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(eBay)   Man finds poltergeist in a jar, sells it on eBay   ( divider line
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27867 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jun 2003 at 11:20 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-05 12:23:18 AM  
Wait, you wanna put your dog in a jar?

/no, I know what you mean.
2003-06-05 12:23:54 AM  
GoodMoleman: What did the demon look like? Did it do any tricks?
2003-06-05 12:24:13 AM  
OT, sorry.

How do I post a pic? Is there a site reference to other FAQ I might have about this kind of thing? E.G., fonts, ect...
2003-06-05 12:24:26 AM  
06-05-03 12:14:11 AM FarkingUpTheWrongTree

Why would the black thing follow the other jar? You'd think it'd keep following the bonehead that broke the first jar in the first place :oP

Because inside the jar he still has contains the black thing's blankie. No ghost can find peace in the afterlife without his blankie. -.-

Seriously, I'd think if it was Arkansas it's be Voodoo symbols not the crap he drew on with whiteout. Not that I don't believe in ghosts, but this guy is just gay.
2003-06-05 12:24:44 AM  
Learn HTML, NashvilleDave.
2003-06-05 12:25:24 AM  

Christ that's so scary I crapped my pants. I want to buy and it open it, and them mock and taunt the pussy ghost who can't get out of an old glass jar. I mean c'mon, other ghosts can explode homes, grab little girls, and terrorize and murder priests. This one can't get out of a little glass jar.

perhaps the bottle was sealed + written with some voodoo words to prevent the wittle ghost from escaping...?

anyway, i prefer to keep an open mind abt such things, a couple of times, i was rudely awakened by 'something' touching me(once i felt a palm pressing so hard against my tummy that i woke up in pain)

mind u, i sleep alone...
2003-06-05 12:25:26 AM  
06-04-03 11:31:09 PM Ookami_sama

Don't open it until you read the Necromonicon and learn how to make a circle of warding!

Don't forget the magic words...Klaatu...Verada....Nictu!
2003-06-05 12:25:50 AM  
He has defeated society. His genius will yield him fame and vast sums of money while the rest of us languish in obscurity. Boy am I envious!
2003-06-05 12:26:12 AM  
It is mildly amusing that this guy has a butt-load of positive reviews on ebay. Hell, maybe he actually BELIEVES it's true...
2003-06-05 12:26:59 AM  
Thanks Bubba, will do. I didn't know that was the key. No more threadjacks; thanks for your patience fellow FarkHeads.
2003-06-05 12:27:02 AM  
Current bid US $5,000.00 (reserve met)

I should farking hope so "reserve met".
2003-06-05 12:28:01 AM  
It was about waist high, mauve in color, and yes, it could juggle fruit.

I don't know, man, I wasn't there I didn't see the damn thing.
2003-06-05 12:28:21 AM  
Location: Arkansas
obvious photoshopping
I smell an Arkieboy attempt to raise funds for more pornsite access again.
2003-06-05 12:29:05 AM  
anyway, i prefer to keep an open mind abt such things, a couple of times, i was rudely awakened by 'something' touching me(once i felt a palm pressing so hard against my tummy that i woke up in pain)

That's actually a known physiological phenomenon. Basically you wake up but the sections of your brain that give you mobility again don't wake up at the same time, so you feel like a weight is holding you down. If you panic, it can cause muscle spasms. It got a lot of "witches" burned as Succubi back in the middle ages.

(incidentally, I do have some belief in the supernatural. Contrary to popular belief, a knowledge of occultism tends to *decrease* your chances of believing these things... )
2003-06-05 12:29:31 AM  
The only thing I've seen like it before was a voodoo soul jar (although that wasn't actually like a tomato jar...). Sha Pent and Cort are common words of power based on latin words that I forget the exact meaning to, but they have a european base that doesn't fit with the symbolism. I believe the ones he uses here were used in conjunction with runes in the Ultima games.

The pentacle is most commonly attributed to witchcraft and isn't used in voodoo to my knowledge.

I would say it's a load of crap based on what I know off the top of my head. It is a cool story though :)

He won't see a dime of that $5000 either, this story popped up on BluesNews a few days ago and I'm sure it's gotten a fair share of fake bids to see exactly what that reserve was.
2003-06-05 12:30:27 AM  
Oh come on? Right before I post? My luck is all farked up today.
2003-06-05 12:31:07 AM  
I've been collecting spit in a jar. Any takers?
2003-06-05 12:31:11 AM  
This guy is an:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-05 12:31:23 AM  
Here, Dave. Thank FoamingPipeSnake for the info, and practice in thread # 69.
2003-06-05 12:32:01 AM  
I have some bullshiat in a jar if anyone wants to buy it. You have to meet my reserve though.
2003-06-05 12:32:15 AM  
I believe! I was in the kitchen and got a glass out of the cupboard. I set the glass down and it moved toward me, then left. Im figured the counter was wet, but it was dry as a bone. I picked the glass back up, put it back in the original spot, and before I could let go the damn thing got swept away from my hand repeating the same movement pattern. The force that it left my hand was much more than could be possible without some sort of intervention. There are also other "haunting" stories about the house, but that is the most tangible. I swear this is true.
2003-06-05 12:32:58 AM  
I saw a turtle in a jar.
2003-06-05 12:34:17 AM  
True or not, you've got to give this guy credit. He tells a damned good story.He may need to backtrack through his bids a little bit to get to someone who will actually buy, but I still think he'll get over $1000 for it.
2003-06-05 12:35:18 AM  
Uhhh...I clicked this link when there were only 9 comments and it was under $2000. That was roughly 45 minutes ago. I check back and it is at $5000 and climbing. FARK shows linked clicked over 3800 times at 10:32 MST.

Now statistics would indicate that perhaps a miniscule amount of people would log onto eBay within a 42 minute time frame and search for "ghost, ghost in a bottle" and actually bid on it.

Can one conclude that Farkers are driving up the price and actually want to own this thing?

Or perhaps the bigger question: How many people have forwarded the link on to their friends and family?
2003-06-05 12:35:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd jam it!
Umm... I'd butter it!

Ummmm... I'd spread it! (?)

Or something. Maybe
2003-06-05 12:36:51 AM  
On a related note: On Tuner South Network, there was a bit about a guy that just knew he was abducted by aliens. His proof; He had a small burn on his chest, and a pin hole burn on his shirt, and he was holding his truck keys and woke up and his keys were missing.
Aparently, aliens do not know how to roll a tight joint.
2003-06-05 12:36:57 AM  
Well, this is the first time I've been to a E-Bay link posted on fark that hasn't been farked.


I feel sorry for the farkers who are bidding on this thinking its legit. That jar looks like the guy picked it up from his grandma's house or an antique store and painted it. Poorly.

Couldn't he have at least done the incantations in symbols rather then letters?

/my $0.02
2003-06-05 12:36:58 AM  
Ohhh my Gosh.. that Poltergeist lady's voice seriously scared the shiat out of me the first time i saw the first one, i swear it sounded like a 5 year old stuck in an older ladies body..

And I also have alot of crap to get rid of, nothing as good as "Ghost in a Jar" spooky! I have:
a crapload of my moms Waterford and Lenox crystal, some she dosent want anymore, she worked at both companies.. to lazy to go on E-Bay and sell it.
And we have an old rocking horse that belonged to my great grandma from the 1950's.. might be haunted by her too Ohhh Buy it off me Buy it off me
And weirdly enough, my great Aunt Theresa just died and we found she had a large collection of her cat's (still alive) hairball collection
Soo. alot of old crappy stuff we dont want anymore. put it up here just in case, bored out of my mind.. blah
2003-06-05 12:38:54 AM  
Well take a look at the bid history. A bidder by the name of "black_thing_was_here" pushed the bid price up quite a bit.
2003-06-05 12:40:15 AM  
I'll start the bid on the hairball collection at $2345.17.
2003-06-05 12:40:55 AM  
KittyKatE, that lady is scary... shes a psychic in real life.. she had a dream once that her dog was saying bye to her, and she woke up and found out her dog died.. and theres other weird stories about her.. shes scary
2003-06-05 12:47:59 AM  
"Sarlac, you must not have been here for The Giant Cheeto of '03."
Yeah, and the guy from Canada stiffed several folks on their T-shirts too, the asshat.
Yes, including me, thats what I get for wanting a friggin T-shirt with a giant cheeto on it.
2003-06-05 12:48:19 AM  
Watch this Jap movie if it is shown @ wherever you all are...
2003-06-05 12:49:23 AM  
On Jun-03-03 at 19:18:42 PDT, seller added the following information:
Due to some games being played by some ******'s, sportshorse, jsinca, and wingnutsmom, NO ONE with a feedback rating of less tha 5 will be allowed to bid on this auction! I meant it when I said this is for serious bidders only!

So, any bets being taken on if he will cancel out "black_thing_was_here" bids as his feedback is a fat goose egg and actually drive the value down?

2003-06-05 12:50:16 AM  
He might be lying about the jar but I believe in the shadow people. I had the same problem. shiat is really scarey and really real. Funny how people who are scared and rather not believe in something make a joke about it for the opposite fake sense of goodness.
2003-06-05 12:50:32 AM  
This is the movie i am talking abt...

/hopes it doesn't get screwed again...
2003-06-05 12:51:20 AM  
Here's another ghost in a jar for sale.

My favourite line is: "Let me give you some advice. DO NOT OPEN THE TEQUILLA bottle without professional help!"

I think we've all had some nights like that.
2003-06-05 12:52:11 AM  
Sorry, my HTML farked up:

the link is:​=19270
2003-06-05 12:52:15 AM  
You're going to have to explain that one to me, Matt4tay. I read it three times and I'm still not sure what you are talking about.
2003-06-05 12:52:42 AM  

Havin that night right now :)
2003-06-05 12:52:50 AM  
Ahhh conan, evil martha!
2003-06-05 12:54:12 AM  
search ebay for "alien in a jar" atleast you can see the alien in the pics.
2003-06-05 12:54:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-05 12:56:08 AM  
ahhhhhhh! jabba the hutt on conan!!

oh wait.. its jerry lewis
2003-06-05 12:56:17 AM  

How do I search for that on Kazaa?
2003-06-05 12:59:04 AM  
06-05-03 12:50:16 AM Matt4tay

He might be lying about the jar but I believe in the shadow people. I had the same problem. shiat is really scarey and really real. Funny how people who are scared and rather not believe in something make a joke about it for the opposite fake sense of goodness.

I believe in shadow creatures too.
[image from too old to be available]
Damn shadow creatures, trying to imprison poor Yorda.
2003-06-05 12:59:43 AM  
Wow Elite, that does sound creepy. And i think on the set of one of the Poltergeists' she had a very weird feeling while filming a scene, and afterwards, she got a call that her mom had died the exact time she was doing the scene.. Creepy huh?
Ohhh and i dont live far from the Amityville Horror House the original.. its very interesting during halloween and all. and i know a girl that lives closer she says people wont even walk past the house, they'll take lil shortcuts
Been by the house, not as scary as people portray it to be..
2003-06-05 01:00:30 AM  
Wasn't the Amityville house redesigned to look pretty much nothing like it originally did?
2003-06-05 01:01:21 AM  
06-05-03 12:56:17 AM Tourney3p0

Try "JU-ON"
2003-06-05 01:02:23 AM  
on real eBay auctions, why do people always try to outbid each other so early in the auction? i went to look at one item that had 5 days left on the auction and there were already 22 bids. wtf?

here's some funny ebay feed back april winchell found.
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