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(Yahoo)   Ronald Reagan now the longest living President ever, take that John Adams   ( divider line
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1713 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Oct 2001 at 8:47 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-11 08:55:50 AM  
Too bad he probably isn't even aware of it right now.
2001-10-11 08:56:32 AM  

It's a shame that he has Alzheimer's and can't enjoy his status as the oldest president ever. Alzheimer's has to be one of the suckiest ways possible to go, especially for the family.

Of course in hind site maybe he was already suffering from it during his terms in office. Maybe he didn't commit the mother-of-all perjuries after all.

2001-10-11 08:59:12 AM  
He doesn't have Alzheimer's, he has a wicked case of poetic justice.

Now hurry up and die, already. I've got him for 10 points on my dead pool list.
2001-10-11 09:08:00 AM  
If you can call that living. Poor bastard.
2001-10-11 09:12:42 AM  
And he celebrated with another bowl of pudding.
2001-10-11 09:18:20 AM  
ya, too bad he can't enjoy it. that's pretty cool too be the longest living prez. go ronald. I really hope they find a cure for alzheimers
2001-10-11 09:22:15 AM  
Define "living."
2001-10-11 09:33:34 AM  
If he hadn't let those secret government agencies invent that stupid mind erasing device so he could pull shady shiat with no guilty conscience then maybe--zap--what was I saying?
2001-10-11 10:15:08 AM  
ok i'm a nurse..what would you rather go? your body or your mind..personally i have crs...can't remember shiat! btw i'd rather have my mind go.
2001-10-11 10:24:58 AM  
I have heard that Aluminum may be the cause of Alzheimers. It may be similar to lead in that it is a soft metal which poisons the body. Lead is just much quicker acting. All the aluminum cans we use may slowly be poisoning us.
2001-10-11 10:37:12 AM  
Um... that sounds more like malarkey to me. None of the research i did about alzheimer's last semester implicated aluminum (or any other environmental contamination) as a factor. Most of the articles i read said that alzheimer's is basically a natural degenration of neurons due to the build-up of "plaques" in the brain.
2001-10-11 10:51:00 AM  
I heard that alzheimer's was somehow related to old age.....Not sure if it is true though....
2001-10-11 11:04:03 AM  
Alzheimers is just Mad Cow undiagnosed. Back to the cradle, eh, Ronnie? Couldn't keep up the facade.
2001-10-11 11:21:51 AM  
His brain died in '85. Some record.
2001-10-11 11:50:53 AM  
Additional proof that Evil has no age.
2001-10-11 11:52:40 AM  
Too, this way Ronnie can forget those 1,000 stinger missiles he gave to the Taliban back when they were 'friendly'...
2001-10-11 12:05:13 PM  
My wife's grampa calls it 'oldtimerz disease.' Dunno why.
2001-10-11 12:09:18 PM  
What are you guys talking about? I think we can legally declare brain death after he filmed "Bedtime for Bonzo".
2001-10-11 12:16:22 PM  
He was subsumed to hell long ago. I demon was in his body most of the time as president. When the demon left, he was left in this mindless state.

I'm taking cues from Dante's Inferno (evil beings go to hell before death). It's always a good way to try making sense out of senseless.
2001-10-11 12:35:15 PM  
Farkers, I need your help. Simple british schoolboy needing any info on the 'American New Right', Ronald Reagan's enforcement of it, and if it's the same as the 'American Religious Right'. I've searched and searched and come up with jack shiat. Any info would be GREATY appreciated.
2001-10-11 12:42:38 PM  
I am saddened by all your "comments" about this poor man... he is ill and doesn;t even know what day it is.......

he was our president... right or wrong ...

2001-10-11 01:35:44 PM  
What a bunch of pathetic whining morons some of you are to poke fun at an elderly man who (like it or don't!) is going down in the history books as the best president of the last quarter century.

I know you liberal fu*ksticks don't like him, but your bitter little pulings only serve to bring your lack of insight and understanding to the surface.

Surely some of you anti-Rons believe in Karma. Maybe your grandkids will piss in your lap and take pictures and post it on the web a few decades from now because they didn't agree with your politics back when you were able to chew your own food.

What come around, goes around, eh?

Go Ron! You're still pissing off the morons!

(even if you're only chewing on pudding, you're still chewing the nerves of the right er, left idiots)
2001-10-11 01:45:36 PM  
This is just an urban legend. Reagan actually died shortly after the 1980 election, and was quickly replaced with an animatronic slapped together with spare parts from Disneyland's "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln". Took a while to get everything working properly - if you ever see pictures of him giving a speech from behind a podium, it's because his legs are in the shop.

Baloneyflaps: Best president of the last quarter century? Yeah, like that's a lot of competition...
2001-10-11 01:52:13 PM  
Okay, how about last 38 years?

(if not more, depending on who you ask)
2001-10-11 02:05:22 PM  
This is pretty amazing considering how long ago John Adams lived, and how much longer people love this century compared to the last two. I guess being President is a death wish.
2001-10-11 02:09:47 PM  
Troll alert...troll alert...eeep eeep eeep...
2001-10-11 02:40:39 PM  
>he was our president... right or wrong ...


I've heard this argument before and i'll say the same thing I said then. Respect is earned, not demanded. Ronnie Raygun is only one of the best presidents if you're in the tax bracket. That jackass got us into a lot of the mess that we're in now, followed up by George I and Clinton.

the 'great communicator', yeah... right.

Hey he's a great actor though, he acted like a comptent individual well enough to fool damn near everybody. And acted like a lucid individual as well.

I won't cry any tears when the man kicks it, it'd be better off in his state. And before any of you troll me for saying that let me just say that my grandfather had Alzehimers for years before he died and watching him degenerate was on of the worst things that ever could have happened.
2001-10-11 05:53:08 PM  
How do they know how 'long' he is. Come on! Some things should remain private.
2001-10-11 07:29:39 PM  
I think you're wrong.
2001-10-11 08:01:51 PM  
"he created the state we're in? do you have alzheimers?"

what the fark are you talking about? he didn't earn your respect? whopptie shiat...

you don't have mine....BUT
I dont think you should die for that
2001-10-12 07:42:59 PM  
BaloneyFlaps: And Bush has been the best president over the past year! Um...
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