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(Yahoo)   In case you only get your news from Fark, Michigan has been rioting for two days   ( divider line
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22442 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jun 2003 at 1:53 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-19 02:24:54 PM  
I take that back. Not only are there a lot of racists in here, there's also a lot of dumbshiats too.

Not that the two aren't synonyms anyway, but...
2003-06-19 02:25:04 PM  
What the hell happened to the Gandhis and Martin Luther Kings?

They were both shot by assassins.
2003-06-19 02:25:18 PM  
You see, there's probably a few people in that town who don't have enough money or jobs or family to move away

Horsecrap! People with NOTHING have moved their arses for eons. Excusenik!
2003-06-19 02:25:20 PM  
Do Benton residents also set the place on fire on Halloween, or is that only Detroit?
2003-06-19 02:25:45 PM  
Oh, don't start on Michael Moore again...
I never said his documentary (or even his book which is far more researched) was the word of truth. I just said I liked them,and understood the sentiment behind them.
2003-06-19 02:25:48 PM  

Thanks, I missed that in my read of the article.
2003-06-19 02:26:02 PM  

I take that back. Not only are there a lot of racists in here, there's also a lot of dumbshiats too.

Not that the two aren't synonyms anyway, but...

Including yourself in this group right, or does your shiate not stink anymore where up there on your mountain?
2003-06-19 02:26:06 PM  
Those of you saying welcome to Detroit and spouting off about Detroit are just showing your utter depth of ignorance.
PopDog2 So Really what you are saying is that the whole southern part of michigan sucks ass? I really take my time to learn about places that, when their population starts to riot, it doesn't even make news.
2003-06-19 02:26:19 PM  
Althought this is a kind of stupid situation to claim racism, I'm sure the guy knew the cops were going to beat his ass. They usually do. white cops + black suspect = fun with nightsticks.

And people who are crying about every excuse is rascism, STFU How exactly does it effect your life when other people say somebody is racist because of something that happens to their fellow citizens?
2003-06-19 02:26:43 PM  
Duyogurt- I agree, not all high speed chases should be deemed illegal. In the case of this death though, it's a clear-cut case of pigs trying to run this guy into the ground. They knew how this would end.

I mean, come on, this guys offense was......... drum roll please...... speeding. How many of us on this page have been guilty of the same crime already today? I know I have. Of course if cops decided that my going 5 miles above the limit was worth pulling me over, I would do so. If I was black, living in a town where white cops beat and kill black people all of the time and they decided to follow me at speeds over 100mph, I sure as hell wouldn't stop. You'd be lucky to get away with an Abner Louima'd ass, if not your very life.

He chose what he thought were better odds at staying alive and his life was taken anyway.
2003-06-19 02:26:51 PM  
I'm sorry, thats not true... please educate yourself, thx.Then again, coming from New Hampshire, i expect you to have a narrowminded view of the world.

Hey, we've had MLK day for three whole years now, when we convinced our legislature that MLK wasn't a communist agent. And to this day, the Manchester Union-Leader won't run anything about MLK. The editor, however, did choose the last MLK Day to write about his hero, an Alaskan frontiersman who happened to have a dog named "King".

And I'm a Michigan native.
2003-06-19 02:27:10 PM  
OMFG?!?!? CHRIS ROCK!?!? He's like the voice of ALL Black folk!! ITS LIKE MOSES speaking for negros!! YIPPIE BOSS!

The salient point of my post was that Therealscrodd was stealing a well-known line by a famous comedian. YOU'RE the one making an issue of the fact that the famous comedian in question happens to be black. If that's the way you choose to see the world, so be it.
2003-06-19 02:27:39 PM  
06-19-03 02:05:02 PM
Little do I know - when I heard rioting in Benton Harbor, I thought it was rich, white kids rioting over beer or something.

Isn't Benton Harbor the summer playground for Chicago's rich people?

Actually the town of South Haven likes to call itself the summer home of Chicago. I remember seeing Ophra and other A-List Chicago people docking their million dollar boats in the harbor. Its the only time of year that town has any life. I know because I wasted 6 years of my life there.
2003-06-19 02:28:36 PM  
2003-06-19 02:28:41 PM  
It's all pink on the inside.
2003-06-19 02:29:01 PM  
add this to my "I don't understand black people" file

right up there "Do the Right Thing". Great movie, but I was supposed to sympathize with the black folk????

"You oughtta boycott the barber who fakred up yo head!"
2003-06-19 02:29:03 PM  
"Negros"? Did it just become 1950 while I wasn't looking?

Yup, Inauguration day 2001...
2003-06-19 02:29:14 PM  
what's crazy is that it's such a small town...

Too bad, when stuff gets trashed during a riot, it usually stays trashed for the next 30 years. I can see it all around me here.
2003-06-19 02:30:22 PM  
This article seems pretty biased. All it's says is the man was being pursued by police and lost control of his bike. How does that equal racist cops and a deck stacked against them? The town was 92 percent black.
2003-06-19 02:31:04 PM  
Anyone taking odds on what the autopsy might turn up, chemically speaking?
2003-06-19 02:31:11 PM  
I know somewhere, someone is waiting for me to say something since I complained twice that this wasn't linked when I tried... somewhere, someone is laughing right now...

that said...

People in SW Michigan (like myself) call Benton Harbor, Benton Harlem for a reason!
2003-06-19 02:31:21 PM  
" Shurn was black; the officers who chased him into the city are white."

Don't you love how the media exploits an already escalated problem in hopes of fueling it further so they can sell you more soft drinks and fast food.

Anything for a buck in this country. Black or White.
2003-06-19 02:31:49 PM  
I think it was Gov. Granholm who said that this is in indication of deeper seeded problems in this city that should be investigated.
2003-06-19 02:32:25 PM  
The saddest irony here is the sheer impotence of the rioters' rage. They supposedly seek social change through violence, but burn down their own homes. Throwing rocks isn't effective against police in "peacekeeper" vans, as the Palestinians still don't seem able to learn.

The jokes about Martin Luther King Boulevards ring true, but sadly, those who live on these streets haven't learned his lessons of how to protest peacefully -- and still be noticed by enough of the media to make a difference.

If, as someone said earlier, 90% of the town is black, one would hope at least one black citizen would have sense and courage enough to become a leader, to unite his fellow citizens and, through existing democratic institutions that are open to all citizens, bring change to his community. Instead, they're burning their own town.

Something tells me King would be appalled at that.
2003-06-19 02:32:49 PM  
Michiganders, quit complaining about where you live, because I have you all trumped. Lansing *whimper*
2003-06-19 02:33:03 PM  
The riots are only 4 blocks away from my place of employment. This town is one of the most depressed areas in the state. Two of the houses that they burned down were occupied. I doubt any of you can even imagine what these peoples living conditions are like. I mean we hear gun fire here on the 2nd shift every night. We have to kick the crack heads out of the doorway almost every morning.
2003-06-19 02:33:20 PM  

I completely agree with you on how they handled the situation. But I understand their frustration as well. They seem to have exhausted all other avenues of communication over the years and are angry. There's a book that was written in the mid 90's called "The Other Side of the River" which is a detailed account of a murder that occurred in '91 of a young black kid from Benton Harbor who was in St. Joseph (predominantly white community) at a club and the last time anyone saw him was while he was being chased down the road by a white man accusing him of breaking into his car. The next time they saw the kid, his body was floating in the river. It's still not solved. This and a chain of events following leads them to this point, which is disturbing and sad.
2003-06-19 02:33:31 PM  
The saddest thing in this view of white cop/black man racism is that it's rampant throughout America. It has lot to do with the Slavery thing you know. This won't change for a long time until the Black community tries to integrate into American culture without thinking they're selling out to the "man".
2003-06-19 02:33:39 PM  
Benton Harbor sounds a lot like Bentonville, Arkansas, the original home of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has a lot of customers that are black. Therefore, Wal-Mart must be responsible for this carnage. Bring on the lawyers.
2003-06-19 02:33:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

gonna start a farkin' riot!
2003-06-19 02:33:44 PM  
This has got to be the most ridiculous thread I've seen in a long time. I love it.
2003-06-19 02:33:58 PM  
Big Al
...I'm sure the guy knew the cops were going to beat his ass. They usually do. white cops + black suspect = fun with nightsticks.

Please tell me you're just trolling here.
2003-06-19 02:34:08 PM  
Did they try building a temple or a coliseum over there ? worked like a charm in Sid Meier's Civilization(tm).
2003-06-19 02:34:11 PM  
Therealscrodd said:

Even odds that town has a Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Ever notice that wherever ther is an MLK Blvd., it's in the crappiest part of town?

well I can't speak for San Francisco because I haven't been out here long enough to find a MLK Blvd yet, but back in Durham, North Carolina the MLK Blvd was actually in a fairly nice section of town. It even cut through one of the nicer sections of town (Hope Valley for those of you that know the area or care). So all in all I would say that your comment was fairly wrong and rather pigheaded.
2003-06-19 02:34:18 PM  

You really need to get off my dick. I understand you have a hard-on for me because of some political thread yesterday, but seriously... go outside, experience real life, and find out what really matters. K?


Instead of adding it to your "I don't understand black people file", you could add it to your "I don't understand (insert certain person) file". If I grouped people as a race or color, I would think that all whites were serial killing capitalistic elitist murderers who all like balonea.
2003-06-19 02:34:46 PM  
Leeds - so far off-base. His life wasn't taken away - that implies that someone else committed that act. He was the driver of the motorcycle, he made the choice to flee and go at such high rates of speed, and HE was the one that lost control of his motorcycle - why? I can't hear you? Yes - because he was at a high rate of speed on a city block.

Talk about dodging responsibility . . .
2003-06-19 02:34:50 PM  
Where's the love for Michigan? Huh?
2003-06-19 02:35:10 PM  
Zzgo: Ugh... Lansing is the last refuge for rednecks in Michigan before they leave state for Tennessee. He's right; he has us all trumped.
2003-06-19 02:35:18 PM  
On the subject of why rioters always burn their own neighborhoods. The only riot I know of that was done "right" (not that I condone the actions) was the Tulsa race riot in the 20's. A large group of crackers went to the most prominent black neighborhood in Tulsa and burned it to the ground. So if everyone would have paid attention in history class, they would have learned how to correctly start a riot.
2003-06-19 02:36:10 PM  

Which six years? I graduated from there.
2003-06-19 02:36:18 PM  

I am white. I haven't killed anyone yet. I am a capitalist, but I don't like bologna. Just helping out...
2003-06-19 02:36:24 PM  
Why would you demand a officer be fired? what did the police do wrong?
2003-06-19 02:36:31 PM  
Smookyfufu said Then again, coming from New Hampshire, i expect you to have a narrowminded view of the world.

Nothing like judging someone using an arbitrary detail, like their state of origin, or the color of their... oh, wait.

Ain't prejudice a b*tch?

06-19-03 02:18:32 PM BritneysSpeculum said Crimmeys turn down the racism buddy, your Aryan Nation tattoo is showing.

Dude, relax. He recited a line from a Cheech and Chong record. If you knew anything about the Aryan Nation, you wouldn't go around accusing folks of being members. That's like calling someone a wife-beater.
2003-06-19 02:36:48 PM  

god sometimes fark should just put on a white hood and march around a burning wil weaton
2003-06-19 02:36:55 PM  

well said, way back up there. King would cringe if he was watching this on the news.
2003-06-19 02:37:17 PM  
06-19-03 02:33:31 PM Trancient
The saddest thing in this view of white cop/black man racism is that it's rampant throughout America. It has lot to do with the Slavery thing you know. This won't change for a long time until the Black community tries to integrate into American culture without thinking they're selling out to the "man".

Okay, thats officially the dumbest thing i've ever heard on Fark.No more racial threads for me. Its tough to deal with hundreds of ignorant views with only (it seems) one or two people trying to give an accurate point of view.. you know.. cause they're actually minorities.

I know I can't change how some people think about other races, the only thing that brings a joy to my face is that they'll eventually die, and with that so will their pitiful ideas.

Oh well.
2003-06-19 02:37:21 PM  
Things like this don't happen in a vacuum. I'm betting the police in the community have a history of violence against the locals, this was just the final straw. Not that it justifies rioting...
2003-06-19 02:37:29 PM  
Khungus, I uttely fail to comprehend that picture, and I'm not even going to try -- instead, I'm going to the laundry room to scrub my eyes out with chlorox.
2003-06-19 02:37:41 PM  
Gosh, everyone's so literal.
Calm down people.
Give Michigan a big hug.
2003-06-19 02:37:42 PM  
As much as I hate the trivialization of actual racially motivated violence by the constant labeling of EVERY black police-associated death, I have two point to make:

1) It is entirely possible that in such a small town there is still institutional racism happening. Judging from some FARKer's posts who actually live near the town in question, this might be the case here.

2)For the time being, one sure fire way to get noticed in the national press is to cry "racism" when there is a scary or violent situation. Even if it ends up not being a race thing (wishful thinking), two days of violent rioting inside the borders of the US should be headline news, not a second hand posting on a humor and tits website.

That said:

"Benton Harbor (is) one of the poorest communities in the state of Michigan," he said. "There's no excuse for us not having the same opportunities for jobs" and a better way of life.

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