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(The Morning Call)   Mom ends up in deep shiat after cleaning her bathroom with her son's toothbrush   ( divider line
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13203 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jul 2010 at 5:55 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-07-27 09:08:33 PM  
2010-07-27 09:22:46 PM  

StreetlightInTheGhetto: GodsTumor: The son, 26-year-old Justin Novack, called police claiming his mother applied feces to his tooth brush.

26 ...I'd stick that tooth brush up his arse and tell him to GTFO of my house!

Stuff sucks right now. I moved back home briefly to save up some money since my lease was over anyway and I found a temp job close to my hometown. And I have plenty of friends with jobs that just aren't paying as well - or who have decent degrees but can't find much of anything - who have moved back too. Some for a summer, some going on a few years now (I got out way before that at least).

However, I also cleaned the house, kept up the yard, cooked dinner about half the week and bought groceries, and sure as HELL didn't leave a bathroom uncleaned for 2 months. And if I had, I'd just STFU and buy a new toothbrush instead of calling the effing cops.

This kid sounds like a douche.

This and whatnot.
2010-07-27 09:29:16 PM  

poot_rootbeer: Quantumbunny: Wow, what a shiatty thing to do.

It's about the Woist thing she could have done.
2010-07-27 10:01:52 PM  

NightOwl2255: Let's don't forget that 26 year winner called the farking police on his mother. Bet his birthday is going to be awkward.

And Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, President's Day, Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, etc, on and on!!!!
2010-07-27 10:30:13 PM  
Thats what I get for trusting my HTML and going to a meeting...
/failboy here...
2010-07-27 10:55:35 PM  
How do you know when it's time to get a job and move out of mom's house?
Sometimes you just know...
Other times you wake up to the taste of feces in your aquafresh... special...
2010-07-27 11:47:28 PM  
What using a toilet cleaning toothbrush may look like

Those were the woist Penthouse Forum letters evah!

/some most people are farked up
2010-07-28 03:44:19 AM  

NightOwl2255: Let's don't forget that 26 year winner called the farking police on his mother. Bet his birthday is going to be awkward. Feces

2010-07-28 01:24:34 PM  
I think this is his Facebook page. Not much to see, but he has FOX in Philly as one of his "likes", and the toothbrush incident happened in PA. He does seem to be a programmer-type, if this is the guy.

Justin J Novack's Facebook (new window)
2010-07-28 07:24:39 PM  
How stupid. If he's not cleaning you don't do petty shiat that could get you in legal trouble, you just kick him out.
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