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(NYPost)   If you long for the good old days when people weren't constantly yapping on their cell phone or sending text messages, then move to Manhattan   ( divider line
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2010-08-25 09:58:41 PM  
Maybe it's because there are other INTERESTING THINGS TO DO IN NYC.
2010-08-25 11:01:39 PM  

tereklusec: avenport: The article is about the state of New York, not the city. Contrary to popular belief they are not the same thing

Correct, and I think part of it might have to do with the statewide no cell phone while driving ban.

That and the fact that once you get past the immediate NYC area, New York is just another graying/dieing rust belt state.
2010-08-25 11:51:45 PM  

jst3p: What constitutes "rude" varies. While I wouldn't talk on the phone unless it was lunch with the co-workers and it was a work call, we are all IT geeks and our phones are always out. If someone responds to an email or sends a text no one is offended.

Kids who grew up with phones will define what is rude or not for themselves.

I'd say texting or e-mailing is significantly LESS rude than talking. A lot of folks can at least half pay attention while they're typing, but there's no way you can hold a conversation with someone while you're on the phone.
2010-08-26 02:15:42 AM  

Ron T Davenport: The article is about the state of New York, not the city. Contrary to popular belief they are not the same thing.

On a side note, is anyone else a little bothered that Big Brother has access to all this data, including but not limited to how long your calls are?

The people volunteered this data. Their phone company also has access to it, because they provide the service and need to know how much to bill you. But again, the article states that people volunteered this data.
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