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(Yahoo)   Metallica upset its music being used as a WMD in Iraq   ( divider line
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18393 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jun 2003 at 2:45 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-13 03:44:04 PM  
St. Anger should've been called St. Inker... or Stinker...'cause it is no damn good
2003-06-13 03:44:17 PM  
The new album has many flaws but has a few good songs and is a step in the right direction.
2003-06-13 03:44:29 PM  
Yay! Flamers!
2003-06-13 03:44:57 PM  
Well, I guess your right about that last comment. But either way, MrVeach, thats not my point. My point is he didn't counter a single arguement of mine with an intelligent respone.
2003-06-13 03:44:58 PM  
The funny thing is, Metallica sucked way before Napster.
2003-06-13 03:45:27 PM  
Wow, I always thought the only people who were personally insulted by Metallica were the angsty kids they screwed over by taking a jab at Napster. Guess I was wrong. Or the kids got Fark accounts. I wouldn't be surprised by either, really.

It's just music, folks. Who cares whether you like the band so long as you like the music? And if you don't... oh well. Don't biatch and moan about it. Funny, the people biatching and moaning about Metallica are, uh, biatching and moaning about how Metallica biatches and moans... I think I'm on to something.
2003-06-13 03:45:42 PM  

Well, Saul that shows the extent of you ability to hold an intelligent conversation. I'm done talking to you. Now lets see if MrVeach can say something logical

i did in a post before yours. what lameass whiny lars-esque comment to you have about you being a hypocrite?
2003-06-13 03:45:47 PM  
123: sshhhhhh! Don't tell's a secret.
2003-06-13 03:45:52 PM  

2003-06-13 03:45:53 PM  
Metallica: first 4 albums good after than not so good

Venom best song : ARGHHHHHH!!! (sic)

how about some king diamond or danzig
2003-06-13 03:46:06 PM  
Ugh, what arguments Greenlight?

Why do I feel like a parent?
2003-06-13 03:46:44 PM  
OMFG!!! Why didn't we think of this before! Metallica took out Napster, who's to say they couldn't take out Iraq?!?
2003-06-13 03:47:04 PM  
damn i guess i posted mine too late too. i guess that makes me a hypocrite too. were in the same boat green1ights. well, when in romee...

'screw you saul!!!
2003-06-13 03:47:12 PM  
Is there anyone here that enjoys St Anger? Even a track or two?
2003-06-13 03:48:02 PM  
06-13-03 03:46:44 PM Bozzy

My FG is more omnipotent than your FG. Use mine instead from now on.
2003-06-13 03:48:06 PM  
I did, but then again I don't like just one genre or sound of music :P
2003-06-13 03:48:07 PM  
i guess we really are in the same boat green1ights. i spelled "ROME" wrong like a 'tard
2003-06-13 03:48:33 PM  
I have every Metallica album except the black one, S&M, ReLoad and St. Anger. And, like most of you I feel that, after Justice, there isn't much interesting listening except for Until it Sleeps and Not My biatch on Load. Those songs rock.

Lars is a tool, but there was a time when they were the only band that mattered. I miss those days.

/former mullet-head
2003-06-13 03:48:41 PM  
Fine, opinion instead of arguement.
2003-06-13 03:48:44 PM  
props to MrVeach
2003-06-13 03:49:28 PM  
thanks MrVeach
2003-06-13 03:49:56 PM  
" clam aches.....nobody cares about us anymore....waaaaaa......"
2003-06-13 03:49:58 PM  
for what Saul?
2003-06-13 03:50:01 PM  

First song rocks. The rest of the album is a repetitive, redundant, immature, pretentious, whiny-ass, craptacular work of horsesh*t.
2003-06-13 03:50:25 PM  
being funny
2003-06-13 03:50:42 PM  
demon: i like it a lot, not their best though. Still better than 99% of music now...that other 1% being QOTSA and the stoner rock scene.
2003-06-13 03:50:48 PM  
Frantic is a very good song.
2003-06-13 03:51:29 PM  
I think most of you are listening to St.Anger(song) and assuming the entire album is as repetitive or other wise not very Metal. Listen to the whole album 5 times, that is a long time to listen to the album but you will have a different oppinion. One of my friends hates Metallica and really dug Unnamed Feeling, it is the best song on the album and will probably be a single sooner than later.
2003-06-13 03:52:19 PM  
Bob Dylan is the best songwriter ever.

/random plug
2003-06-13 03:52:39 PM  
Ya know, just who the hell do they think there are? They are not the greatest band of all time, nor are they God's gift to Earth. I think Lars is just stuck on himself and trying to get some attention.

They jumped the shark years ago... jeez, get over it wuss boy...
2003-06-13 03:52:50 PM  
ahh, cool (saul), just checking
2003-06-13 03:55:52 PM  
Of all of you that play instruments, who would want a serious or heart felt recording written or performed by yourself used as a torturing device of people that aren't technically terrorist? I sure as hell don't. I play Metallica, Alice in Chains, and Rolling Stones until my fingers nearly bleed. If any of those songs were used as torture I would be damn pissed.
2003-06-13 03:57:10 PM  
Good point, Nutsack.
2003-06-13 03:57:26 PM  
greenlight: Josh Homme is the best songwriter ever.
2003-06-13 03:58:37 PM  
The problem with Metallica is that they take themselves way too seriously for their level of suckage. How in the world can you name an album St. Anger with a straight face and not feel like a complete and utter tool.
2003-06-13 03:58:41 PM  

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Sorry. But they dont compare
2003-06-13 03:58:50 PM  
The new Anthrax CD totally bends the Metallica release over and bukkakes it right before the Overkill CD lets it's load rip on its spooge drenched visage.
2003-06-13 04:00:01 PM  
jeez, if they want to terrify the iraqis, why don't they just play that "ballad of bilbo baggins" song by spock.

or some creed.
2003-06-13 04:00:02 PM  
Thats funny, CapnWacky considering your name. Everything has a meaning behind it, as I am sure yours does. Maybe listen to the album, then talk
2003-06-13 04:00:44 PM  
Nutsack: The ironic thing is that their first album was called Kill 'em All. It sounds to me like Metallica condones curel behavior.

Dumb violent white trash farks.
2003-06-13 04:01:28 PM  
Roger_the_Shrubber repetitive, redundant, immature, pretentious, whiny-ass, craptacular work of horsesh*t.

Concise and Accurate
2003-06-13 04:01:56 PM  

06-13-03 03:35:10 PM Gavino

All you assholes that said 'St Anger' sucks. Well, buttheads, er, it really does, doesn't it?

Yes, it does. I'm a Metallica fan from way back, and I will always stop and listen to 'One' whenever I hear anything old of theirs on the air. This new stuff came on and I had to force myself to listen to it, in case it got better. I was in the car.. wanted to switch stations so very badly. Forget sounding like Metallica, it didn't even sound like a good garage band.
2003-06-13 04:02:12 PM  
This Lars guy.... whatta prick. He is draggin down Metallica's public image with his constant whining. Does he have a website? Let's FARK the hell outta it.
2003-06-13 04:02:27 PM  

Point taken, but at the same time, how many of the people here that play instruments have the time to whine about the couple of cents they're loosing per album because of Napster, when they're millionaires many times over. In a lot of people's opinions, that's a loss of integrity making them fair game. I tend to agree.
2003-06-13 04:02:59 PM  
go metallica.
2003-06-13 04:03:41 PM  

Music for guys with Mullets.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-13 04:04:57 PM  
that's just sad.
2003-06-13 04:05:14 PM  
Ok, don't play Metallica, play some Motorhead for the Iraqi's. I bet Lemmy would love the publicity...
2003-06-13 04:05:47 PM  
And you know you've got a good ink artist when he has to re-place the stencil.
2003-06-13 04:06:20 PM  
CapnWacky: Killing something isn't necessarily "curel" behavior. Killing occurs every day in most countries under the term euthanasia which is putting an animal or person to sleep. I don't think putting an animal to sleep is "curel" because the practices used are painless and you can only feel pain up to a certain point until it doesn't matter any more.
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