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(Slate)   Slate refuses to link to streaker photos -- links to Fark instead   ( divider line
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14987 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jun 2003 at 7:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-23 03:38:45 PM  
No Fark links in that article...?
2003-06-23 03:46:01 PM  
Yeah, there is. You probably can't see it well because you've been to already, so the link appears used. If your settings are similar to mine, this means it will be gray. Search the page (ctrl+F for IE) for "Fark" and you'll see it. It just goes to the main page. Still very kewl, though. Damn, we're almost sort of famous with people who happened to read that article.

/signs an autograph
2003-06-23 03:49:13 PM  
Yeah its in there. Except they didn't link to the article, they linked to the main Fark page. Stupid.
2003-06-23 08:03:53 PM  
"the extremely popular Web site Fark"

Hey - MSN called us popular...will this help some lonely Farkers/Farkettes get laid?
2003-06-23 08:05:00 PM  
Man they must be making money if they are laying out that kind of cash. how much did they give Danny Partridge? He needed the money anyway.
2003-06-23 08:05:34 PM  
hot shat!
somebody stop the presses cause FARK is mentioned somewhere!!!!!
2003-06-23 08:06:53 PM  
"Hey - MSN called us popular...will this help some lonely Farkers/Farkettes get laid?"

I would think so, if I remeber my gradeschool rules correctly, all Farkers are cool by association with the "popular" Fark, and that certainly can't hurt your chances...
2003-06-23 08:07:01 PM  
WhoaThereBuddy: Yeah! Hopefully they don't line us up by our account numbers, eh?

/Not Canadian
2003-06-23 08:07:38 PM  
That article was well written and insightful for a "throwaway" piece. Good job, Mr. Writer.
2003-06-23 08:09:00 PM  
Just what are the "various reasons," Mr. Walker?

I for one would surely like to know.
2003-06-23 08:09:17 PM  
way to be cutting edge, Slate! there's one picture on the golden palace website, unless you "download our software to see the behind the scenes"... riiiiight, a download from a casino that uses streakers and boxers as advertising. sounds like a clean download to me!!!

but, since I do love that picture so much...

moderately NSFW, but definitely "pasty-riffic"!!!
2003-06-23 08:17:36 PM  
and while we're on the subject of Advertisments, has anyone seen the WNBA ad that starts out by saying "I'm not unique because I'm part of a team"

Making it sound bad if you are unique

This disturbs me to no end. Have the WNBA lost their minds!?!? has anyone else seen this? Does anyone else think being unique is a bad thing?

/end rant
2003-06-23 08:19:51 PM  
Boingo, do you read a lot of H. P. Lovecraft?
2003-06-23 08:21:58 PM  
Just a hunch, but I'm guessing the author is a cardigan-wearing homo.
2003-06-23 08:22:29 PM

Hey look, I linked to Fark! Post a link to this thread on the main page! (i mean a second link =P)
2003-06-23 08:23:59 PM  
Just a hunch, but I'm guessing the author is a cardigan-wearing homo.

but I thought Mr. Rogers died... *shrug*
2003-06-23 08:37:25 PM  
Hmmm... science is pretty advanced, GOBLUE...
2003-06-23 08:43:57 PM  
science is pretty advanced, GOBLUE...

I bet Ted Williams son has something to do with it!
2003-06-23 10:06:13 PM  
Was he maybe trying to fark Fark? Nice try.
2003-06-23 10:38:15 PM  
Boingo, This is refreshing. I am tired of hearing how unique and different everyone is when they are no more unique or different than anyone else they just want to fell that way. "blah blah blah I think differently than others blah blah blah I'm so unique and qwerky just like my friends (that im identical to) blah blah blah"

I do not think being unique is a bad thing but its a pop culture catch phrase that grates on my nerves just like the business catch phrase "thinking outside of the box". People just need to be themselves and not give themselves cute little titles to make themselves feel better. There are over 5 billion of us here, odds are these people are not unique.
2003-06-24 01:41:45 AM  
Whoa, illithid, that's such an unoriginal attitude. I personally happen to like being a mindless zombie, thank you very much, especially since I enjoy eating brains.
2003-06-24 12:51:16 PM  
I'd hit it!!!
2003-06-24 02:40:14 PM  
I'd hit dem " Boobies "
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