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(Yahoo)   Pakistanis enraged with U.S. Take it out on a KFC   ( divider line
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5085 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Oct 2001 at 10:19 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-12 10:22:47 AM  
In other news:
bin Laden enraged with KFC takes it out on US
2001-10-12 10:23:53 AM  
Kinda dangerous setting fire to a KFC. All that grease ... boom. You end up like a guy setting fire to the US flag.
2001-10-12 10:23:54 AM  
just think of the disgusting things found in Pakistani fast food ball pits
2001-10-12 10:25:53 AM  
Although its not unlike the US. People ramming cars into asian restaurants. Hey, we're all idiots no matter how rich me may become.
2001-10-12 10:26:09 AM  
Thank God they don't have a Boston Market.
2001-10-12 10:31:10 AM  
In related news at home, all Krispy Kremes and Shipleys remain on the police's list of top terrorist targets. Local police chief explains that an armed "marshall(s)" will be on duty at the stores as long as needed.
2001-10-12 10:31:32 AM  
that's what i felt like doing when KFC got rid of Chicken LIttles.
2001-10-12 10:32:02 AM  
Torch a KFC - no big deal. Mess with a White Castle - reason to bomb.
2001-10-12 10:32:18 AM  
Now you can say all resturants have stories, and you would never eat anywhere if you knew what happened in the kitchen.


When I was in high school a friend of mine, his family ordered some KFC. His brother loved to pick the crispy crust off the chicken, eat that and then eat the chicken.
As he was doing this, he looked at the piece of chicken and stuck between the batter and the chicken was an earth worm.

I saw it. I do not go near any KFC.
2001-10-12 10:34:51 AM  
Earthworms are good to eat...lots of protein
2001-10-12 10:35:05 AM  
Last time I ate KFC they shortchanged me, and the food was rotten.
2001-10-12 10:37:52 AM  
I always hated the the Colonel with his wee beedy eyes and that look on his face, "OHHhh your going to buy my chicken ohhhh"
2001-10-12 10:38:46 AM  
WARNING ... WARNING ... Bad Pun Alert

So I guess the restaurant is ...

Extra Crispy

(I'll go hide now....)
2001-10-12 10:42:20 AM  
Shovelhead: You're fired.
2001-10-12 10:43:32 AM  
Does their uncooked chicken still arrive in formaldahyde? Used to.
2001-10-12 10:44:15 AM  
"Are you a real colonel?"
2001-10-12 10:44:38 AM  
How major can these "Leaders of major Islamic political parties" who are calling for protests be if they can only conjure up "Hundreds of Protesters". Jebus! There are like 150 million Pakistanis... cant they at least get up to a thousand or 2?
2001-10-12 10:45:43 AM  
Somebody should tell them that Colonel Sanders is not a US military officer.
2001-10-12 10:46:12 AM  
Anyone in london been to HFC. (Halal Fried Chicken). Its good stuff.
2001-10-12 10:47:40 AM  
Sorry, Slippy, it was the first thing that came into my head this morning when I saw the report on the news. I thought if I made someone else think it, it would leave my head. (Like the song thing a couple of days ago.)

It's kinda sad when the most visible evidence of the USA and capitalism is a KFC.
2001-10-12 10:47:49 AM  
I wonder if the Jewish community will ever wage an attack against Jimmy Dean.......
2001-10-12 10:49:54 AM  
Shovelhead: Well, better that the most visible evidence of America is a KFC than, say, a Taco Bell. Not much point in confusing 'em like that.

Oh, and no apologies: you're fired. (grin)
2001-10-12 10:52:50 AM  
I wonder if McDonalds are p1ssed of that they didnt get attacked? Losing their grip i guess.
2001-10-12 10:54:03 AM  
Must be the commericals with Jason Alexander.

3M: I thought that only happened at Wendy's?

Shovelhead: They had to choose KFC. According to their respective corporate websites, there are no McDonald's. Pizza Hut and Burger King only offer US locations.

Heaven forbid they had a Wal-Mart.
2001-10-12 10:54:25 AM  
YOU CAN'T HURT US! We have insurance! Ha!
2001-10-12 10:57:09 AM  
How could they let the Colonel's Secret Recipe fall into enemy hands?!?! Oh, the humanity!
2001-10-12 10:57:16 AM  
"In the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, which expected protests Friday, police said they quickly deployed officers to the local KFC."

They were quickly deployed because they were probably sitting in the parking lot digesting a bucket of wings.
2001-10-12 11:01:08 AM  
Yep, and the dunkin donuts in Kabul is the most heavily protected building.
2001-10-12 11:01:25 AM  
YOU CAN'T HURT US! We have insurance! Ha!

am I the only person who thinks it farking retarded that insurance companies what help? what kinda shiat is that? you are a farking insurance company! you make money off of the fear that shiat will happen, and when shiat does happen you cry like a baby?

if those bastards get help im starting an insurance company. jebus, if you dont even have to pay when something goes wrong... im in!
2001-10-12 11:02:05 AM  
Would someone please explain why you'd build a restaurant in a country known to have anti-American tendencies.
2001-10-12 11:04:39 AM  
shovelhead: money.

pakistan is not any more anti-american than fill-in-the-blank-istan. its just a few "hundred" fanatics who really dont like the US.
2001-10-12 11:09:24 AM  
I wouldn't do it.

On one hand, I can make a little money overseas ...

On the other hand, I never know when religous (or whatever) fanatics will take offense to [take your pick, the food, the uniforms, the US] and torch the place.

I don't even think Vegas would cover odds like that.

Maybe I'm just too wussy.
2001-10-12 11:11:58 AM  
Taste's like chicken.
2001-10-12 11:12:17 AM  
Pakistan must be pretty lame if they have to copy France.
2001-10-12 11:15:50 AM  
no I gotcha, I know what you mean.... I'm just sure that there are exec everywhere ready to put their company in the remotest parts of the world. Hell if I were an exec I'ld put one in antartica if I thought it would make money (either with actual revenue from there, or just the publicity of putting a store in antartica).
2001-10-12 11:23:11 AM  
You people obviously have no idea how franchises work. All fast food joints are locally owned and operated. And all promotions, admin etc. is also done by a local affilate. Therefore the headoffice (usually in the US) assumes no risk. Its a win-win situation once you've build a brand.

Thats why its such a successful method.
2001-10-12 11:23:53 AM  
This just in. The colonel has just started his ground campaign in retaliation. Sources say the first wave of attack was led with a joint effort by cashiers and cooks.
2001-10-12 11:24:39 AM  
Pakistan is not anti- US. I know cos I've been there. During the Cold war there were US air bases in Pakistan fully operational, with US fighter jets and pilots flying over the north of the country everyday. A few of them are pissed because the US now supports India which used to support Russia against them. They only care about India.
2001-10-12 11:24:45 AM  
"Young men screaming ``jihad is our way'' were signing up to fight in Afghanistan in support of its rigidly Islamic Taliba"

They just don't seem to realize that they're throwing themselves under a steamroller, do they?
2001-10-12 11:28:18 AM  
I like Eggs
2001-10-12 11:30:56 AM  
America is in a whole lotta touble now.
2001-10-12 11:41:36 AM  
Seems fair - whenever I'm mildly vexed at anything at all I see it as my duty to go crap in a KFC fat fryer. Just makes me feel better.
2001-10-12 11:45:11 AM  
Diogenes: LOL!

The Ironic thing is, this was a Kabul Fried Chicken.
Did they at least steal a 10-piece bucket on the way out?
2001-10-12 11:49:37 AM  
fark Pakistan, those worthless shiats are next, right along with Iran and Iraq.
2001-10-12 11:55:55 AM  
Stupid NON-AMERICANS someone should tell them we are big and always right.
2001-10-12 11:56:58 AM  
Oakbrook, IL - October 12 - For Immediate Release
Ronald McDonald has been given time off from his position as Executive Vice President of the "Tastes Funny" division of McDonalds, Inc. to train in commando and stealth tactics at an undisclosed location. McDonald, 35, from the Oakbrook area, previously served in the U.S. Military in Special Ops and has been a spokesman for the worldwide hamburger chain since his creation in 1971.
"The various threats and even attacks on fast foot outlets have led us to take this step," said Charles "Chip" Euppie, a McDonald's spokesman. We feel that a Ronald who is ready to do battle will give our customers a sense of security", he continued. Ronald stands in solidarity with his fast food brethren, The Burger King, Dave "The Nailer" Thomas, the Taco Bell Dog, as well as the late Colonel Sanders, in decrying the outrage perpetrated in Pakistan yesterday.
"Let 'em try," Ronald growled, "they took us by surprise once, but we won't be fooled again - would you like fries with that?" he continued.
2001-10-12 12:00:49 PM  
Mandrax, et al:

Pakistan actually isn't that anti-US. i used to live in India, and the allgiances at the time were Pakistan-US and India-USSR. It's changed more in the last decade, obviously, but that's the rise of fundametalists. that's why you're seeing, i think , the gov't cooperate so quickly. they're used to it.

I remember the feeling of freedom and elation we got an a field trip at school - actually, come to think of it, it was a basketball tournament. we went to Karachi, and got to go to Burger King. a burger and a real Coke for the first time in months. it was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
2001-10-12 12:14:47 PM  

Anthrax case confirmed in New York. NBC employee tested positive.

2001-10-12 12:22:06 PM  
Ronald McDonald is only 35? I thought he was like Willard Scotts age.
2001-10-12 12:25:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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