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8052 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2001 at 2:18 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-09 02:20:02 PM  
Hes innocent I tells ya.. That is definately a Cats MO
2001-10-09 02:20:17 PM  
Click, Click ... Boom
2001-10-09 02:23:33 PM  
The dog has fled the country and is currently seeking refuge with the Taleban.
2001-10-09 02:26:10 PM  
that's exactly the kind of thing a kitty would say... can't there be a peaceful solution?
2001-10-09 02:26:17 PM  
If the leash doesn't fit, you must acquit!
2001-10-09 02:26:36 PM  
"Sounds like another case of Man bites dog. Now on to Pongo's review of Rocky 5.....thousand"

those arent exact I just wanted to say it.
2001-10-09 02:26:51 PM  
Damn meade, that's exactly what I was going to say.
2001-10-09 02:27:36 PM  
Simpman.. I think it was man bites droid. Could be wrong, though. It's been a while.
2001-10-09 02:27:40 PM  
How come when I submitted my link about a man shooting a dog it wasn't posted and then this sorry crap gets posted....
2001-10-09 02:28:34 PM  
Here's some cheese....
2001-10-09 02:29:07 PM  
I'm gonna get that bastard who had me neutered
2001-10-09 02:34:12 PM  
Hugh Hefner gets more young pussy than Paula Poundstone.
2001-10-09 02:36:21 PM  
Waaaaaaaaaa... mine didn't get posted waaaaaaaaa!! hey we all post articles that don't get posted. Suck it up and read the ones that do.
2001-10-09 02:39:58 PM  
I'm scared,this happened on the Columbia River..I live near the Columbia...this dog could be on the loose!
2001-10-09 02:40:05 PM  
Bad doggy! No kibble.
2001-10-09 02:41:31 PM  
Shoot the gun, shoot the gun, shoot the gun, YESSS!!!
2001-10-09 02:43:41 PM  
I told you if you gave me Alpo one more time I was gonna kill you, didn't I?
2001-10-09 02:46:13 PM  
The FBI has confiscated the dog's computer and his cd collection to figure out where 'thing's went wrong'.
2001-10-09 02:48:19 PM  
Who let the dogs out?......WhoooF
2001-10-09 02:48:46 PM  
Man sues dog and petshop he bought it from.
2001-10-09 02:50:21 PM  
Wonder what kind of music the dog was listening to earlier that day?
2001-10-09 02:50:24 PM  
This was obviously a nerdy mutt who was ostracized by all the cool jock labradors.
2001-10-09 02:52:37 PM  
"sup, dawg. you pop a cap in his ass or what?"
2001-10-09 02:54:52 PM  
"I told that bastard, if he made me do that stupid 'cookie on the nose' bit again I was gonna kill him."
2001-10-09 02:55:03 PM

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-09 02:58:28 PM  
Could be that Dog from Duck Hunt?
2001-10-09 02:59:02 PM  
Did the dog at least have the decency to drive the poor guy to the hospital?
2001-10-09 03:01:47 PM  
Dogbo: First Mutt, Part II...this time it's personal.
2001-10-09 03:04:19 PM  
In local news today; A dog shot his masters hunting partner. Dog states, "There were thousands of voices telling me to 'just do it, c'mon pull the trigger'. This promted me to shoot his ass." A local vet explains the dog was delusional and the voices the dog was "hearing" were actually his fleas. No charges have yet been filed...
2001-10-09 03:04:22 PM  
I was wondering what kind of dumbass:
#1: leaves a cocked and loaded shotgun with the safety off lying loose in the boat?
#2: is stupid enough to get in front of the barrel?
#3: and why wasn't the damn DOG in the water retrieving the bird? That's what it was trained for!
2001-10-09 03:11:30 PM  
Guns don't kill people. Dogs with guns do.
2001-10-09 03:12:34 PM  
The guy who was shot probably stunk up the boat and blamed the dog. When he leaned over, I'll bet his friend shot him and blamed the dog.

The dog was innocent on both counts.
2001-10-09 03:16:38 PM  
Dog with too much Playstation
2001-10-09 03:26:36 PM  
Walkman beat me to it. I am surprised that noone mentioned this earlier in the thread.

I am not surprised that there are still people as dense as Gac. I say that we make everyone that complains about their posts not making it past the mods buy the Premium subscription.

And all first post people get their accounts deleted.
2001-10-09 03:28:27 PM  
Walkman - #3 because the dog was cold and tired.
2001-10-09 03:30:02 PM  
Honorable mention for a Darwin Award.
2001-10-09 03:32:48 PM  
Fido's Back and He's Pissed Off --- When Animals Attack 10
2001-10-09 03:32:51 PM  
too much DOOM....
2001-10-09 03:33:29 PM  
I think it's obviously the media's fault. reportedly, all the dog ever did was sit around and watch the tube. all that sex and violence must have pushed him over the edge. Don't even get me started on those violent video-games he had to sit down and watch. it's all because of DOOM!
2001-10-09 03:35:27 PM  
Ozmodiar -- if it was the media why didn't he hump his leg before he shot him. Just Dog food for thought.
2001-10-09 03:40:46 PM  
Man shoots that's nothin'. Dog shoots man? Now that's Fark.
2001-10-09 03:44:01 PM  
I guess this is in retaliation of that police dog that got murdered by those cops in NY a few days back.
2001-10-09 03:49:53 PM  
2001-10-09 04:19:01 PM  
I bet the dog gets put down.
2001-10-09 04:26:45 PM  
GO DOG! To bad the dog didn't step on it to make the barrel come up and shoot him in the head.
2001-10-09 04:47:11 PM  
One word.... "Dumbass"
2001-10-09 04:51:45 PM  
The dog is actually an undercover agent for the Evil Empire called People for the ethical treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.). They have now taken it upon themselves to try and infiltrate the hunting community and shoot them to save the tasty animals all to themselves as P.E.T.A. actually stands for (People eating tasty Animals). If you hunt and you have a dog, beware that dog may actually be an Evil P.E.T.A. Agent waiting for their chance to strike a blow for squirrels everywhere...Or this could be a case of a really stupid guy attempting to hunt and not follow gun safty practices.
2001-10-09 05:02:34 PM  
Gasmasher - man shooting dog ain't news. That's why the link I said I submitted wasn't posted. It was a cheesy straight line.
2001-10-09 05:36:57 PM  
Shots the goose and gets shot by a dog - good to see Karma is still in place.
2001-10-09 05:40:05 PM  
I think's Gac's comment was obviously a joke... man you people can be dense.
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