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2003-06-22 07:00:51 PM
Terrible boob job.
2003-06-22 07:08:42 PM
Like you wouldn't *hit it* :-)

It's nice to see a relatively tasteful layout instead of those in-your-face leave nuthin' to the imagination photo shoots.
2003-06-22 07:40:53 PM
That chick would be hot regardless of the size of her breasts... why get an enlargement?

Ah well....
2003-06-22 07:44:41 PM
CableGuy,I would still would "hit it"(I hate that term). She seems like a naturally beatiful woman who has taken away from her beauty with a disgusting boob job and too much ecologen injections in her lips.
2003-06-22 07:47:30 PM
Ecologen? ;-)
2003-06-22 07:48:56 PM
She's OK.
2003-06-22 08:15:52 PM
i'd let her hit me
2003-06-22 08:32:07 PM
SuperCMC: She seems like a naturally beatiful woman who has taken away from her beauty

OK... I'm with you on that. Actually I'm not a big fan of hit it either, but it's sort of the least offensive description of the available choices.
2003-06-22 09:51:23 PM
2003-06-22 09:56:59 PM
Yeah I don't understand the boob-job either. She's got a pretty face IMHO, which is pretty rare these days.
2003-06-22 10:22:58 PM
homina homina, damn she is lovely. what a nice chassis.
2003-06-22 10:49:35 PM
She could hit me.
2003-06-22 10:49:43 PM
Yeah shes hot but really bad boob job for sure.
2003-06-22 10:51:27 PM
Her tits are too big.
2003-06-22 10:52:30 PM
Inflatable boobies.
2003-06-22 10:53:11 PM
Robnoxious, your right though, nice chassis...
2003-06-22 10:53:12 PM
The tits are great. Stop whining.
2003-06-22 10:53:16 PM
fark!! Do away with the fake boobs, and eat a sandwich!! This goes for 99% of all women who pose for boobies pictures!! Good lord!
2003-06-22 10:55:02 PM
It's nice to see a relatively tasteful layout instead of those in-your-face leave nuthin' to the imagination photo shoots.

what part of her was left to the imagination? the webbing between her toes?
2003-06-22 10:55:03 PM
Fake tits are ugly.

It's funny, I've never heard a guy say he liked fake tits.
2003-06-22 10:56:22 PM
2003-06-22 10:57:29 PM
very pretty girl. boobs are way too big for my tastes tho.
2003-06-22 10:58:18 PM
I was going to say something snotty just because she was a naked woman, but her boobs are too big. No really, they are. Even i can tell they're fake.
2003-06-22 10:58:40 PM
I like fake tits
2003-06-22 10:59:48 PM
Insanely *NOT*.
Strip off the silicon and makeup and take away the airbrushing, and she looks a lot like the grocery bagger at Fred Meyers.
2003-06-22 11:00:33 PM
/decided to lay off blondes, too much trouble

Any redheads or brunettes out there?
2003-06-22 11:00:40 PM
RE: image #8

I'm a big fan of ass flare.
2003-06-22 11:01:31 PM
You guys are going to give her self esteem issues the way you're talking.
2003-06-22 11:04:27 PM

Okay, for the farkers at work wondering why people are saying her boob job is bad: in one photo, she is laying sideways, and the side of the boob is concave !!! I hope she saved the receipt. And to understand what is a concave shape, here's a handy dandy little chart:

2003-06-22 11:04:32 PM
I liked her better with clothes on
2003-06-22 11:07:14 PM
Q: Why are blondes easy?

A: Who cares?

/Thank you Maxim magazine...
2003-06-22 11:08:07 PM
Well, at least she went to the trouble of making sure her cuffs and collar match.I'd imagine her funbags are better to behold than be holding.Kind of a Lisa Kudrowish mug.She has a sub-par rear end. All in all, I'd throw myself on the grenade and toss one in her, for the team, of course.
2003-06-22 11:08:46 PM
I liked her better when she turned her backside to me. Great bottom.
2003-06-22 11:09:08 PM
Sorry, but yawn. Not natural, has that all-over-plastic look. If I want that, I'll hump a blow up doll.
/insert joke about airheads here
2003-06-22 11:11:18 PM
Not saying that i wouldn't hit it, but her boob job is pretty bad. It makes them look a goofy, like balloons with not enough helium. They don't know to fall or float, if you catch my drift...
2003-06-22 11:11:57 PM
Thats a pretty fast lens, I'm guessing its a really bad boob job then?
2003-06-22 11:13:45 PM
2003-06-22 11:16:46 PM
Fake or real... they be boobies.
2003-06-22 11:19:46 PM
This is how you can tell if she's had a boob job: When she lies on her back, her boobs stay right up on her chest, instead of flattening out and sliding into her armpits.
2003-06-22 11:20:12 PM
I'd still eat out her asshole.
2003-06-22 11:20:23 PM
Inflatable boobies, inflatable J.Lo ass...no thanks. I'd take her if she had normal proportions, she IS pretty in the face. But...yeah. Don't want to hit a Barbie doll, really.
2003-06-22 11:22:11 PM
what makes her look goofy are the ribs poking through the skin like she doesnt eat, then you have these overly large mammory glands(Farkers would know these as Boobies)sticking out without saggin, I may not be the smartest man but i know gravity will really make her uglier than a two bit whore in the next ten years...Ok carry on nothing to see here..........
2003-06-22 11:22:17 PM
dont get me wrong, shes attractive and all, but the ridiculously fake boobs tell me shes probably got serious mental issues and make her a dime-a-dozen kind of girl. But who am I kidding? I ate 9 deviled-eggs with dinner tonight; any woman willing to get with me now would have to wear a gas mask just to survive the experience
2003-06-22 11:23:36 PM
are there any real women, made up of real parts that make it into a fark boobies post?
2003-06-22 11:25:07 PM
size has never been an issue for me...

now, proximity, that's my problem

/towel please
2003-06-22 11:25:50 PM
People who are elitist about boobies posts are the same people who insist that Jimmy Eat World isn't emo enough for them before they run to their rooms and cry themselves to sleep.
2003-06-22 11:28:35 PM
Fake or real. Who cares! Its all good. You guys need to chill, you're freaking out. Boobs are boobs.
2003-06-22 11:29:11 PM
call me a loser or too old or something, but can someone help me out with the definition of 'emo'? I could save myself the embarassment and lower my ignorance-factor by looking it up myself, but I dont mind looking ignorant in front of you bastahds
2003-06-22 11:30:18 PM
Sorry, but yawn. Not natural, has that all-over-plastic look. If I want that, I'll hump a blow up doll.

If you know of a blow up doll that looks exactly like that, please let me know! I'd fark it till it pops.
2003-06-22 11:30:30 PM

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