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(Washington Post)   Since May 1st, D.C. has received nine times as much rain as Seattle   ( divider line
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2003-06-19 01:23:25 PM  
Same here. Please. Make. It. Stop.
2003-06-19 01:23:25 PM  
2003-06-19 01:23:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

You damn raindrops get off my lawn!
2003-06-19 01:23:46 PM  
Plagues of locust and frogs to follow.
2003-06-19 01:24:31 PM  
No sh!t. We're building farking arks here. Good thing I work on the 4th floor or I'd be underwater now.
2003-06-19 01:24:44 PM  
Where do the Underground Russkies get those wonderful toys?
2003-06-19 01:25:01 PM  
Yeah, I live in the central VA area (Richmond), and it seems like all we get lately is rain.


More rain.

A small peek of sunshine in the morning, then rain the rest of the day.

It's hard to get pissed off and fed up with things you have no control over, but this has gotta stop before I just don't bother leaving the house anymore. :-/

Jebus, are you listening?
2003-06-19 01:25:21 PM  
See, Seattle's not so bad after all! Less rain and better roads than even the Capitol city.
/Go Seattle!!!!
2003-06-19 01:26:02 PM  
Yeah this summer SUCKS here on the East Coast. And not in a good way either. Rain Rain go away come again in some other freakin place.
2003-06-19 01:26:30 PM  
Hey at least I don't have to go wash the green/yellow pollen off my car twice a week. But we may all drown soon. Hm, not that that's a bad thing in some cases.
2003-06-19 01:26:30 PM  
Not that strange, actually. Many metro areas in the US receive more rain than Seattle annually. I think Seattle gets around 32" or so a year--most coming in the late fall through early spring.
It rarely rains very hard in Seattle. Drizzle is pretty much the norm. The thing about Seattle rain, however, is that it just happens constantly for about 7-9 months out of the year.
2003-06-19 01:27:22 PM  
Tourist visits Seattle. First day it rains. Second day it rains. On the third day of rain he asks a young boy:

"Hey kid, does it ever stop raining here?"

to which the kid replies:

"How should I know? I'm only 9."
Thank you, I'll be here all day.
2003-06-19 01:27:33 PM  
It aint WIERD it's sick, disgusting, annoying, irritating, DRIVING ME FRICKIN INSANE!!!!!!! There's a REASON I work in VA instead of Seattle dammit... and this was it!!!! AAAARRRGGGGHH
2003-06-19 01:27:59 PM  

Uh yeah... because Seattle is hitting its dry season. Yes Seattle has a dry season, and it's happening about right now. All the rain comes in the fall and winter since Seattle rarely goes below 0C/32F.

Still it sux0rz to be DC!

2003-06-19 01:28:08 PM  
It's just Jeebus trying to flood out all the sinners like his pappy did. I guess he had enough of DC. Flood it out and start over.
2003-06-19 01:28:36 PM  
When did this area become a goddamn rainforest?

Last summer = no water, illegal to wash my farking car
This summer = WATER, no need to wash my farking car

4 bags of grass a week for a damn townhouse too... ugh
2003-06-19 01:30:20 PM  
I'm sorry everybody, it's my fault. I gave my bicycle a tune-up about a month and a half ago.

Apparently people over here are getting crazy headaches all the time, and some dude on the radio said it's because of the constant barrage of storms.
2003-06-19 01:31:04 PM  
Start stocking up on insect repellent and bug sprays now, if the sun ever actually DOES come out, the stores will be pillaged pretty damn fast.
2003-06-19 01:33:36 PM  
06-19-03 01:25:21 PM Gibb

Bite your tongue!

Remember: The first rule of The Fallicy That It Rains All The Time In Seattle is that you don't let the cat out of the bag about The Fallicy That It Rains All The Time In Seattle.

Do you want all those uptight East Coasters to move here?

Oh, and yes, I know that that is the worst mis-use of a Fight Club reference ever. Thank you.
2003-06-19 01:33:42 PM  
may wasn't unusually wet for us, but it has rained at some point just about every day for the last three weeks here. I caught the extended forecast on the weather channel last night, and it showed scattered thunderstorms every day for the next week.
2003-06-19 01:36:31 PM  
Do you want all those uptight East Coasters to move here?

Don't worry, we aren't impressed by your lame ass space needle.
2003-06-19 01:36:36 PM  
Wow.. Benton Harbor Michigan is marred in race rioting and city lockdowns and we get to read about it being rainy in WA...

you know what.. I think the people that post these links have been in the rain too long

/not bitter about being 0-58
2003-06-19 01:36:53 PM  
Or "fallacy," even.

It's sure not raining smarts here in Seattle. :-(
2003-06-19 01:37:46 PM  
It doesn't rain as much here in Seattle as people seem to think...or maybe I'm just immune to it. I like the rain anyway, and it's been way too hot lately (too hot = anything over 70*F)
2003-06-19 01:38:03 PM  
"It can't rain all the time..."
2003-06-19 01:38:51 PM  
Now I know why seattleites listen to such crappy music, this endless rain shiat gets so depressing you just don't give a damn anymore.
2003-06-19 01:38:59 PM  
06-19-03 01:36:31 PM Bark_atda_moon

Don't worry, we aren't impressed by your lame ass space needle.

Buddy, you've never seen my Space Nee-- blah, blah, blah... ;)
2003-06-19 01:39:58 PM  
BIG FARKIN' YAWN! Is this really surprising considering that May and June are part of Seattle's "dry" season? Is this really surprising considering many other cities in the country have greater rainfall than Seattle? Hell, even Houston gets 12" more a year than Seattle.
2003-06-19 01:40:50 PM  
Hush SockMonkey!! you'll jinx us dammit.
2003-06-19 01:41:56 PM  
I actually like it when it rains. Here in Boston, if it was hot like it should be, everyone would be biatching about the humidity. The only problem I have when it rains are stupid arse people who can't be bothered to watch where they walk and jab you with their open umbrella. One day I'll just walk around with a jousting pole, see how they like it in return.
2003-06-19 01:42:08 PM  
I'm not sure why this gets a "strange" tag. I guess it's the common misconception that Seattle has rain all the time. I heard that we are somewhere around the 7th for most rain in the nation. Not sure who the others are, but I think NY was up on that list.

It definately is cloudy all the time, though. Probably the most overcast state in the nation. Nice and depressing.
2003-06-19 01:42:18 PM  

The last thing we need are more terms for the main vein.

[image from too old to be available]
Fallacy or Phallic?
2003-06-19 01:43:19 PM  
"Could be worse...

[image from too old to be available]

Could be rainin'..."
2003-06-19 01:44:44 PM  
Its all cuz i moved here, ya know...
2003-06-19 01:45:45 PM  
I'm currently at work. I can't see outside but I'm sure it's raining. (I live in Gaithersburg, MD right outside DC) Christ, when is it going to stop!?
2003-06-19 01:46:36 PM  
I'll acknowledge that we need the rain, BUT, do you think it could maybe rain DURING THE WEEK!!! I can't remember the last sunny weekend we had in Connecticut.
2003-06-19 01:46:46 PM  

Ho, man you should see that thing now; after the letter-to-the-troops debacle the city council got a patriotic hair up their ass and had the top painted all Stars and Stripes Forever.

Nice sentiment, but it looks like shiat.
2003-06-19 01:49:57 PM  
The problem I have with all of this, is basically cabin fever. After one of the worst winters I have lived through, we get soaked in the summer.

Also, being on the western end of MA is hell regardless of weather. I just want to get outside and do things.

I know that places around the country are similar to this, but I need to get out of MA...I'm going crazy.
2003-06-19 01:50:01 PM  
To all you farkers that live in the East and West that make fun of the midwest...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

2003-06-19 01:51:11 PM  
Seattle really doesn't get that much rain at all. I think I read somewhere that arizona actually gets more annual rain fall than seattle (but they get it in about 2 days instead of 10 months). I like living in seattle and I think we have great weather, even if it is basically just split into three seasons: cold and raining, really cold and raining and not raining. Now if we could just fix the traffic problems, the horrible unemployment and get rid of idiots like tim eyman then we would be set.
2003-06-19 01:53:53 PM  
I don't think Seattle is alone in this fact.
2003-06-19 01:53:58 PM  
As someone new to Atlanta I have to ask - does it always rain this much? I think today is the first day I've seen the sun in a while.
2003-06-19 01:54:14 PM  
OMFG it's exactly the same way in NYC, too! I'm so freakin' depressed from all the rain! I can only remember seven "nice" (i.e. no rain and > 65 degrees) days since the beginning of April. WTF?
2003-06-19 01:54:24 PM  
Hey DC Farkers,
Practice not getting annoyed by questions such as the following:
Does it really rain there all the time?
Do you have webbed feet?
Does Moss grow on the North side of your house too?
Does it really rain there all the time?
Is there a high suicide rate there?
How can you stand all that Rain?
Does it really rain there all the time?
Do you have to wear waterwings to work?

Good luck, grow to love Goretex, and toss the Umbrellas.
2003-06-19 01:54:56 PM  
Maybe a light rail system would help alleviate the traffic problems around seattle. If only there was a way that the people could somehow vote to approve such a thing.
2003-06-19 01:56:06 PM  
I was kinda happy when I got laid off, that it would be just in time for nice weather.. if I had to be laid off, at least I could enjoy the nice weather instead of working during it.. and then it started raining, and hasn't stopped since... so I'm stuck inside in front of my PC anyways.. total BS if you ask me..
2003-06-19 01:56:30 PM  
I always heard Seattle was less about constant rain and more about just being overcast 24x7.

Atlanta's been horrid, i'm beginning to see why suicide rates are high in Seattle. I need to see the f'in sun!!!
2003-06-19 01:56:47 PM  
Let's miss the point and focus on Seattle some more.

To all you farkers that live in the East and West that make fun of the midwest...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I think I see a tornado bearing down on your trailer. No, nevermind, it's NASCAR.
2003-06-19 01:58:15 PM  
I bet the birth rate 9 months from now will increase on the East coast.... Nothing else to do
2003-06-19 01:58:19 PM  
Summers in DC. Where it only rains on weekends and national holidays.

We had a snowstorm in the Middle of APRIL!!

My belief in global warming and climate change has been strengthened, cuz something just ain't right.
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