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120082 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jun 2003 at 3:01 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-16 08:40:24 AM  
SFW pic for those who can't see the NSFW ones.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-16 08:42:06 AM  
i'm going to cast my vote in the "real tits" category
2003-06-16 08:45:29 AM  
Dammit. I'm at work and can't look at the Boobies. :-(

The sysadmins are pretty liberal around here, but I'm not pressing my luck.

2003-06-16 08:59:15 AM  
I vote for real...really nice.
2003-06-16 09:01:08 AM  
feh, she looks like a cheap whore. her tits are ugly too.
2003-06-16 09:50:28 AM  
I think this NSFW pic from the link And_then posted above should settle the real/fake question. Obviously, indisputable real. As I said at the top of this thread, the only reason people even raise the question is that her boobies are both large and nice--but they don't look fake. It's too bad that implants are so common these days that even women with naturally nice boobies get accused of having implants.
2003-06-16 09:55:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-16 10:12:20 AM  
I'd cork it.
2003-06-16 10:21:56 AM  
bleh. i'm sick of blond big boobed made up chicks. of course i would hit it if given the chance.
2003-06-16 10:28:07 AM  
i want milk now
2003-06-16 10:32:25 AM  
I feel safe in saying that an awful lot of these women would be better looking (from the neck up) if they went back to their regular hair color. That said, she's not half bad... better looking than the usual run of peroxide bimbos that have been dragging Playboy down the last few years, but she should still consider a darker hair color.

As for the neck down... well, no complaints there...
2003-06-16 10:40:38 AM  
I've gotta say fake. Maybe they just didn't fill them to capacity, and that's why they sag a little. But come on, in that pic of her laying down, those tits should have been a tad more into her armpits.

Not. Enough. Sag. Pretty, though, from the little I've seen. In that bleached, bratty sneering kind of way.
2003-06-16 10:57:13 AM  
Odd thing to notice, but her navel is really high - into her rib cage. Not that it matters, of course...
2003-06-16 11:19:32 AM  

Thanks for the NSFW and NSFSMs (Not Safe For Straight Males) pic in your profile, butt-munch. I went there looking for your email address to request that zip file you offered (can't get it through Yahoo groups without being a member). Nothing like overt Internet male exhibitionism to help out a guy's rep at work. Asshat. Can't you link a pic instead?
2003-06-16 11:25:38 AM  
Farked... Thanks for the other links.
2003-06-16 11:27:52 AM  
In And_Thens link, the pic where she is on her back in the red corset disproves Vici's argument. IMHO.
2003-06-16 11:30:33 AM  
2003-06-16 11:38:05 AM  
She wasn't born with those milk wagons.

/me likey
2003-06-16 12:07:16 PM  
dammit. farked already.

I propose a new rule that we have no boobies links until after 5:00 PM Central Standard Time.
2003-06-16 12:16:00 PM  
I liked the banner ad for I never knew that little round deep-fried breaded chicken could be so sexy.
2003-06-16 12:20:54 PM  
Some of the pics have obviously been retouched with a blur on the skin and sharpen/whiten on the eyes, which makes it all look all too artificial. If you look closely, some things don't look quite right. This may be why.
2003-06-16 12:32:32 PM  
Obliterous: God bless you, my child.

The Butt Pics and Double Twins on your site will go a long way in the annihilation of millions of kitties...
2003-06-16 12:54:13 PM  
2003-06-16 01:23:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-16 01:39:44 PM  
That girl got the Tig Ole Bitties!

Those are real, from what I can tell. Fake boobs have to be modelled on some real girl's boobs, and these may be source material. Big, round, and airbrushed. I bet she was a chunky teen that went through an eating disorder or orthorexic regimin to get that waist and those breasts.

2003-06-16 02:06:44 PM  
Thanks to 'And_then' for those too links. Jpeg #09 confirms FAKE(!sorry to say) to me. Her bags are small, that's why they look more natural then the whack-bags we usually find on the web. Compare her to Danielle Rogers of early 90s porn. Hers looked SO real but after my thorough research, I sadly concluded my beauty altered GODS gift. Danielle are you out there? I'll love ya anyway...

/pathetically lamenting what never was
2003-06-16 02:16:25 PM  
Trying.... to.....

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-16 02:17:29 PM  
Uglycicles, not only does that remind me of her, but it also reminds me of my pimply days as a D&D geek.

I'm still a D&D geek, but the days aren't pimply. Rah.
2003-06-16 02:23:11 PM  
still farked???
2003-06-16 02:30:26 PM  
Farked, farked, farked........dammit. What a way to start off a Monday.
2003-06-16 04:50:28 PM  
GIS for Danielle Rogers:
[image from too old to be available]

Hey,whatever floats your battleship, man.
2003-06-16 05:44:49 PM  
its going........ going.... FARKED!
2003-06-16 06:04:18 PM  
2003-06-16 06:07:19 PM  
click the link; i did it,
but the connection was oh so much shiatted.
it was farked by some nerd,
but from what ive heard,
i would be in line to hit it!
2003-06-16 06:46:39 PM  
Real or fake... who gives a shiat those tittes are very nice.

She can cover my wang anytime.
2003-06-16 08:03:48 PM  
site farked, bahhhhh!
2003-06-16 08:06:24 PM  
My god, I can't believe some of you actually think she's real - they look like they're screwed on.

Give me Nadine Jansen, or give me death.
2003-06-16 11:25:11 PM  
I find it offensive of the comments that you guys are making of my future wife.

/super lame.
2003-06-17 08:50:31 AM  
I'm very Happy with her.....yup.
2003-06-17 02:42:23 PM  
Site no longer farked! Gotta wait until the masses release it...
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