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(LA Times)   The science behind the song stuck in your head   ( divider line
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5806 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-08 11:02:58 PM  
Doo Dah! Doo Dah!
2001-10-09 12:09:57 AM  
One person claimed--perhaps facetiously--that music from an Atari 2600 videogame had been playing in his head 'since 1986.'"

Well... I'm not sure if he's mad already, or if the music drove him mad. But he's crazy nevertheless.
2001-10-09 12:15:12 AM  
totally off the subject, just watched Farrah Fawcett make a complete ass of herself (again) on David Letterman. She must see just how high one can get before they pass out on national t.v.
2001-10-09 12:18:00 AM  
No wonder I can't get that new N'Stynk song out of my head!
2001-10-09 12:25:47 AM  
The best remedy for me is to actually play the stuck song. My theory is that we repeat one part because our brain can't finish the tune, and refuses to let it die. By playing the song the brain is satisfied. Just my theory, and it always works for me.
2001-10-09 12:26:17 AM  
yea man farah was definitely in orbit.
2001-10-09 12:26:35 AM  
Briang, was that some weakassed attempt to make an autospawn command that would crack open a Stileproject window?

if so, please go away and never come back.
2001-10-09 12:38:21 AM  
it's called a meme
2001-10-09 12:38:57 AM  
Man, if Britney and Barney are going to take over our minds...this should have had a Scary tag!
2001-10-09 12:40:41 AM  
The worst ones are the ones where you can't remember the ending. Those are the ones that keep me up at night. That and the underpants gnomes.
2001-10-09 12:50:27 AM  
Wow this article said a whole lot of nuthin.

I still think tunes get stuck in your head when they blend with the natural clock in your head. After all there are rhythmic processes in the body, such as a heart beating, diaphram moving to bring oxygen in, muscles working in concert to accomplish peristalsis, there has to be something keeping the timing. This would also explain why if you have a tune in your head and go out bicycle riding or jogging it goes away (increased heartbeat, breathing), maybe it no longer matches your internal clock and gets ejected.
2001-10-09 01:00:12 AM  
That article didn't explain why I can't get that pic SpurtReynolds keeps posting in the X10 discussion out of my head.

Can't get clean, so dirty, so dirty....
2001-10-09 01:04:15 AM  
I second Ishidan's blackball.
2001-10-09 01:04:51 AM  
So it just ignores any tags...
2001-10-09 01:06:32 AM  
I alway thought the songs you hate the most are the ones that get stuck in your head.

Oh, my friends it's hard to die
When all the bird are singing in the sky
Now that spring is in the air
Pretty flowers everywhere
Think of me and I'll be there
2001-10-09 01:09:29 AM  
i found one song that could combat any song stuck in my head.... "zip e dee doo daa". it will kill any song.
2001-10-09 01:11:34 AM  
I find Motorhead's "Ace of Spades", played with the volume turned-up somewhere between 'Stun' and 'Kill', usually does the trick.
2001-10-09 01:12:25 AM  
It's like bleach for your brain.
2001-10-09 01:17:01 AM  
The best way I've found to kick a stuck song is to sing it to someone else until its stuck in their head. I think its related to the endorphine rush of doing something evil.

Oh, I'll bet the Atari 260 (sic) song was from the game Snafu. I can still sing both songs in their entirety!

do-doot do-doot dooo do do-doot do-doot (key change!)...
2001-10-09 01:18:58 AM  
"That's why they call me the streak..."
2001-10-09 01:20:58 AM  
This is what i got on my head (dammit)
What's new pussycat pussycat, i love you, yes I do!!
2001-10-09 01:21:42 AM  
There were funky Chinamen from funky Chinatown
2001-10-09 01:24:17 AM  
"Of course, the technique isn't practical for all songs. For instance, composer John Cage's "As Slow as Possible," which is currently being performed in Germany, begins with a silence that lasts 16 months, followed by a single chord to be played on Jan. 5, 2003, then another silence, then another chord on July 5, 2004, and the final chord in 639 years."

I bet people in comas get that song stuck in their head.

That'd be awesome to see on MTV.
2001-10-09 01:26:08 AM  
I don't think MTV can handle the excitement.
2001-10-09 01:43:53 AM  
So how would they explain suddenly hearing the Nutcracker Suite in yer head followed by seeing the Fluid Dynamics Prof dancing around in a tutu while going over simple separable differential equations? Oh... He would occasionaly burst out with a "... And I was like... WHEEEE!!!" also.

I was at a loss...

It was a bit strange.
2001-10-09 01:48:32 AM  
Great, now a combanation of all the songs mentioned will be in my head ALL DAY. SaintIgel, I find that technique to work for me, too. *agrees with your reasoning*
2001-10-09 02:15:20 AM  
Whoa.... I've checked on this thread a couple of times in the last 3 hours or so. Just realized that the mix CD i popped in in the interim includes the Cranberries song mentioned by Jack Chick. Spooooky.

(Then again, talking about my self-made mixes... maybe this belongs in the RIAA article thread. hehehe)
2001-10-09 02:17:56 AM  

make it stop, make it stop!

SaintIgel, ahhhhhhh I do that too! Works most of the time.
2001-10-09 02:55:22 AM  
D, I, D, Y, Diddyyyy. MAKE IT STOP!!! OH PLEASE GOD!!
2001-10-09 03:20:37 AM  
What song do you think will be stuck in Limbaugh's head?
2001-10-09 03:26:30 AM  
I can't get that one song out of my head. It is this dance type song that they use in an SNL skit. "What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more... What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more... Whoa whoa whoa whoa..." Now I am insane!
2001-10-09 04:29:13 AM  
anybody remember that SNL skit where they got stuck in an elevator that was playing 'MMMBop'?
2001-10-09 04:50:34 AM  
to sum up the article, the science behind the song stuck in your head:
it's stuck in your head and we don't really know why at all, but we figure there's probably some reason that we hope to figure out eventually.
2001-10-09 05:06:25 AM  
"I know a song that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves"
"I know a song that'll get on your nerves, get get get on your nerves!"
2001-10-09 05:50:29 AM  
others after taking too much aspirin

Just say no to drugs kids!
2001-10-09 05:54:50 AM  
That's really funny. When I was in high school, Star Trek: The Next Generation came out. In the first episode Data is trying to whistle "Pop Goes the Weasel" which was stuck in my head for almost 6 years. The thing that really sucked is after each "Pop goes the weasel" I would pause and have the words "How marrrvvvvelously you humans do that." as the next verse. This went on until some time in my Jr. year at college and then it just stopped. I just figured it was because I was wayyy to much of a nerd in high school, but it would be nice to know there is just something wrong with my brain
2001-10-09 06:19:38 AM  
i've had that star trekkin song stuck in my head since fark showed the flinstones flash rip of it about a month ago

its worse than that he's dead jim dead jim dead!

*shakes fist at drew*
2001-10-09 06:25:17 AM  
Just a side note...Atari 2600. Fools.
2001-10-09 06:29:02 AM  
Just to be safe, let's set light to Michael Jackson.
2001-10-09 06:57:05 AM  
Goatman, it's not nice to enflame old asian women.
2001-10-09 07:04:36 AM  
Anybody ever get stuck with the Pink Panther theme anymore?
2001-10-09 07:09:02 AM  
The best thing I've heard about MJ was when I asked an American colleague what he thought of him, and he replied, "What? For a black man to become a white woman? Very impressive.". I thought that pretty well summed it up.

Appie: Yeah, thanks. Really.
2001-10-09 07:42:28 AM  
Nodhg: It'll probably be a Mariah Carey song, since her voice most closely resembles the sound of a hearing aid turned up way too loud.
2001-10-09 07:50:02 AM  
I've had Right Said Fred's I'm too sexy stuck in my head for nearing a week now. Randomly inserting parts of the song into my conversations. I need to put more quarters in my internal jukebox or something.
2001-10-09 07:57:01 AM  
just reading this thread got me remembering tunes and on top of that the names of songs in the article got me to humming them. It is all a conspiracy by the RIAA. Shameless. And on top of all that why would someone play a bazooka in a band, that would pretty much ruin it for the audience wouldn't it?
2001-10-09 08:01:00 AM  
i sent this question to The Straight Dope like 5 years ago

2001-10-09 08:04:24 AM  
2 Songs holding the record for longest consecutive mental playback in my head:

1) Zombie (Cranberries)
2) Kukaberra (sp?).
2001-10-09 08:10:36 AM  
Speaking of the RIAA, I'm surprised they haven't come up with a version of the orbital mind control lasers that charges a few bucks every time I replay a song stuck in my head.
2001-10-09 08:24:02 AM  
They're pinky, they're pinky and the brain brain brain brain...

Hit me baby one more time!

This is a story bout a man named Jed..

2001-10-09 08:26:50 AM  
Hi ho silver lining,
It's everywhere you go now baby,
I see your sun is shining,
But I won't make a fuss,
'Cos it's obvious

(That last rhyme is one of the greatest in pop history, I think)
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