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(Some Guy)   Guy writes essay about quitting weed 2 years ago; employer promptly fires him   ( divider line
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4839 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Oct 2001 at 8:08 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-10 08:22:27 AM  
Can you say 'lawsuit?' Good. I knew you could.
2001-10-10 08:30:34 AM  
can't read most of it 'cause there's some stupid calander thingee over the left side of the page and i can't get rid of it
2001-10-10 08:31:22 AM  
can't spell calendar either
2001-10-10 08:35:47 AM  
Farked in Netscape, OK in I.E.

His "addiction is" rant is interesting...

Addiction is checking Fark before your company email.
2001-10-10 08:35:48 AM  
Oooh yeah id sue his ass for every penny he had that is the most insane layoff ive heard of in a long time
2001-10-10 08:36:19 AM  
Well, I think firing him for this is ridiculous. At the same time it was kinda dumb of him to post it on a site he knew his boss had been referring potential customers to. Just seems like common sense to me.
2001-10-10 08:45:01 AM  
Now he is addicted to being sober.
2001-10-10 09:03:37 AM  
Really well written. Now I know what my roomate is going through.

And I agree Isol, fark is like digital heroin.
2001-10-10 09:20:52 AM  
He shoulda kept up with da weed
2001-10-10 09:29:22 AM  
Just one more article before I do some work
Yep one more won't do any harm...
2001-10-10 10:04:19 AM  
Did the guy's employer ever take into consideration that it might be better to have an ex stoner working for him than someone who's toking down at lunch time? Now, personally, I have nothing against stoners, as long as they're not wasted at work. What they do on their own time is their business. The employer is a farking idiot. If the guy's for real that he's clean, he should sue the piss out of his ex employer.
2001-10-10 10:16:29 AM  
Yeah, so part of the recovery process is facing your problem and discusiing it... so fire the guy, way to be supportive of your employees guys. So now he has all of this extra free time, wonder what he's gonna do with it?
2001-10-10 10:16:39 AM  
Addiction is checking Fark before your company email

So so so true.
2001-10-10 10:32:04 AM  
Sheesh, if all the programmers I knew smoked weed were fired, there'd be one hell of a shortage at Oracle. Anyways, the guy needs to consult a lawyer and find out his options here. Of course, his boss is going to give some other reason for the firing, and it's going to be tough to prove that he did it because of the pot smoking. And in the future, have two sites: a private site with your personal stuff, and a public site where you can sell your book.

And putting up a resume on a site that you know your boss is going to check out ain't a good idea, either.....
2001-10-10 11:05:54 AM  
i wake up at 7:30 my computer is on and IE is pointed to fark by 7:45.. no joke.

but i am not addicted, i can stop anytime i want
2001-10-10 11:23:04 AM  
HA!!! 8:02 - company e-mail

8:04 - fark

not addicted.
2001-10-10 11:24:15 AM  
GOOD, that farking FELON deserves the unemployment line..

Too farking bad.. NO LAWYER will nelp a FELON.. fark him
2001-10-10 11:59:29 AM  
"Addiction is the dog getting diarrhea, not on days that I get high, but on days that I don't."


As for the rest of it: Man... minus the cigarettes god do I ever know what he's talking about.

Quit weed a couple of years ago myself (w/ a relapse that lasted for 1 solid week of sitting on the couch dazed and pathetic as hell (but boy did music sound good))... now if only I could stop drinking...
2001-10-10 12:16:22 PM  
I agree with Doofus, leave the man alone!! We should be proud of him as an addict knows that shiat isnt easy to kick!!
2001-10-10 12:17:18 PM  
He was probably a better programer when he toked.

I can't quit smoking weed and drinking beer, and his spill on addiction hit the spot.
2001-10-10 12:29:24 PM  
Unfortunately, his legal options are severely limited as North Carolina is a "right to work" state (means they can do whatever whenever to whoever.) I too know that dumping this shiat ain't easy - but job or no job, he's better off now. But the hypocracy is undeniable: "welcome to North Carolina, where cigarettes aren't a drug and cancer isn't a medical fact - it's an opinion."

There is also a bit of hypocracy in 'recovery' efforts when they say to steer clear of ALL habitual activities and drugs, food addictions, caffine addictions, exersise addictions, gambling addictions, et al.... well let's all take a break, go outside and smoke..." Sorry to sound like a zealot, but the message is a mixed one.

2001-10-10 01:02:30 PM  
"Addiction is the dog getting diarrhea, not on days that I get high, but on days that I don't."

is the dog going thru withdrawl or something? i dun get it.
2001-10-10 01:14:21 PM  
"Addiction is the dog getting diarrhea, not on days that I get high, but on days that I don't."

Getting the dog "backed-up" is a sure sign of a problem.

...the kid you knew in high school in your hometown knows all about it...

2001-10-10 01:23:14 PM  
I've never known anyone to smoke a joint and wrap their car around a tree and/or go home and beat up the spouse and kids.
The same can't be said for alcohol.
And to the 12 steppers out there who tell me they are drug free and yet still smoke a tobacco product because "it isn't a mind altering drug" I say look up mind & altering in the dictionary and if you tell me that it isn't applicable to tobacco I say you are an idiot and/or liar.A nic fit isn't screwing with your head(altering your thought)?
2001-10-10 01:37:13 PM  
I was gonna read this article but then i got high (with my dog).

::he who smokes pot::
2001-10-10 01:45:25 PM  
first off, walken you disgrace the name of our most holy godhead. second, this guys boss has to be a bigger fool than walken to fire a guy like that, dont think that the other employees dont know it when that kinda shiat goes down. im tellin ya its sabotage. and third, when are we gonna stand up for our rights and get that shiat legalized so shiatforbrains like walken dont have a farking leg to stand on?
2001-10-10 01:46:39 PM  
if i wasnt so high, i probably would have typed

~~sounds of percolation~~
2001-10-10 01:54:46 PM  

ROTFLMFAO! how true, tho. that in itself would make an interesting essay. I'd prob write one tonight if I didn't get high.

I can relate to enough of that essay, too. all but the alcohol - it was made to sell, not to drink :)
2001-10-10 02:25:38 PM  
Eventually we all quit smoking.
Either when we die or sometime sooner.
2001-10-10 02:44:34 PM  

To clarrify, we all eventually quit smoking only after the fire's been put out (and even then, we still smoke...)
2001-10-10 02:45:48 PM  
NEVER LEGAL...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
2001-10-10 02:57:36 PM

Walken, stfu.
2001-10-10 03:16:09 PM  
Loser with a capital L! Let's examine this objectively. For you lightweight stoners who can't think shile stoned, "objectively" means without bias.
1. He professes to engaging in an illegal activity on a public forum to which, as he knew, his boss referred his customers.
2. Same as above, except he admits to being a drug abuser.
3. See # 1 again, except he admits to being a total F***-up with his work, too.
4. He posts his resume in an apparent attempt to find a new job on a site where he knows his boss will see it.

People, this is not about the pot-smoking. This is about being an idiot. I would certainly not want this guy working for me.

Also, how can any of you say he should see a lawyer?! For what? Being fired for admitting to engaging in illegal drug use and calling in sick because he was up allnight getting stoned?

Yes, marijuana should be legalized, but jerk-offs like this are the ones who give all recreational drug users a bad rap.
2001-10-10 03:21:44 PM  
Kgf: You're missing the point. Yes, he's admitting to getting stoned, working stoned, or calling in sick... at his PREVIOUS job. Did you read all the way to the end, to the part about how he had already quit when he started the then-current job? If you did, you missed the point entirely. If you didn't, go and read the whole thing before you comment on it.

What the fark is this world coming to if it's okay to treat someone like garbage because they managed to haul themselves up by the bootstraps OUT of that lifestyle, and proudly admit to it? Personally, I'd rather have an HONEST former stoner working for me than somebody who lied about it.
2001-10-10 03:24:32 PM  
2001-10-10 03:31:16 PM  
Keeping marijuana illegal is a conspiracy of the tobacco industry!
People can grow their own marijuana,whereas tobacco is a somewhat harder to work with plant(growing,curing,drying,etcetera).So,the tobacco companies.who have invested a lot of money and time(decades) into growing and selling tobacco products,see legalized (free or really cheap)marijuana as a possible cut into their profits,thus they intend to keep it illegal for as long as possible,even though they would probably sell it if it was legal(the whole grow it yourself thing,though).
Legalize marijuana,those who say otherwise are like the goatse guy!
2001-10-10 03:43:55 PM  
I agree with you.Who are the two of the(if not the)longest serving senators?
Jesse Helms & Strom Thurmond
Where are they from?
The Carolinas.
What is the biggest cash crop of the Carolinas?
I can't wait for the day when I see that same old lady I always see selling her garden grown tomatoes on the side of some dirt road.......with her son selling weed grown out of the same garden.
2001-10-10 03:53:36 PM  
man I STARTED smoking 2 years ago, his sprirt must have passed into me, creepy
2001-10-10 04:11:06 PM  
While I agree that the firing was unjust and stupid, he has no legal grounds on which to sue. The morality of the law isn't the issue, he did commit an illegal act and his employer has the right to fire him for it.
2001-10-10 04:29:50 PM  

10-10-01 08:35:47 AM Isol8d
Farked in Netscape, OK in I.E.

His "addiction is" rant is interesting...
Addiction is checking Fark before your company email.

I feel your pain brother. I have the same addition. Perhaps we should start a 12 Step Program.
2001-10-10 04:30:54 PM  

2001-10-10 04:45:53 PM  
people who belive the marijuana propaganda deserve to get shot doo-da-doo-da
2001-10-10 04:49:58 PM  
I worked on several advertising campaigns here in good old NC some years back. The first was for a RJR billboard project. It was ultimately positioned right off of I-40 as you came into Winston-Salem. It was paired up with a "public service" board that read, "Let's keep NC drug free!". I found the irony nauseating.

The second bit of work I did was promoting The Crosby (a golf/celebrity event geared to raise money for anti drug awareness) that was sponsored by both RJR (which gave out free tobacco products at the events) and Michelob. The later sponsor had several beer tents set up for special ticket holders, who promptly got roaring drunk by noon. Again, nauseating irony abounds.

2001-10-10 04:53:11 PM  
i think you could probably write a book on ignorance walken, why is it that the oldest cultivated plant is such a threat huh? do you drink alcohol? you would have to to be as much of a jackass as you are. people have been smoking pot long before and since the impremis of this nation, our founding fathers even grew the shiat. so give me a good reason we should cart harmless stoners to our allready overcrowded penal system? if you could answer that last question with a response that could not be duplicated by a autistic child i would be greatly supprised
2001-10-10 04:55:40 PM  
Wow, a pot smoker who majored in philosophy, what are the odds?
2001-10-10 05:32:04 PM  
i happen to think weed and philosophy mix quite well. smoke some cheeba, and get all up in socrates buisness. boo-yah
2001-10-10 06:38:37 PM  
GEEZ, why would you get so upset?, were you beat as a child?, does your self esteem seem higher after attempting to barate people with your sophmoric idealizations? You should try to see through the propaganda that smoking M.J. is harmless.
2001-10-10 06:40:22 PM  
HEY!, Guys.. what's with the pissing contest?
2001-10-10 06:44:42 PM  
yeah micheal jordan is dangerous these days
2001-10-10 07:04:47 PM  
Caveman:..HELL YEA!!, I loved you on SNL!!
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