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(KHON)   Four-month-old Dylan is the first baby born in Hawaii from frozen eggs, although there's no proof of that unless he produces a long-form birth certificate   ( divider line 102
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2010-08-16 10:21:50 AM  
glmorrs1: themanfromlamancha
Here's a radical idea. How about when anyone files to run for the Presidency (no matter how small time, 8th party, no chance loony they are) they submit copies of the documents proving eligibility (US birth and age requirements, primarily) to the Supreme Court who will then certify eligibility. they don't have to release the documents to the public if they do not wish to do so, but at least there is an authoritative body declaring the candidates as legitimate. I know there will still be crazies who think it's a conspiracy, but it would help, wouldn't it?

Farking really? Do you really think there isn't already some way to verify that the person elected really is a natural born citizen? You don't usually find derp of this magnitude outside the politics tab.

/Or did I just get 'Poe's Law'ed?

There isn't a federal process, because getting on the ballot is based on the respective laws of each state. Requirements generally include having enough signatures and paying the proper fees. Investigating backgrounds is left to the media, bloggers, and opposition. That's why Arizona recently proposed a law requiring any candidate to prove citizenship before appearing on the ballot, because there isn't a federal system.
2010-08-16 06:51:02 PM  
themanfromlamancha: Investigating backgrounds is left to the media, bloggers, and opposition.

Properly vetting candidates is also left to the parties, because no political party wants to let a candidate run who'll crash and burn due to any kind of scandal.

Just ask Republicans in Chicago about Jack Ryan, who pulled out of the 2004 Senate race (against none other than Barack Obama) after a sex scandal.

If there were any substance to the birthers' claims, the DNC would have known about it, and would never have let Obama run.
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