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(The Sun)   Playboy model chases down two burglars wearing only a thong (w/possibly NSFW pic)   (thesun.co.uk) divider line 64
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2003-06-20 03:56:46 PM  
Sadly, the bad guys got away.
2003-06-20 04:46:55 PM  
BooBies !!!!

/i'm done
2003-06-20 04:47:00 PM  
Why were they running?

/starts porn music in my mind
2003-06-20 04:47:51 PM  
Two burglars wearing only a thong!? I assume they were stealing clothes.
2003-06-20 04:48:19 PM  
"hubby Sheldon Souray, a tough ice hockey star, ran out in his dressing gown "

Ha ha ha ha.

2003-06-20 04:48:36 PM  

"Then the former Playboy centrefold, 28, screamed abuse as she was dragged down her drive, clinging on to the 35,000 Hummer H2."

Stupid Bunny biatch, she should have realized when they were stealing her Hummer H2, they were doing her a favor. Like they were stealing crap on wheels. Has the undercarriage of some other Chrysler SUV. Now she's farked for good.

2003-06-20 04:48:43 PM  
Alright wheres the links to her NAKID??!!
2003-06-20 04:48:52 PM  
Chase me! Chase me next!!1 wowwwooooooo
2003-06-20 04:49:35 PM  
I could use a little peril!
2003-06-20 04:49:46 PM  
Hmmm, Page 3 Girls link.

2003-06-20 04:49:52 PM  
I love the pop up ad after you close the link.

"I'd like one Danger Mouse t-shirt, and an 'intimate area' shaver. Thanks!"
2003-06-20 04:50:17 PM  
I wish it would say (w/ possibly NSFW pic that's largely unrelated to the story itself)
2003-06-20 04:50:19 PM  
It's a GM pickup chassis, not Chevy

2003-06-20 04:52:02 PM  
What's the address, I want to break in.....

-rim shot-
2003-06-20 04:52:04 PM  
tried to smash the window with his fist so he could grab the keys.

They left the keys in the truck.
2003-06-20 04:53:27 PM  
Sheldon Souray takes the lead for hottest hockey wife.
that's right, this guy:
2003-06-20 04:53:58 PM  
Meanwhile hubby Sheldon Souray, a tough ice hockey star, ran out in his dressing gown and tried to smash the window with his fist...Tried? I have a feeling this pansy's hand bounced right off the window in his feeble attempt to break it. A tough ice hockey star indeed.
2003-06-20 04:54:18 PM  
NSFW A Gallery of her
2003-06-20 04:54:37 PM  
If I saw that running at me in only a thong, I think[correction I KNOW] my dork would override the brain.
2003-06-20 04:55:16 PM  
possible media stunt?

I mean, who sleeps in just a thong? Not exactly easy access. ~porn music starts~

/one ticket to the XXX theater in my mind, please.
2003-06-20 05:00:27 PM  
Note to self:

Rob more models houses.
2003-06-20 05:00:56 PM  
Looks like one of those man-ladies.
2003-06-20 05:01:25 PM  
My hero
2003-06-20 05:02:07 PM  
"Click picture to enlarge"?

huh? I don't need to click the picture to enlahh ... ah, you mean not my - enlarge the picture! I get it now.
2003-06-20 05:05:29 PM  
Newsfilter has some nice NSFW pics starting here...

2003-06-20 05:08:31 PM  
Tonight i'm hanging out with the girl who will be represting U-Mich in the girls of the big 10 issue coming out soon.

Well supposivly. Her boyfriend lives with my buddy. Lucky bastard.
2003-06-20 05:09:19 PM  
hmmmmm synthetics
2003-06-20 05:09:51 PM  
It's a pity she didn't catch one, straddle him, and tie him up.
2003-06-20 05:12:59 PM  
This whole thing sounds like the begining of a bad porn film.
2003-06-20 05:14:58 PM  
I don't get what happened... the burglers stole the h2 right? So how did she catch them, and then her husband manage to run out and punch the window? Were they coasting away???

I smell something fishy... hrm
2003-06-20 05:15:07 PM  
I'm from Michigan and PTL we don't all spell like Donhoolio.
2003-06-20 05:16:49 PM  
mmmmm...Angelica. She gets me over my hang-up about red-heads.
2003-06-20 05:17:01 PM  
2003-06-20 05:17:47 PM  
Help!!!Help!!! I'm Being Opressed!!
2003-06-20 05:21:06 PM  
2003-06-20 05:22:19 PM  
Anyone see the NSFW link to "Martha Stewart Prison Living" in the upper-left of Waitaminute...'s link? An interesting 20-30 seconds if you have it to spare.
2003-06-20 05:26:00 PM  
Damn! She's hizzot.
2003-06-20 05:32:13 PM  
Its not the same chassis/drivetrain as any idiot could tell just by looking.

"We share chassis and steering components with the heavy-duty 2500-Series Suburban and the 1500 Suburban," says Charlie Martin, the vehicle systems engineer for the Hummer H2 chassis and drivetrain. "But most of those shared parts have been heavily modified."

Among the shared and/or modified items from the 2500 Suburban are the H2's front third of the frame, the steering system and basic brake system. The rear third of the H2's frame was adapted from the 1500 Suburban. All new components include the H2's center frame as well as the flat crossmembers that are used around the transmission mounting area.

A unique design of the H2 is all of the drivetrain components are mounted flush with or above the frame rails. This design allows the H2 to actually slide over obstacles that would otherwise hang up other trucks or SUVs.
2003-06-20 05:38:15 PM  
Playboy model chases down two burglars wearing only a thong

How where the two burglars wearing one thong?
2003-06-20 05:41:59 PM  
06-20-03 04:50:19 PM GrandMasterCheezWiz
not Chevy

Whoops, I meant not Chrysler. And yeah, it still shares frame rails with a 2500 and 1500. Nice vehicles, but I'd rather pay $30,000 for a really nice 2500 than $60,000 for an undrivably wide H2.
2003-06-20 05:46:15 PM  
A small sampling of SFW pics I happen to have of this delectable little redhead.

That'll have to do, the rest are rather NSFW.
2003-06-20 05:46:47 PM  
I smell Mark Brown...
2003-06-20 05:47:07 PM  
A small sampling of SFW pics I happen to have of this delectable little redhead.

That'll have to do, the rest are rather NSFW.
2003-06-20 05:47:26 PM  
I'm actually surprised the crooks couldn't get away with her H2. I mean, she was in Playboy, how hard could it be to get a Hummer from her?
2003-06-20 05:47:38 PM  
But not from those!
2003-06-20 05:48:58 PM  
Hmm... double post. I see a mod in my future. I should get my own 1-900-bull-shiat fortune number.... By the way, photoisland sux but it is all I have, sorry.

Mods, delete away!
2003-06-20 06:10:44 PM  
So, DonHo, you're telling us that "the tenth one no longer goes to Michigan?"
2003-06-20 06:11:06 PM  
All I want to know is how/why you could get "treated" for bruised knuckles?
2003-06-20 06:22:01 PM  
I belive the procedure for bruised knuckles is alot like the procedure for moose knuckles.
2003-06-20 06:27:49 PM  

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