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6670 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Oct 2001 at 10:19 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-12 10:25:08 AM  
2001-10-12 10:26:05 AM  
digital goddess kim komando!
2001-10-12 10:26:13 AM  
Shes hot but who the fark is she!
2001-10-12 10:26:47 AM  
Pretty lady. :)
2001-10-12 10:28:59 AM  
Komando Corporation? Who is this lady??
2001-10-12 10:29:20 AM  
She does a computer-related radio show. I only know this because I collect radio data at work. I've never actually listened to it.
2001-10-12 10:32:15 AM  
Cute more than "goddess"

still do her thou.
2001-10-12 10:33:02 AM  
ok, glad I'm not the only one who didn't know who this was.
2001-10-12 10:33:36 AM  
Her show is good but her BOD is Better
2001-10-12 10:36:56 AM  
Can't find her boobie shots?
2001-10-12 10:37:50 AM  
should be labelled as 'Scary'... means more AOL type folk coming in.
(There used to be a mix of techheads & 'what is a cpu' heads calling into the show. Not sure what the mix is, just afraid of the latter)
2001-10-12 10:41:55 AM  
resist this "digital goddess" she's really just a mom who knows the ins and out of aol
2001-10-12 10:43:26 AM  
She knows her stuff but I allways pictured her as an older woman...

the babe is a hottie
2001-10-12 10:46:32 AM  
She's not bad on the eyes.

But "digital goddess"? C'mon what woman hasn't proclaimed themselves "goddesses" or "divas" or "princesses" on the Internet? Gettin' old.
2001-10-12 10:46:48 AM  
Mom or not, she can stage a commando raid on me anytime.
2001-10-12 10:51:11 AM  
MSNBC, CNN, USA Today, NY Times, The British Perspective, FARK, Drudge.....

Sing it with me now...
"One of these things is not like the other... one of these things just doesn't belong..."
2001-10-12 10:58:54 AM  
Generally a good set of links though.
2001-10-12 11:04:34 AM  
will she show her boobies??
2001-10-12 11:19:24 AM  
simple horseshiat... lookie here - current events for morons and folks who need stuff wrapped up in a pretty face so that it will hold their attention. The list of links is fine but I fail to see what use anyone who would be on 'kim komando's' site in the first place will have for FEMA's site... methinks that the content will take a leap towards escaping their realm of understanding... that is on most of the links except for Fark and USAtoday of course.
2001-10-12 11:22:22 AM  
Any woman that associates her name with 'commando' is a goddess in my book.
2001-10-12 11:31:50 AM  
This lady knows about as much about computers as my mom does. Half the stuff on her radio show is out and out wrong or was passed on to her by one of her listeners, and I use that term very loosely. I think her entire audience is made up of folks that go into panic-overdrive-mode and forward every damn "Goodtimes" email they receive. Bah!
2001-10-12 11:32:25 AM  
In the tech world, any female that looks even halfway decent can be legitimately refererred to as a goddess.

You know what I'm talking about.
2001-10-12 11:54:39 AM  
Born and raised in New Jersey, Kim headed west to Arizona State University in 1985. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Systems, which she financed by providing computer hardware and software training classes. She went on to secure a position as a Marketing Representative with IBM and after some time, made a career move to AT&T as a large business systems Account Manager where she received various awards for her sales achievements. Unisys Corporation next benefited from Kim's many talents. She made company history by single-handedly closing the largest commercial deal that year with an $11 million sale to a FORTUNE 500 company in 1991. It was during her Unisys career that Kim began writing her weekly syndicated newspaper column and hosting radio and television programs. Her initial media success gave birth to The Komando Corporation and WestStar TalkRadio Network.

Sounds pretty smart to me.
2001-10-12 12:13:18 PM  
She's a dumb ho. I want to slap her.
2001-10-12 12:28:31 PM  
Chilly, when women are in short supply, they start getting better looking.
2001-10-12 12:36:59 PM  
I love Kim Crapmando. She is the only person what can make evil bastard boss understand how to use tv w/keyboard. God know he don't listening to me.
2001-10-12 12:48:08 PM  
fark...? a war-related news site...?
It isn't news! it's fark!
2001-10-12 12:55:03 PM  
I've heard her show... she sounds like a man to me. I'd swear those pictures were fakes, and "she's" really some scrawny, effeminate internet geek. But what do I know?
2001-10-12 01:05:36 PM  
here's a link from her fun page.

read a little of that and try to fit it in with the rest of that site.
2001-10-12 01:06:00 PM  
Cuter than I thought. Her callers are absolute morons, and her show's not that great, probably because of constant calls of "Why mah computer-machine not work? Make it work Kim Commando! Ah loves you!"
2001-10-12 01:12:29 PM  
Digital? Doesn't that mean she's a computer generated image and doesn't really exist?
2001-10-12 01:15:00 PM  
Cute hat.

[image from too old to be available]

No, really.
2001-10-12 01:37:29 PM  
Her show is an unending Hellish n00bfest of questions best answered by my hero, Captain Obvious. Her show usually goes something like this:

Caller: The upgraded DVD drive in my Packard-Bell won't play the BRAVEHEART GOLD EDITION CD. Also, it's emitting smoke and raping by baby sister with large green tentacles.

Kim: Did you check the manufacturer's website for the latest drivers before you installed it?

Caller: Oh.. gee.. no.. I'll try that. Thanks Kim!

But I guess it's better than listening to the Spanish language ministry station.
2001-10-12 01:38:06 PM  
Oh great, Here come the AOL monkeys.
2001-10-12 01:52:55 PM  
Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that she's been farked.
2001-10-12 01:54:30 PM  
You think the "Digital Goddess" would
have a better computer system.
Check out the banner at the bottom of
the page. "Demon on the computer"?!?!
Not with what she's using.
Maybe she should call that lugnut
Steve from the Dell commercials
to hook her up.
"Dude, you're gettin'a Dell!"
2001-10-12 02:31:06 PM  
Maybe she would be better off if her best friend were a cow.
2001-10-12 02:31:12 PM  
where is the link???
2001-10-12 02:33:24 PM  
Now I come to think of it, maybe Teddy boys best friend is a cow. hmmmm.
2001-10-12 03:12:12 PM  
Galland said it best. She's computers 101 for the AM radio set. Tech-TV wannabe.
2001-10-12 03:14:36 PM  
By the way Galland, hilarious!! Funniest thing I've read on Far in a long time (and I read everything).
2001-10-12 03:26:41 PM  
ya know what they say... moms put out
2001-10-12 06:43:57 PM  
I have no idea OR CARE of who this chick is.........

oh, AM radio.. what is that?
2001-10-12 07:53:37 PM  
She is the technology editor for Popular Mechanics as well.
2001-10-13 12:32:34 AM  
Why does it matter that her website links to Fark? She has to be a strange person.
2001-10-13 03:46:43 AM  
Another great tip this idiot, I mean "goddess", gave in regards to which PDA to go with.

"Palm OS and WinCE are very similar. I just got finished reviewing them both and would really recommend the Windows CE devices. They cost more money but you get a great deal more in terms of RAM. Most CE devices have 32-64megs while the average Palm has 8megs."

If she had any idea how the hell the things worked she would understand that the two use memory very differently. The WinCE OS takes up over half of that memory and you don't get any more memory considering how big the WinCE apps are compared to Palm.

The show is a like a train crash. It is horrible and you know you shouldn't be watching, or in this case listening, but you can't turn away. It pains me to listen to her blab but I listen for 20 min on the way to work Sunday morning when nothing else is on.

But if you have a problem with AOL mail or service, give her a call.
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