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3768 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Oct 2001 at 12:08 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-11 04:48:53 AM  
Oooo, the chance to punch Fb- in the nads. This package just keeps getting better and better.
2001-10-11 04:49:35 AM  
I'm afraid that by that time I will be incredibly rich and famous and will have consequently dropped you all to revel in my drink and drugs hell while playing out bitter relationships over the tabloids.

2001-10-11 04:50:12 AM  
I think we should come up with a list of fairly cool actors. In #fark we mentioned Steve Buscemi, and Sam Jackson ... I definatly think Sam is the Soul Walken and should be revered in nigh Walkenism light.

"God damn, you farkers are some WIERD mutha farkas, and I'm glad ta know'ya!" -- Sam Jackson
2001-10-11 04:59:12 AM  
I'm afraid that by that time I will be resorting to whatever drink and drugs hell Goatman264 decides to swing my way.

But I'll be bringing my drunk and drugged-up ass to New Orleans for this week.
2001-10-11 05:40:51 AM  

just because its FARK doesnt mean it wont be a BBS GATHERING.

pepito pea
2001-10-11 05:43:22 AM  
even gamer dorks know there's more boobies outside in Mardi Gras, than inside gaming
2001-10-11 05:50:06 AM  
prediction: fark fest turns into a circle jerk of e-dweebs sitting around drooling at porn on the internet, and feigning masculine sexual exploits.

the least you socially maladjusted mouth-breathers could do is collectively scrape together some money to hire a prostitute. then return to the internet for instruction as to what to do next.

pepito pea
2001-10-11 05:55:58 AM  
Pepitopea: Nice and warm and cosy up there, I'll be bound.
2001-10-11 06:15:24 AM  
Hmmm...I wonder if our Gasparilla fest down here in Tampa is going on that same weekend. Lets see, hang out with Farkers in New Orleans and see boobies and drink beer, or, hang out with my same old friends in the same old town and see boobies and drink beer. Gasparilla fest is actually pretty damn good for seeing boobies and drinking beer. Damn, now I just gotta come up with $100, maybe become a jigallo? LMFAO!
2001-10-11 06:32:37 AM  
Pepitopea: "prediction: fark fest turns into a circle jerk of e-dweebs sitting around drooling at porn on the internet, and feigning masculine sexual exploits."

Berkley, eh? Shouldn't you be out protesting something? Like your obvious homosexuality? Trying to turn a discussion about breasts into some kinky gay fantasy? Sounds like you've been thinking about that little scenario for a while, buddy... Don't be angry. Be gay and proud. It's OK...
2001-10-11 06:49:54 AM  
I will kick in an extra $50 to cover Mr. Walkens first hour of drinking.
2001-10-11 06:59:21 AM  
I'm there. If I can get a new rear tire first.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-11 07:10:17 AM  
How about a Jersey farkfest... I know there's like two other farkers that live in NJ...
2001-10-11 07:26:23 AM  
Three (In Jersey) if I haven't already been counted... Which happens, often... :-/
2001-10-11 07:32:36 AM  
lol Pepitopea
2001-10-11 07:41:28 AM  
Walken is coming?? Dang - Id almost buy a ticket from here (UK) to there for that ...........
Is he really coming??
2001-10-11 07:41:48 AM  
Sooo tempting....

Too bad I have a 2 month old baby now, I have never been to Mardi Gras, and I really would like to meet Wil Wheaton, he seems pretty cool. (not to mention the chance he may run into Shat there - that would be better than pay-per-view)

I just don't get the Walken fascination around here. Boobies I can understand, Walken though....
2001-10-11 07:45:26 AM  
I wanna go....... :( Anyone driving from um.......Seattle? Anyone? *sniff* *sob*
2001-10-11 08:03:03 AM  
2001-10-11 08:15:27 AM  
Six in Jersey if you include me, the spouse unit, and this guy I used to work with. I can think of another one in the city.

But where would we hold a Farkfest in Jersey? Ideas?
2001-10-11 08:16:07 AM  
Madrax: How about the Jersey turnpike?
2001-10-11 08:19:05 AM  
Gumpus: Look at all the great roles Walken's gotten to play in his life....just think about it. If you're not familiar with the (I'm estimating, but I'm pretty sure I'm fairly accurate) 50+ movies he's been in, and the variety of characters he's gotten to play, just do a search for movies with him in it at Blockbuster or on the Web. You're bound to find many.

He has a cult following, and I'm one of the followers. I've loved him ever since I saw his cameo in "True Romance". Great film, by the by, and also written by Quentin Tarantino.
2001-10-11 08:19:48 AM  
Still under the affect of NyQuil, must kick start brain...need caffeine...

I would love to go to this, but I gotta wait and see if someone else is going to be going as well....

Oh, and Bill_Cosby...fellow Jersey Farker here...there is supposedly going to be a fark party up in New York sometime after halloween, but I think the details are still being worked out.....if that falls through, maybe we'll have to organize one here.

Got any ideas about what a good place would be? I'd say AC, but well I've been down there a few times and it stucked.

And there's the three of us, plus TheJerseyDevil, and 1 or two others that I've seen....
2001-10-11 08:20:33 AM  
Oh, and Drew, that sign up thingy....

Is that for people who KNOW that they are going, or is it for people who think that there is a good chance that they are going?
2001-10-11 08:23:06 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-11 08:39:26 AM  
If there is anyone in the Detroit Area looking to team up on a roadie down to Farkfest, PLEASE get in touch with me. Those cats in Ill. have the idea rent a car, get the insurance, drive it to the BIG EASY. Teaming up is the way to go, we plan on reenacting the entire Fear and Loathing trip for all who are interested.
2001-10-11 08:42:51 AM  
Nice timing, guys. I'll be on my honeymoon. Say hi to Walken for me. I really wanted to ask him to autograph my "Walken In The Rain" photoshop...
2001-10-11 08:42:54 AM  
Did anyone notice that Jelloboy was on that list???????
2001-10-11 08:45:27 AM  
Sharv: congratulations!

Jersey Farkers: ideas for Jersey Farkfest- Hoboken, Mediaeval Times (jousting! dancing ponies!); my house out in BFE; Red Bank......
2001-10-11 09:01:09 AM  
i say Wildwood during the summer. aint nothing more farked than wildwood in the summer.
2001-10-11 09:03:25 AM  
Mandrax - Medeival times would rock. And I like the Red Bank idea as well, not really sure about Hoboken (and that's just because I don't know what is there). Wonder if there would be any interest in this?
2001-10-11 09:05:22 AM  
Why was Jelloboy on that list?
2001-10-11 09:14:44 AM  
Spurt: Um, have no idea what your talking about... I am going to the FSU - Miami game though, does that count?
2001-10-11 09:15:58 AM  
I'm far too married to go....
2001-10-11 09:23:30 AM  
Am I the only person that noticed that Jelloboy is on the list? Not that thats a bad thing, that could be entertaining....
2001-10-11 09:24:38 AM  
Jelloboy, from 'Urafag, ID'.
2001-10-11 09:31:57 AM  
Pepitopea, why are you trying to bring down everyone else's good time? Shouldn't you be off writing angsty lyrics?

you and i. multiply, divide. parentheses, there's one thing on my mind. me and you. that makes two. add, subtract. i'm not sure what to do. (Pepitopea's band)

2001-10-11 09:39:34 AM  
This could be fun... I'll have to think about it... Any deadline you need to know by? And what is the real status on Walken, just e-mailed his fanclub? I would definitely go if he would...

If I don't go, someone will have to get girls to pose with a 'we love Fark' sign. Or maybe 'Fark us!'

And for those wanting to case shdows on such an event, what is the hangup with meeting people you talked to online? You talk to these people fairly oftne and have similar interests, why not go to a party together? Oh no! You use the internet! YOU ARE THE GAY! HAHAHahahahAHha

Now, I wonder how many of the people I have ticked off on here will be there... my safety may be in jeopardy ;)
2001-10-11 10:01:05 AM  
Blackvampyr: Mediaveal Times rules (I work next door) especially when you get snookered and heckle the knights. Hoboken is ok but not my cup of tea.

Chemmie: Wildwood would be good. Might have to rifle through my back issues of WeirdNJ and find something even tastier.

Alternate Idea: Road Trip down to Alice Cooper's Halloween show at the Trump Marnia?
2001-10-11 10:14:09 AM  
One question: Will David Hasselhof be there? Uh, my sister, yeah my sister wants to know.
2001-10-11 10:34:14 AM  
well I just paid. I went to Bourbon street when I was on a business trip. The trip was supposed to be for a work conference, but the live music everywhere was just to much of an attraction. A lurker and coworker of mine keeps saying he wants to go, but he is to much of a lazy ass to sign up or pay. I am planning to roadtrip it from MD but I only have a two seater.
2001-10-11 10:51:58 AM  
sorry fubar i knew someone that had the same name as you, cooper was a h.s. in florida, nevermind, later
2001-10-11 11:21:43 AM  
Same Actual name? It's not one you hear that often...
2001-10-11 11:22:24 AM  
Efayarkay: bring that R1 with you... I have an R6, we can go ride

And I *guess* I will assume responsility of running this thing. If anyone has questions, e-mail me at r­ay­sm­ith­[nospam-﹫-backwards]htim­s­ya­r*co­m or Drew at dr­e­w[nospam-﹫-backwards]kraf*co­m.
2001-10-11 11:23:14 AM  
yes, am goin, the guy that cant ever get his photoshop crap right!! But i definately guarantee, it will be COWBOY STYLE!!

Ps, im bringing the Anthrax
2001-10-11 11:51:30 AM  
Drew, don't promise anything about Walken until you know for sure. He is unpredictable, but, hey - he came to our little party, so you never know!!
2001-10-11 12:07:09 PM  
Signed on - waiting for my PayPal account to activate to send money in - I WILL be there... if Walken and/or Wheaton show - extra bonus....
2001-10-11 12:16:13 PM  
What's the dead with Jelloboy? did i miss something? Possibly while on a bender?
2001-10-11 01:16:35 PM  
hi all. i live close to new orleans and would be happy to help out with any questions you may have or help to find any information you may need.
2001-10-11 01:27:33 PM  
yea, i noticed jelloboy's name as well. does banned from fark not = banned from farkfest?
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