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(Fox News)   Another reason for mandatory sterilization: "Didn't know the guy was impaled in my windshield"   ( divider line
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10097 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jun 2003 at 8:32 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-23 03:23:38 PM  
Can we make poor spelling another one of the reasons for "manditory" sterilization?

Yeah, I know, I'm a jerk.
2003-06-23 04:22:12 PM  
This is why we have capital punishment. Sad thing is, she'll get off with 3 years.
2003-06-23 05:41:00 PM  
Capital punishment? For this? Puh-leeze. She was high and very stupid. Then, as a result, she was terrified. I don't justify her actions at all. What she did was reprehensible on many levels, but let the punishment fit the crime. Put her in prison for a while, then make her work at homeless shelters and mop up blood and brains in the back of ambulances for a while.
2003-06-23 06:38:28 PM  
I remember this story. It's one of the most horrible things I've ever read. I've a hard time feeling much sympathy for the woman though.
2003-06-23 06:53:46 PM  
Being high (and stupid) shouldn't be an excuse. She got loaded on booze and drugs and should still be responsible for her actions. Especially after getting in a farking car in that state.
2003-06-23 08:35:12 PM  
Initially it wasn't murder. Initially it was just an accident. Then the biatch left the guy to die in her windshield. That's when it became murder. Fry her.
2003-06-23 08:36:51 PM  
If you don't know what a word means, then don't use it in the headline.

impale (P)Pronunciation Key(m-pl) also empale (m-)
tr.v. impaled, impaling, impales

1. To pierce with a sharp stake or point.

2. To torture or kill by impaling.

3. To render helpless as if by impaling.
2003-06-23 08:38:36 PM  
What was the final word on how long the guy was trapped in the windshield before finally died? Was it days? I read somewhere else that they believed it to be hours and the days estimate was a mistake. It's still horrible.
2003-06-23 08:39:32 PM  
I hope they fry that biatch! What a farking asshole!
2003-06-23 08:39:44 PM  
«This is why we have capital punishment. Sad thing is, she'll get off with 3 years.»

Nope. This was in Texas.
2003-06-23 08:40:07 PM  
it reminds me of that one part in the movie 'GO'. When the two guys hit the rave chick and then drive around with her trying to figure out what to do. Only its way less funny.
2003-06-23 08:40:26 PM  
How do you farking drive with someone half in your shattered windshield , anyway? Stick your head out of the window?

That would have required SOME degree of reason on her part.

I have done all sorts of illicit goodness in my day , and NEVER drive farked up. If I did , however , I think I'd be so freaked out that I wouldn't be able to DRIVE , much less drive all over , trying to get rid of the corpse.
2003-06-23 08:40:27 PM  
brianewart ... maybe the homeless guy had a pointy head?
2003-06-23 08:40:28 PM  
Wow... no winners in this deal.
2003-06-23 08:40:35 PM  
Eat More Possum
This is why we have capital punishment. Sad thing is, she'll get off with 3 years.

This happened in Texas. Texas believes in capital punishment not 3 and out.
2003-06-23 08:41:52 PM  
She is full of Shiat if she said she did not notice. You mean even after she parked the car, she had no clue? Right.
2003-06-23 08:42:31 PM  
In Alabama, killing someone while driving drunk counts as murder.
2003-06-23 08:42:45 PM  
To think that people actually make fun of Texas and their Capital Punishment.
2003-06-23 08:43:51 PM  
capitol punishment is the one good thing about Texas
2003-06-23 08:43:58 PM  
Thank goodness it was in Texas. I hope she fries. I think EVERY DUI should result in an automatic attempted murder conviction.
2003-06-23 08:44:54 PM  
considering the time she waited, i'd think this would bring time w/ premeditation.
2003-06-23 08:45:01 PM  
"When the friend arrived at the house, Mallard was hysterical and "was blabbing, 'Lord, I'm sorry. What do I do? Lord, I'm sorry. It was an accident. What do I do?"' Kearney said." - Dumb Beatch

Call an Ambulance!

It would be one evil thing to hit a bum and leave him for dead, but to drive him home stuck in your windshield and then hang out with him in your garage and apologize to him about impaling him with your car. Its just insane.

WTF is wrong with you?!
2003-06-23 08:46:10 PM  
DixieNormus: just re-read the headline... so it doesn't say "impaled on..." like I had originally thought. If the writer meant that the Windshield was impaled with the homeless dude, ie, the homeless dude being the pointy object, then said headline writer should buy a book on english grammar. Learn to communicate more clearly.

/being an asshole
2003-06-23 08:46:33 PM  
We should give out weekly asshat awards. I think she would win.
2003-06-23 08:48:19 PM  
Didn't her mama teach her that messing-up is bad, but trying to cover it up is worse?
2003-06-23 08:48:51 PM  
is this the story about the worthless to'ng'iz of a whore that went in and farked her bf while the man was bleeding to death?

KILL her entire family...pathetic biatch.
2003-06-23 08:49:25 PM  
Texas believes in capital punishment not 3 and out.

Yeah, but UT believes in 3 and out whenever they play Oklahoma.
2003-06-23 08:51:55 PM  
What the article left out:

After parking in the garage, she went inside and farked her boyfriend. If I recall correctly, she didn't tell her boyfriend 'til after.
2003-06-23 08:51:56 PM  
i bet she'll be the ninth woman on death row.
2003-06-23 08:52:12 PM  

did you ever think the guy smashed thru the windshield
and when his forward momentum ended he landed on a huge piece of glass? Thus impaling him on/in the windshield.

Also most likely the reason the dumb beatch couldnt remove him from the windshield.
2003-06-23 08:53:31 PM  
ok just based on the fact that she went into the house and farked her B-friend while some poor guy was dying in her garage is total death penalty material. Fry the biatch.
2003-06-23 08:54:48 PM  

1. To pierce with a sharp stake or point.

You mean, like, a sharp, pointy piece of glass?

2. To torture or kill by impaling.

He died. Slowly. I'd say it was both.

3. To render helpless as if by impaling.

I think if he could've, he'd have helped himself, but was too busy with the whole blinding agony thing.

If you don't know what a word means, don't criticise the headline writer.
2003-06-23 08:56:20 PM  
it was likely to be the impact that killed the man, not some piece of glass he may have been "impaled" on.
2003-06-23 08:57:29 PM  
No, he groaned as she apologised.

That, though, was in the article. And I know how farkers are with articles.
2003-06-23 08:58:48 PM  
the case when the woman farked her boyfriend before telling him about the dead guy in her car happened last year here in detroit. very similar however.
2003-06-23 09:00:12 PM  
If she did not call 911 and he could have lived, then it IS murder.

And the use of the word impaled is used correct.
2003-06-23 09:00:29 PM  
Three cheers for the death penalty!
2003-06-23 09:00:38 PM  
and the detroit bum didn't go threw the windsheild.
2003-06-23 09:00:42 PM  
she went into the house and farked her B-friend while some poor guy was dying in her garage

perhaps she has a squish fetish
2003-06-23 09:01:15 PM  
Hick said: And the use of the word impaled is used correct.

I'm not even going to begin to comment on the grammatical errors in THAT sentence.
2003-06-23 09:01:37 PM  
its possible.
2003-06-23 09:04:13 PM  

I swear, the drug war is gonna f*cking bankrupt this country and this will create a second Great Depression from which America will never recover, sending civilization back to the stone age. It sucks that civilization ended because we couldn't afford to keep it going.
2003-06-23 09:05:25 PM  
This won't be a good thread without the bleeding-hearts showing up to say she ought to be let off because she "didn't know what she was doing." But frankly, I'm not surprised they haven't arrived. I'd keep my mouth shut if I was one, especially for this sick biatch and her case.

Also, I love well_stressed_mamma's suggestion that "every DUI should result in an automatic attempted murder conviction." That's a wonderful idea, and it's legally sound as well. It'd help keep people who choose to drink or use mind-altering drugs from hurting those like this helpless homeless man.
2003-06-23 09:05:42 PM  
2003-06-23 09:06:24 PM  
Looks like I'm too late, as Psycho-Jay has arrived. I surely hope that thread is sarcasm. She wasn't using marijuana I believe, but ecstasy.
2003-06-23 09:06:36 PM  
Oh, that was at Psycho-Jay's hopefully joking post. Not OtherSquirrel's serious one.
2003-06-23 09:06:47 PM  
Oh yeah...its so about the drug war. I mean it has nothing to do with the dying guy jammed into the windshield. They are just looking for excuses.
2003-06-23 09:06:59 PM  
Never mind that, she smoked pot too.
2003-06-23 09:08:42 PM  
I think all internet grammar nazis need to get there head out of there A$$es. The internet has it's own language similar to a spoken dialect which doesnt bow down to any of your rules or grammar.
2003-06-23 09:09:06 PM  
I don't recall the being high on this and that as part of the story when it originally came out. Seems like it was added as a defense?

Fry her.
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