anyway. Why settle for mere equality? Men were treated better for thousands of years; we should get a turn on top now (yes, I did use that phrase deliberately).
2001-10-13 02:00:14 AM  
Dammit. Stupid mistake.
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