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Street value of a 500-lb drug dealer, Tusken Raiders resorting to armed robbery, and violet consequences on the Blue Danube: Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week 10/3 - 10/9 
Posted by Drew at 2010-10-12 3:03:50 PM (10 comments) | Permalink
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From Unfreakable:

No post from Drew this week, enjoy the headlines.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2010-10-03 to Sat 2010-10-09:

www.fark.com  Test-tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards wins Nobel for medicine, an achievement nobody saw coming    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Smoking Chimp finally dies. Why nobody put him out is still unknown    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  In an interesting turn of events, the Emancipation Proclamation is being sold at auction    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Hungary declares state of emergency as red sludge heads for the blue Danube threatening violet consequences    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Farmer forced to burn crops after plane dumps human waste across 25 acres of land. The only thing he could salvage was the corn    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Hearse kills man. Well, THAT'S convenient    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Police arrest 500-pound drug dealer, estimate his street value at well over $1,000,000    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Tusken Raiders rob a pub at gunpoint. Authorities fear that they'll be back and in greater numbers    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Man leaves fiancée and nephew to feed dogs. Dogs report the nephew was tender, but the fiancée was a little gamey    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Businessman chokes to death during S&M session. Victim's identity was confirmed using collar ID    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Pygmy goats get high grazing on magic mushrooms. Won't somebody think of the kids?    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Titan's Chuck Cecil fined $10,000 for each finger not showing when he waved to the ref    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  ESPN producer arrested while masturbating at neighbor's window. Apparently she had just hung a new LeBron poster on the wall    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Former Bears QB Kyle Orton on pace to break the all-time single-season passing yards record. Current Bears QB Jay Cutler on pace to remove his socks so he can count to twenty    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Three senior members at DC Comics may leave the company. TO BE CONTINUED    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Scientists discover yet another 200 new species in remote PNG. It's amazing how much stuff can be compressed into such a small size    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  The co-founder of Facebook donates $100,000 in support of legalizing marijuana in California. 420 people like this    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  IN A WORLD where voiceover artists lend their talents to ads and movie trailers, ONE VETERAN ANNOUNCER will go silent and collaborate with Don LaFontaine in the afterlife. "Art Gilmore: Dead at 98" - this time, it's for REAL    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Al Pacino to play Phil Spector in a movie. It took every fiber of my being to refrain from posting this with a NewsFlash tag    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  CHiPS star caught up in a Ponchi scheme    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Tea Party leader backs Democrat. Moon destroyed by rogue asteroid. Only one of these stories is true    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  1.87 m tall Obama, who is the 44rd President and has been President for 623 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes and 32 seconds, makes the first appointment of someone with autism    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Sharron Angle says that miltant terrorists have taken over US cities in Michigan and imposed sharia law there. Apparently she's confusing Detroit and Afghanistan, which, admittedly, is an easy mistake to make    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  LA City Council declares October 1 "John Lennon Day". Fans pleased, as it took 5-6 shots at getting the bill passed    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Billy Idol to work on an autobiography. He'll be writing by himself - OH OH - writing by himself    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Eminem says he doesn't use profanity in front of his children. Only yours    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Microsoft may issue tablets by Christmas. No word yet on whether they'll contain potassium cyanide or saxitoxin    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Michigan company recall alfalfa. Buckwheat and Farina still otay    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Paul Volcker warns of long-term high unemployment because we're not actually fixing anything in the economy. President Reagan should really listen to this dude    img.fark.net
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2010-10-12 03:09:50 PM  
2010-10-12 03:09:55 PM  
Has there still been no comment on the Cracked.com partnership?
2010-10-12 03:14:52 PM  
netweavr: Has there still been no comment on the http://Cracked.com/ Wampler partnership?
2010-10-12 03:21:12 PM  
Has there still been no comment on the Satanic partnership?
2010-10-12 03:22:41 PM  
Awww, I never get a headline of the week.

But at least I'm getting more greens, so ... YAY me!
2010-10-12 03:56:36 PM  
I'm eagerly awaiting the next Cue Moment.
2010-10-12 04:09:17 PM  
Well I use Mac/Linux...: I'm eagerly awaiting the next Cue Moment.

No kidding, I got so excited about that last one that I almost suffered premature ejaculation.
2010-10-12 05:28:49 PM  
My very first green also made it as a favorite headline? Kick fark-ing ass!

\Do a little dance
\\Make a little love
2010-10-12 05:51:14 PM  
DosMas: My very first green also made it as a favorite headline? Kick fark-ing ass!

\Do a little dance
\\Make a little love

Listen. I hate you ...
2010-10-12 06:24:25 PM  
DosMas: My very first green also made it as a favorite headline? Kick fark-ing ass!

\Do a little dance
\\Make a little love

My advice to you would be to stop now, before you get hooked.

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