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(BBC)   Miso soup lowers risk of breast cancer. In other news, Miso horny increases risk of STDs   (news.bbc.co.uk) divider line 95
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2003-06-18 11:32:15 AM
2003-06-18 11:35:13 AM
1. It's good to see that funny headlines can get a story green-lighted, regardless of the story having little to no worthwhile content.

2. Is it the soup that's lowering the risk of breast cancer in these Japanese women. Or is it the lack of breasts on Japanese women?
2003-06-18 12:10:10 PM
Nothing like a good bowl of Miso and some sushi. Yum.
2003-06-18 01:39:39 PM
Didn't waste my time with the story, but the submitter gets *****5 STARS***** for the tagline.
2003-06-18 01:41:08 PM
are you sure they didn't mean "best" cancer? maybe their engrish ain't so good.

/next stop: hell
2003-06-18 01:41:24 PM
ElCorridor: #2 - www.tokyotopless.co.jp
2003-06-18 01:41:49 PM
Didn't waste my time with the story, but the submitter gets *****5 STARS***** for the tagline.

I second that emotion.

1. It's good to see that funny headlines can get a story green-lighted, regardless of the story having little to no worthwhile content.
Remember, it's not news, its FARK.com.
2003-06-18 01:42:04 PM
Golf clap for submitter

(clap) (clap) (clap) (clap) (clap) (clap) (clap, etc.
2003-06-18 01:42:32 PM
Heh. Cute.
2003-06-18 01:42:54 PM
Miso soup. Mi-so soooup. No cancer long time.

2003-06-18 01:43:29 PM
As Dan Quayle once said, "Soup is good food".
2003-06-18 01:43:33 PM
Whatever. Get me a study on pasta fagioli. Then I'll be interested.
2003-06-18 01:43:36 PM
"i'll take "the rapists" for 100"

2003-06-18 01:43:52 PM
2003-06-18 01:44:48 PM
I've been farking for 2 years now, so the headlines rarely make me laugh out loud anymore... but this one did.
2003-06-18 01:45:08 PM
mmmmm Bear curd.

A doctor who treated survivors of Hiroshima came to a similar conclusion; patients who had miso soup as a regular part of their diet had a lower incidence of cancer.
2003-06-18 01:45:18 PM
In related news, miso soup enemias loosen stool.
2003-06-18 01:45:24 PM
you got girlfriend vietnam?
2003-06-18 01:45:33 PM
"Very happy funtime of soup. No get breasts of lumps."
2003-06-18 01:46:30 PM
What the hell is bear curd?

Is that what's in miso soup?

2003-06-18 01:46:35 PM
Eaternbloc: that's rapPERs
2003-06-18 01:46:54 PM
So, here's the obligatory question.....do you eat the Miso or dunk your breasts in it? Or should I say "marinate" them!!!?!?
/ yum...loves brests....
2003-06-18 01:47:54 PM
Japanophiles world over blow up at the news (I hope so anyway).
2003-06-18 01:48:25 PM
No, it's The Rapists. Otherwise, he couldn't reply with "That's *Therapists* "
2003-06-18 01:48:49 PM
Aww, look at the cute tyke wearing a Hello Kitty apron and making miso soup:

2003-06-18 01:49:05 PM
Still no cure for canc...oh. Never mind.
2003-06-18 01:49:14 PM
dear God, that's a lot of salt.
no cancer, but heart attacks a-plenty.

also - good headline.
2003-06-18 01:52:30 PM
that headline made my day ;)
2003-06-18 01:52:48 PM
I loves me that hot-and-sour-soup.

Great for cold and flu season
2003-06-18 01:53:45 PM
I second, or third, or whatever its at now that the headline was great!

/2 dollar....luv u long time
2003-06-18 01:57:22 PM
Now I gotta get some breasts so I won't get breast cancer!
2003-06-18 02:00:52 PM
I don't like Miso soup... just plain salty.

Love hot n sour though.
2003-06-18 02:02:26 PM
Headline too beaucoup?

No way! Well done.
2003-06-18 02:02:47 PM
Meesa say headline use of miso was funny

/insert jar jar flames below
2003-06-18 02:06:45 PM
farking outstanding headline
2003-06-18 02:11:42 PM
The best headline ever......
2003-06-18 02:16:27 PM
I love fermented soy bean paste with bonito fish-flakes and seaweed!
2003-06-18 02:19:04 PM
best headline evar.
2003-06-18 02:20:40 PM
Turning to other news, McDonalds has reported today that consumption of two or more big macs with Xtra large fries has indeed cut down the on the incidents of bowel and prostate cancer in men, but only if consumed with two or more fruit pies. Spokeperson, Wendy King of McDonalds attributes this startling news to "IZOFLAVOURS" found only in McDonalds hamburgers.
2003-06-18 02:22:24 PM
One of the best headlines I have ever read here.

I am feeblessly trying to supress the laughter so my co-workers don't realize I'm procastinating...

Isn't it funny how you laugh harder when you're trying NOT to laugh...

I am so getting fired...
2003-06-18 02:23:56 PM
I can hear Luther Campbell calling his attorney right now. He's got nothing else going.
2003-06-18 02:24:02 PM
"The soup contains fermented soy paste along with other ingredients including seaweed, bean curd and vegetables."

Yup, you pretty knew it had to taste like crap in order to be good for you.

When the hell is beer going to cure something?
2003-06-18 02:26:45 PM
I wonder what Kikkoman has to say about this...
2003-06-18 02:27:28 PM

thanks for setting him straight. at least someone got it.
2003-06-18 02:29:52 PM
Miso soup is teh yum.

Seriously, though. Americans need to look at things like this. We've got some of the worst food-related health problems in the world, even though we don't eat much worse than other countries. The Japanese eat foods loaded in salt and MSG, and don't keel over on general principle. The Italians eat enough cheese and pasta to give an elephant a coronary, yet have far lower instances of heart problems than we do. So obviously someone's doing SOMETHING right, and we need to figure out what it is.

In the meantime, this just gives me an excuse to eat more sushi. If Japanese food cuts down on breast cancer, presumably it inhibits other cancers as well. Ah, sweet, sweet tamago...
2003-06-18 02:32:35 PM
hot and sour, miso.... goddamn, someone go make me some soup.
2003-06-18 02:33:25 PM
me love you long time.

you party?
2003-06-18 02:42:30 PM
In the McDonalds in Hawaii you can order bowels of yaki soba noodles. Why don't we have good crap like that in the local McDonalds?

Then again they like spam sushi in Hawaii. You won't see me begging for that stuff.
2003-06-18 02:45:58 PM
If you eat McDonald's, you are going to die.

If you eat miso soup, you are still going to die.

Maybe McMiso?
2003-06-18 02:47:33 PM
When the hell is beer going to cure something?

I heard that dark beers contain flavinoids which are a powerful antioxidant. So yes, beer does cure cancer! I'd better get me some more beer. Can't be too safe.

Mostly I like saying flavinoid cause it sounds cool.
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