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(   The mayor that accidentally kicked a giant human tomato in the head cost the council £24,000. If you don't understand the headline, it's okay. The article is British   ( divider line
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2010-10-15 07:59:06 PM  
2010-10-15 08:36:00 PM
2010-10-15 08:38:29 PM  
i can count to tomato!
2010-10-15 08:39:09 PM  


2010-10-15 08:39:35 PM  
He felt the need to clarify that under ideal conditions he could have made the jump.
2010-10-15 08:40:55 PM  

It's all Fun and Games until you knee a tomato in the head.

2010-10-15 08:45:20 PM  
Jim Rodgers accidentally kicked Belfast City Council employee Lorraine Mallon in the head in a publicity stunt that went spectacularly wrong.

Kicked Mallon in the Melon, eh?
2010-10-15 08:46:32 PM  
He maybe an idiot, but he's no fool.
2010-10-15 08:51:42 PM  
"Egged on by press photographers, Mr Rodgers tried to jump over her but he slipped on wet grass on his run up and ended up kneeing her in the back of the head."

Lol. At least they got their picture.
2010-10-15 08:54:02 PM  
Mayoral "Boot To The Head" trifecta in play.
2010-10-15 08:55:05 PM

Well, children, you need to get the proper shoes on before you kick someone in the head.
2010-10-15 08:55:59 PM  
So, how much is £24k in stones?
And what does that equal in size using the measured volume of Big Macs?
2010-10-15 09:00:13 PM  
The Captain... has a tomato.
2010-10-15 09:21:23 PM

2010-10-15 09:58:56 PM  
Her pride should be more wounded than her head.
2010-10-15 10:30:06 PM

/hot like a dixie chicken
2010-10-15 11:30:26 PM  
Hope the head injury didn't turn her into a vegetable.
2010-10-15 11:31:31 PM  
The Canadian headlines are the ones that bother me. The degenerate press there is a more bizarre and bastardized version of the English press. Not quite so "tabloidly" as a bit too "punchy above the weight class" I suppose.

/feelings of "notice me" and "inadequate" taint the writing
2010-10-16 02:04:54 AM  

crumblecat: Hope the head injury didn't turn her into a vegetable.

I hope she didn't slip a disk in her head.
2010-10-16 02:05:10 AM  

Exactly what I thought of. What a great twit!
2010-10-16 08:54:16 AM  
That really sucks. I really feel for the woman, and the dude. This was one of those things that seemed harmless, and then became a nightmare.
2010-10-16 11:50:34 AM  

GypsyJoker: The Captain... has a tomato.

I realize the thread is old, but this made me laugh and want to grab some comic collections off my shelf.
2010-10-16 02:00:48 PM
2010-10-16 04:57:50 PM  

crumblecat: Hope the head injury didn't turn her into a vegetable.

Tomatoes are fruits.

Is that... tomato juice?
Human tomato juice...
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