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(   Pentagon to expand program allowing overseas military to vote via Internet in 2004. What could possibly go wrong?   ( divider line
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1548 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jun 2003 at 6:58 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-17 05:37:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

yeah that oughtta make things fast and simple. i wonder which internet company is supplying the kickbacks.
2003-06-17 05:47:26 PM  
Anyone want to take a guess which defense contractor will win the contract to provide this service?
2003-06-17 05:48:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-17 06:01:43 PM  
Since Al Gore invented the internet, I'm sure he will find some way to tweak the vote.
2003-06-17 06:07:16 PM  
Nothing will go wrong. The guy with the least votes will get in again.
2003-06-17 06:25:16 PM  
Does anyone remember that "promotion" the Russian government was doing where they said they made an unhackable system, and they invited people to try and beak in. Does anyone remember the outcome?
</somewhat on topic>
2003-06-17 06:52:16 PM  
Hmm, wonder why the Republicans would do that? Yeah, that's right...
2003-06-17 07:02:26 PM  
To hell with fixing states. Just fix the military.
2003-06-17 07:03:16 PM  
Thank god the company that makes the electronic voting machines here in the states haven't been linked to fundamentalist conservatives.

oh, wait...yes, they have...

/doomed to four more years of Shrub
2003-06-17 07:06:06 PM  
Maybe before trying to reform voting tech, they should reform voting itself to prevent, say, two Texan oilmen becoming president and vice-president while losing the popular vote. That could never happen, though.
2003-06-17 07:06:29 PM  
eh yeah...and absentee ballots work so well.
2003-06-17 07:06:35 PM  
Exasperated Bush apologists enter the fray in 3....2....1
2003-06-17 07:06:57 PM  
right. well let's just hope that the majority of people who hack this system, are not lovers of the current administration.
2003-06-17 07:08:17 PM  
In the running for election 2004: t3h n00b and CowboyNeal.
2003-06-17 07:08:49 PM  
It's coming.
2003-06-17 07:09:34 PM

That's what's coming.
2003-06-17 07:10:20 PM  
The military is overwhelmingly Republican anyways. Why do you think Gore fought so hard to get the military votes thrown out?

Hint: They weren't for him....
2003-06-17 07:10:42 PM  
You mean like how Bush was elected governor of Texas on the back of thousands of illegal overseas votes? (Overseas personnel may only vote in federal elections - Texas, as a no income tax state, has thousands of overseas voters who constantly skirt this law)
2003-06-17 07:10:45 PM  
I predict, that if said overseas votes go for the Dems (unlikely) that there would be much cheering and hoopla from said Dems.

However, if the voting leans toward the Repubs, that the Dems would demand server shakedowns (for legitamacy) (sp?) and a recount of all the electrons spent that got the Repub candidate into office.
2003-06-17 07:11:20 PM  
"He seems like a good man...Maybe it's his advisors that are confused"

Nick Cage
2003-06-17 07:11:52 PM  
Yeah this sounds like a case of voter fraud waiting to happen...

2004 election results:
Republican candidate with 15% of the vote
Democratic candidate with 15% of the vote
CowboyNeal projected winner with 70% of the popular vote
2003-06-17 07:15:19 PM  
Whatever does go wrong, it won't be as bad as the DNC busing homeless people from precinct to precint and have them vote over and over again.
2003-06-17 07:15:28 PM  
Hey, I want to vote on the web, too. Time to call up my trusty congressman....."Don? Yeah, this is 'Roach. Great. And you? Listen, I left the country like we agreed on, but now I need you to let me in on this internet voting thing or I might have to come back and maybe then the press will find me...."

Oh, that was painful to write.....and now you just read it. I'm sorry.
2003-06-17 07:15:52 PM  
don't let floridians enlist.

2003-06-17 07:16:07 PM  
c'mon, nothing would be that bad, unless someone got a hold of all the user id's and voted for somone else, but c'mon how many servicemen and women are there? really folks these soilders should focus on killing and not democracy. beat the commies, then vote.
2003-06-17 07:16:42 PM  
Heh this reminds me of the new touchscreen voting machines that they were first using for the 2002 election. There were accusations of fraud all over the place as many places did not calibrate the screens correctly, so if you hit the button on the left side it would register your vote as being for the button on the right.

2004 election is going to be a hoot... I wonder if we will get it right the first time around.
2003-06-17 07:17:59 PM  
What a bunch of cavemen Farker's are. If everyone thought like you we'd still be living in caves. Will there be problems? Sure. Does that mean we shouldn't even try? No.
2003-06-17 07:18:54 PM  
Presumably soldiers serving in Chad get two votes?
2003-06-17 07:19:32 PM  

One of their executives died in a plane crash not too long ago.
2003-06-17 07:22:21 PM  
Farkerator, it is called the electoral college, and GET OVER IT, had Gore one in the same circumstance you wouldn't be biatching about it.

I know I wouldnt be happy, but I would accept it.
2003-06-17 07:22:58 PM  
<------ Dirty Sanchez?
2003-06-17 07:24:58 PM  
Chess_the_cat And what is wrong with living in caves. Are you saying you are too good to live in a cave like your ancestors? Are you trying to say you are better than those who came before you because you live in some fancy building. Elitist! You are trying to start class warfare!
2003-06-17 07:27:17 PM  
make internet voting legal for EVERYONE, not just a select group that is paid for enforcing american corporate interests.
2003-06-17 07:33:05 PM  
Woot! Now with 100% less chad!
2003-06-17 07:33:59 PM  
Why should we get over the worst travesty in American poltical history? Just because you repubes got yer blinders on don't mean a thing...
2003-06-17 07:39:12 PM  
Now... now RaoulDuke you had me until you started in with the whole corporate interests of the US crap... I mean its not like our soldiers have brandnames emblazoned all over their fatigues (though I understand that is under consideration). But testing Internet voting on soldiers overseas is a mistake... they should first test it out in the states with a randomly selected control group. It makes it easier to eliminate any bugs and to find possible avenues for fraud and abuse. Using a bunch of soldiers for it... eh... that does not make for a good control group of such technology because they do not represent an balanced cross section of potential users.
2003-06-17 07:39:55 PM  
Please provide proof?

I love revisionist history Tarvus I really do.

You do remember that had Gore actually recounted according to republican standards of recouting the WHOLE state that Gore would have won? But no, Gore wanted only his 3 little counties.
2003-06-17 07:40:46 PM  
Young_Fart unless of course a malformed SYNC causes the data to be sent twice. Ooops!
2003-06-17 07:41:22 PM  

make internet voting legal for EVERYONE, not just a select group that is paid for enforcing american corporate interests.

I am definitely with you on this one. America shouldn't protect its corporate interests and the only wars we should fight are one's in which we don;t have any interests in.

Unless of course we happen to think correctly on something and our interest happen to be in that reason but then we still shouldn't go because that would give all the American-Haters an item to biatch about.

America-Haters suck.
2003-06-17 07:47:44 PM  
I bet at least half of the voters forget their secure voting logins and passwords.
2003-06-17 07:49:18 PM  
I believe they're testing the system, not the voters.
2003-06-17 07:52:23 PM  
Your winner of the 2004 Presidential election?

[image from too old to be available]

That's right, Frank Stallone.
2003-06-17 07:52:44 PM  
The stability of America and its people rely on its corporate interest. A neccessary evil. That is why we must protect them because so many of us rely on them.

For all you Scandavian and Canada lovers you can't run a society as complex and heterogenous geographically, militarily, business-wise etc. etc. like you run those socialist states.

I don't know why everyone things corporations are evil. People in them may be, but the whole concept of a corporation is sound. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be there.
2003-06-17 07:52:52 PM  
To answer the question posed by the header:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-17 07:53:28 PM  
Kuta: To hell with fixing states. Just fix the military.

The military is the federal government's responsibility. The states are capable of fixing their own damned systems, if they want to. I don't understand the absolute mania some people have for having Washington solve every problem. You vote in Oklabraskafornia, so beat on your legislators to put together a voting system more to your liking.
2003-06-17 07:55:52 PM  
RaoulDuke That attitude makes me absoultely sick. Those soldiers fight for what they are commanded to do. Without America's military do you honestly think we would live as relatively free as we do? Do you think Canada and the Netherlands have the balls to do anything but make fun of us for not legalizng pot? Could they have stood up to the Soviets alone? The Nazis? Western hating terrorists?

It is because of the global freedom America provides that even allows these whiny pseduo nations to complain.

How do you think inventions and technology are propogated endlessly every year? Independnt hippie researchers? No corporate labs.

These soldiers will die (AND HAVE DIED) for causes that represent America whether they totally agree or not. To not allow them to vote for who sends them into battle is LUDICRIOUS. Not the rapper.
2003-06-17 07:58:59 PM  
isnt it all kinds of f'd up when we have so many people in the army keeping an eye on other countries that they have to do something like this?
2003-06-17 08:00:02 PM  
I can't see that this new system is going to help anything.

As it is, the US electoral system is an outdated joke. I spent the last election overseas (yes, I filled out an absentee ballot) and I have to say that it was pretty embarrassing.

If it looks, smells, and tastes like electoral fraud, it probably is. Sadly, I have no evidence, so I can only speculate and shake my head in disappointment and just a smidge more than a little fear that we are in the last decent and democratic days of the republic.

Say, doesn't the UN go around the world to regulate elections where the fairness of the system may be compromised? I don't know about you, but I would welcome their fairly unbiased oversight on our election process. The last one was questionable, the next one is going to be a hoot, you betcha.

Democracy is dead. Long live democracy.
2003-06-17 08:01:46 PM  
Shouldn't this have a "Florida" tag?
2003-06-17 08:05:31 PM  
Well, let's see... If the Military gets voting, does that mean a registered democrat will actually get their absentee ballot?? I was registered, and requested the ballot, yet, surprise, I did not recieve the ballot. Interesting, hmm?
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