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(IRNA)   US asks Israel for assassination tips   ( divider line
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4132 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Oct 2001 at 6:09 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-10 06:10:50 PM  
If there's anyone in the world who would know about this, it would be the Israelis.
2001-10-10 06:11:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-10 06:11:15 PM  
Don't fill up on bacon the night before a big day of assassinatin'.
2001-10-10 06:14:30 PM  
Nodhg: That might be difficult. You know how those Arabs love bacon! That and a ham sandwhich!! And pork chops!
2001-10-10 06:18:13 PM  
What, Haven't we learned anything with with our experience in Cuba... Oh yea, Castro is still around... I guess we do need help.
2001-10-10 06:20:56 PM  
No bias in this article from the Islamic Republic News Agency!
2001-10-10 06:22:26 PM  
But what are they going to tell us?

1. shoot them
2. blow them up
2001-10-10 06:23:23 PM  
Castro is still alive and Saddam is still alive. I think assassination is against some sort of U.N. treaty. (Not that it isn't done) I think that is limited to heads of state, and because Bin Laden isn't a head of state, we can kill him.
2001-10-10 06:23:32 PM  
hmm, try asking the CIA... they've had more practice.
2001-10-10 06:30:01 PM  
The only thing stopping us from assassinating people is a presidential order, which Bush could nullify at any time.
2001-10-10 06:38:09 PM  
Since I am bored at work and have nothing better to do here is the Executive order which prohibits assasination.
2001-10-10 06:39:23 PM  
"The best way to kill an enemy is without warning, from a long distance, in the back." (or something like that - at work and can't check)

Pop trivia quiz - where's the quote from???
2001-10-10 06:40:45 PM  
Um, quote from the Best of Ron Jeremy?
2001-10-10 06:44:25 PM  
Shovelhead -- I am not sure but here are my guesses.

The professional


That studpid Sniper moive with Tom Beringer
2001-10-10 06:46:07 PM  
The Zionist state? Yea this website seems quite neutral in their reporting.
2001-10-10 06:48:37 PM  
About IRNA:

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) was established in 1934 by the Foreign Ministry of Iran as the country's official national news outlet. For the next six years it operated under the Iranian Foreign Ministry working to disseminate national and international news. Pars Agency, as it was then known, published a bulletin twice a day in French and in Persian which it circulated among government officials, international news agencies in Tehran and the local press.

In May 1940, the General Tablighat Department was founded and the agency then became an affiliate of the department organizationally.

Agence France Press (AFP) was the first international news agency whose reports Pars Agency used. Gradually, the Iranian news agency expanded its sources of news stories to include those of Reuters, the Associated Press (AP) and the United Press International (UPI). An agreement with the Anatolia News Agency of Turkey further expanded the agency's news outlets to countries worldwide. The link-up also enabled it to provide classified bulletins to a limited number of high-ranking public officials.

It was in 1954 that Pars Agency made a significant move forward. It recruited better-educated people thereby improving its professional services while continuing to avail of dispatches of international newsagencies. It also went on air with radio broadcasts of international
news which it translated into Persian and offered to subscribers

Expanding further in news coverage, it operated under the supervision of various state offices and ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephones, Office of the Prime Minister and the Labor Ministry until 1947. In 1957, the General Department of Tablighat fell under the supervision of the Publications Department of Tehran Radio as an independent department.

In 1963 the Information Ministry was created and activities of Pars
Agency was brought under this ministry. Its name was changed to `Pars News Agency,' or PANA, which then began operating 'round the clock.

In July 1975 a bill was passed by the country's legislature which
established the Ministry of Information and Tourism and changed the status of Pars News Agency to a joint public stock with capital assetsof about 300 million rials. It then became an affiliate of the new ministry. Its Articles of Association in 23 paragraphs and notes were adopted by the then National Consultative Assembly of Iran.

After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979 the
revolution's council, in June 1979, decided to rename the Ministry of Information and Tourism to the National Guidance Ministry (or Ministry of National Guidance). This was followed in December, 1981 bya bill passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) changing the name of the country's official news agency from Pars News Agency to Islamic Republic News Agency.
2001-10-10 06:49:27 PM  
I remember reading an interview with a former Delta Force member a few weeks back that basically said that the Presidential No-Assassination order was bogus anyway. It specifically allows for targeting and distruction of "infrastructure". The Delta Force member gave the "hypothetical" situation where if an assassination target was carrying a cell phone, U.S. operatives would be sure to aim at the cell phone so that they could say they were targeting infrastructure, not assassinating anyone.
2001-10-10 06:52:19 PM  
many years ago when I was in the US Army infantry, they told me that my mission was to "close with and destroy the enemy".
That straight forward mission statement made it clear. The only problem was that politicians and media got in the way.
WAR IS HELL! If you don't want war, try bingo - make up your mind...
2001-10-10 06:53:10 PM  
HINT - it's a book
2001-10-10 06:56:27 PM  
His bowels will drag in the dust and dogs will chew them.
2001-10-10 06:59:17 PM  
Nanoo - Eeeeeeewwwww! Now my brain is melting from the image. (Good idea though.)
2001-10-10 07:02:53 PM  

One Shot One Kill, by Gunny Hathcock?
2001-10-10 07:04:07 PM  
"The Zionist state? Yea this website seems quite neutral in their reporting."

I know I like it better how they describe isreal as sending in death sqauds to kill freedom fighters. I think its more like isreal sending in troops after the palistians start shooting morter shells into jew's living rooms.
2001-10-10 07:06:44 PM  
Mierk - nope (Good try)
2001-10-10 07:08:54 PM  
My favorite Israeli method is the old "bomb in the cell phone" trick.
2001-10-10 07:12:46 PM  
yeah real reputable news agency.
isnt that arafat's blogger site?
2001-10-10 07:12:54 PM  
That whole no assassination thing ONLY applies to heads of state. Osama Bin Ladin is not a head of state and so is assassinatable(with all due respect to Dubya).

From what I have a read, Saddam fall under this one- unless you drop a bomb on his infrastructure, like FalconRed said.
2001-10-10 07:13:06 PM  
Sorry, guys, whistle just blew and I'm outta here. See ya tomorrow.

And if you wanna know -- Demon by John Varley
2001-10-10 07:17:22 PM  
The Israelis have always taken more lives. Palesinians blow up a telephone booth, Israel shells them for a week, kills a leader, blows up a 3 story building, and prints more than the average amount of propoganda.

Funky Thrasher for Hegemon

PS: Go to sleep with this in your head
2001-10-10 07:18:19 PM  
I say take the leash off of Israel and let them have their way with the middle east.
2001-10-10 07:23:35 PM  
Tuffpawz is right. But Oshiat I been liddin' will die of an overdose of veal not pork. How many 14 year old girls in his harem these days? Or maybe he likes goats.
2001-10-10 07:27:04 PM  
Isreal can kiss my ass. So can Iran.
2001-10-10 07:27:18 PM  
I had to write a paper on terrorism about 10 years ago when i was in college (eng 102, yay). My model was Benjamin Netanyahu from Israel. He went on to be PM but got de-seated pretty quick. He used to be head of anti-terrorism. Basically the Israeli outlook is this: if you fark with us, you die. The Mossad has a good track record of hunting down those parties responsible and outright killing them. News flash = terrorism in Israel on the decline. Yah i know ... doesnt seem like it these days but do the research, i wrote the paper in 86. Then again Netanyahu is not in the office anymore.
2001-10-10 07:30:21 PM  
Israel = The Ultimate Terrorists. No ifs or buts about that.
2001-10-10 07:35:55 PM  
Why don't we just hire Brigett Fonda to do the job? She could probably use the money.
2001-10-10 07:37:34 PM  
CCG: I see it just the opposite. Please splain yourself.

Basically, Isrealis take on terrorism is: you mess with us, you die. They have a long track record of hunting down and killing people that mess with them. I dont know if this is true to this day, I havent followed up since I wrote that paper.
2001-10-10 08:04:39 PM  
"Spiffy"? more like "Scary". If someone assinates our head of government, would you expect us to just say "Ah well, its war."? get the taliban out, kill Bin Laden with a bomb or missile or ground troops, not with someone trained to hunt other men.
2001-10-10 08:16:16 PM  
Kill Bin Laden = Martyr for Islamic fundamental nutters, makes it easier to recruit new people to his cause, US lose

Hold Bin Laden Captive = Lots of Hijack attempts etc. with demands to release him, US lose

Leave Bin Laden alone = Green light to his actions, Islamic fundamentalist assume they are right, US lose

The long term forecast is grim. Regardless of what happens to the Bin man, Islamic fundamentalist will win the propaganda war which means another attack like the 911 is likely in the long term.
2001-10-10 08:43:48 PM  
What's the big deal here...
Identify target...
Place cross hairs near temple...
Breath in and hold breath...
Squeeze gentily in between heart beats...
Watch pink mist appear in scope...

Next mission...
2001-10-10 08:54:31 PM  
There will always be the possiblity of another terrorist attack. But we have to play the odds. Killing Bin Laden will be the best way to minimize the threat of another attack.
2001-10-10 09:00:13 PM  
Blumf, I think the idea is to take out more than just Bin Laden. The whole organization must be destroyed, and their hideouts must be destroyed. Killing them all is the best option. Some will look at him as a martyr, just like some idiots still look at Hitler as a martyr. We'll just have to deal with that, as I don't see any other choice. The best option is if he is killed by his own people for the reward.
2001-10-10 09:11:22 PM  
What is a "death squad"?
2001-10-10 09:11:29 PM  
Capture Bin Laden and return him to Afghanistan after a sex-change operation (I mean THE WORKS) and pig-heart transplant. Let's see him try and lead his army of wackos after that. Plus, I don't think those transplants last too long.
2001-10-10 09:15:47 PM  
When i was in the service i was told that it was illeagl to fire the 50 cal. Machine Gun at enemy troops , but we could shoot at " enemy equipment " sauch as cantines and dogtags .
I allways thought that this was stupid because who the hell would drag one of his own combat buddies into court all pissed off that you killed a whole bunch of 50 cal. bullets ? This would just never happen .

Interestingly and also ironic is the the shotgun is now added to the list of wepons deamed to crule and unusual , brutal way to killing . This is one of the reasons i left the Army . They dont hook you up with shiat ! Only the Air force . Seriously , i got deployed in Haiti for Operation Restore Democracy . There were 14 yr olds running aroung with M-79's ( that shotgun looking grenade launchers ! Yeah the one Arnold had in T2 ) Every other person had an AK-47 ,
i even saw one chic with an Uzi hanging on her side . And here my dumb ass is sitting in a humv with ten bullets in one clip . Sad i tells ya , sad .
2001-10-10 09:16:40 PM  
I have a moral question for you. This is an imaginary situation, but I think
it is interesting to decide what one would do.

The situation: You are in the Middle East, and there is a huge flood in
progress. Many homes have been lost, water supplies compromised and
structures destroyed. Let's say that you're a photographer and getting still
photos for a news service, traveling alone, looking for particularly
poignant scenes. You come across Osama Bin Laden who has been swept away by
the flood waters. He is barely hanging on to a tree limb and is about to go
under. You can either put down your camera and save him, or take a Pulitzer
Prize winning photograph of him as he loses his grip on the limb.

So, here's the question and think carefully before you answer the question:

Which lens would you use?
2001-10-10 09:18:32 PM  
Amen. They don't let you use the PIVADS against infantry either, last I heard.
2001-10-10 09:24:57 PM  
PIVADS ? What is PIVADS ? Nerver hoid of it . I was MANPADS .
2001-10-10 09:31:19 PM  
I heard from a freind still in the service , that we have abomb that is dropped by plane and parachutes down . it lands safely , upright . The head of the missle is actualy a rough drill that uses the wheight of the missle load to dig down into the earth . Possibliy where " enemy equpiment " is hiding . And about 5 mins later ..... Asta lavist , baby !
2001-10-10 09:40:49 PM  
Manpads/PIVADS what's the diff... big mudder fark'n fire power but this will be won by one head shot at a time... one after another after another after another...

When the terroists are done we can work our way down thru the ranks start on the drug cartel, then the mafia and then the street gangs...
2001-10-10 09:57:58 PM  
Yeah I find it hard to believe that we need advice on how to assasinate people. Sure we have (supposedly) been out of that business for a while, but I know for a fact our marksmen train extensively for this stuff.

The hardest part of an assasination at this point is that these guys are underground, not making public appearances, making a traditional assasination isn't possible. Unless of course the mark is someone outside of Afghanistan, then maybe we have a chance of a 3 man special ops team clipping them.
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