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(postget)   Ways in which the "glowing puck" sucked   ( divider line
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4403 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Oct 2001 at 10:46 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-11 10:51:46 AM  
This device repelled way more potential fans than it sucked in. It looked like something out of a Roadrunner cartoon. TV Producers consider us all idiots.
2001-10-11 10:55:38 AM  
Yes indeed, worst "effect" ever.
2001-10-11 10:57:11 AM  
Geez Producers consider you idiots? Just look at what is on TV and gets high ratings.
2001-10-11 10:58:43 AM  
I don't know, I never saw it in action, but it does sound like a cool idea...
2001-10-11 11:00:11 AM  
I hated that damn puck thing... But, it did pave the way for the lit 1st Down marker, which is great.
2001-10-11 11:06:24 AM  
The first down marker IS very cool.

The article wasn't bad, but can the guy use a spell or grammar check at all??

I remember the tail effect. I didn't like it because I never really had a problem following the puck too much.
2001-10-11 11:06:40 AM  
mmep meep zip tang!
2001-10-11 11:07:23 AM  
oh and im thinking it also paved the way for that weird ass (but somehow cool) effect where they superimpose a commericial onto a tennis court. That shiatfreaked me out once, cuz i thought "awww damn! they painted ads on the court!" and then the ad changed.

Ive seen it on baseball (behind the batter and catcher) and soccer games (on the sides of the goals) too.
2001-10-11 11:10:22 AM  
Canadians will tell you it was used because Americans are too stupid to follow a puck.

It was very expensive to produce and install. The puck had a transmitter in it, and the total weight of the puck had to remain in league weight regulations. (And the pucks do get hit often and hit hard) Most of the posts that held the glass in around the rink at sensors for the puck. Very expensive for little result.
2001-10-11 11:12:29 AM  
The glowy puck thing did indeed sucketh mightily. I'm in agreement with the article, and with Farkers here, that the yellow first-down line in football games is kind of kick ass. I especially like that you don't have to guess what the official's word is going to be on first down or not if the play is in the middle of the field.

This technology could be used to increase viewership of other sports too though. Hell, I'd watch basketball more often if the backboards were showing porn real time on my TV set. And I don't even like basketball.
2001-10-11 11:19:02 AM  
Any screen shots of the glowing puck in action?
2001-10-11 11:20:14 AM  
I enjoyed that Molson "I AM" Canadian TV ad, where the Yankee network guy is sitting in the NHL board room. He's fast talkin' his ass off; pan over the clenched hands of the NHL guys, with their fingers festooned with Stanley Cup rings.

U.S. huckster:"Blue for pass, red for shot."

The U.S. huckster is seen flying down the hall face first, with a blue swoosh following him.

2001-10-11 11:21:53 AM  
well that was dull
2001-10-11 11:26:32 AM  
I'm going to agree with Sethor, et al

Glowing puck: farking piece of useless shiate.
Yellow first down marker: awesome. Very, very useful.
2001-10-11 11:31:48 AM  
I have to disagree with the whole premise that it was needed in the first place. I have no problem following the puck, unless it's at the bottom of a pile (where the glow was useless anyway), or it's along the nearside boards in one of the arenas with poor hockey sight lines (Reunion arena comes to mind).
2001-10-11 11:32:48 AM  
Why was it so hard to follow a "BLACK PUCK ON WHITE ICE"?
2001-10-11 11:35:18 AM  
Why would you want to watch the puck only?? I'm always watching what happens away from the puck...that's where the real hockey takes place!!

2001-10-11 11:35:26 AM  
This article seems to pass over the pucks biggest problem, which was that you couldn't freeze the puck before the game so it would bounce more and made for sloppier play.

Besides, black puck - white ice. Is it so difficult?
2001-10-11 11:38:52 AM  
Yeah, what he said.

Beat me to it HollywoodNorth.
2001-10-11 11:39:34 AM  
Besides, this is the only hockey that was ever good on FOX

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-11 11:44:19 AM  
Ads on Tennis courts? Great - next thing you know, there's gonna be floating ads in grocery stores. Oh wait...
2001-10-11 11:55:42 AM  
I once hacked into a TV station's voicemail box, and this tv station in paticular was a FOX affiliate, with the glowing puck. They had message after message left complaining about that farking puck.
2001-10-11 12:04:27 PM  
I realize I'm in the vast minority on this one, but I watched a couple of NHL games because of the glowing puck when I didn't watch before or after.

It wasn't enough to make me a fan, but I did think it was kind of cool. Granted, I think that it quickly got to the point that is was annoying rather than cool.

When they get to the point at which TV is more interactive, I think they should allow viewers to turn on and off the glowing puck at their convenience.
2001-10-11 12:09:48 PM  
Glowing puck... I seen it once only. When CBC actually broadcast some of the All Star Game with it. Holy hell was it ever annoying when it popped up on screen. Like someone said earlier, some of the game is away from the puck. Not all, but some of it is.
Plus, since they couldn't freeze it, it bounced around like a superball on the ice. Players were complaining left and right about it. And the puck had sharper edges on it. Could get cut a lot easier getting hit in the head with it.

/thick southern accent "Red pass, Blue shoot... get it boys?"
2001-10-11 12:10:29 PM  
They did allow you to turn it off, by swtiching the channel to CBC.
2001-10-11 12:11:02 PM  
pardon my boldness....stupid HTML
2001-10-11 12:14:29 PM  
I keep finding canadian sites blaming the puck on americans? Most canadians arent stupid enough to think that american hockey fans actually asked for a glowing puck? and the rest of the country isnt interested enough to actually ask for a glowing puck.

oh, and The_marq most of us in the US dont get the CBC.
2001-10-11 12:15:33 PM  
thats supposed to read "Most canadians arent stupid enough to think that american hockey fans actually asked for a glowing puck, are they?"
2001-10-11 12:23:17 PM  
Here is a pic of it in action for those who have not seen it. [image from too old to be available] ;)
2001-10-11 12:46:47 PM  
the thing that people wanted help with was when the puck was behind players or at the base of the near boards. it's hard to tell perspective sometimes when they're all on white ice (how many fans have jumped up in joy when a puck *seemed* to be headed straight into the net, only to have it sail several feet wide on the replay?). the key in these instances is to watch the players. they look right at the puck, and each other. if you see a player freaking out and tear-assing across the rink, something's up, even if you can't see what's happening right then.
hockey farkin rules. and i live in so cal


(please win a game kings! please?)
2001-10-11 12:51:18 PM  
This is Australia's fault. Rupert is the money behind it and therefore blame him.

I thought it was cool for the first couple minutes, then I wished it would go away.
2001-10-11 12:54:29 PM  
"It's safe to say that the words, "I'm fixin to watch the Islanders" have never been utterered in the state of Mississippi."

I live in Mississippi and I watched the Islanders game last night.

2001-10-11 01:03:35 PM  
i'm glad someone else also mentioned the spelling and grammer. this guy is horrible... the article reminds me of a 5th grade school newspaper article, only with less emphasis on interesting comments and more emphasis on using "big words so i sound important." the glowing puck sucked, but this guy sucks more.
2001-10-11 01:08:31 PM  
Maybe there is a way we can blame France for this whole fiasco.

Hey BaconFarker, too bad about not getting the CBC, yer missing some fine programing *snicker.* Oh nevermind, I just can't say that with a straight face.
2001-10-11 01:19:28 PM  
I hated the glowing puck and the tail, but it was cool when you could see where the puck was when it was stuck behind the boards.
2001-10-11 01:26:07 PM  
So a glowing Tomahawk idea is a no-no then? :)
2001-10-11 02:16:56 PM  
Glowing puck was annoying. It would've been just as annoying as a glowing football, glowing baseball or glowing baseketball (make it explode with flames when someone scores 3 baskets in a row - He's on fire!!! like NBA JAM.)

The first down was and some of the ads were great because it doesn't interfere with the play.
2001-10-11 02:29:26 PM  
When are they going to start adding sound effects? Like the amusing noises on funniest home videos shows, or the laugh tracks on comedy shows.

Hey, maybe I should patent that idea...
2001-10-11 02:48:22 PM  
THANK YOU! to whoever submitted this article. I was looking for this exact thing last week for an entry in my weblog.
[/me rushes off to post edit blogger]
2001-10-11 03:30:39 PM  
I actually forgot that the glowing puck was played. Seems like a while ago to me.
2001-10-11 04:19:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
go go magic puck!
2001-10-11 05:33:32 PM  
How can you write an article like that and not show a damn screen shot. farkin worthless.
2001-10-11 07:55:59 PM  
Brilliant technology poorly used.

I imagine that the glowing puck tech would have been more appreciated if instead it highlighted the fastest, heaviest player and gave him a movement trail...
2001-10-11 08:18:11 PM  
glowing pfark
2001-10-11 08:18:26 PM  
2001-10-11 09:20:58 PM  
Don't follow the puck, follow the game.
And of course, don't miss Don's comments.
2001-10-11 11:34:13 PM  
In Australia we dont even see Hockey , let alone Rupert

He's got a Yank Tank accent now so you guys can have him
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