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(Some Guy)   Man leads police on chase with corpse in car   ( divider line
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4682 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jun 2003 at 11:55 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-04 11:35:46 AM  
909 area code

not surprised
2003-06-04 11:56:42 AM  
I hope he wasn't sexually assaulting the corpse.
2003-06-04 11:58:09 AM  
He was just looking for a mentally, physically, spritually stimulating experience.
2003-06-04 11:58:34 AM  
Im sure it was some "Weekend at Bernie's" thing going on...
2003-06-04 11:59:25 AM  
Well that way he could use the Hi-Occupancy-Vehicle lane.
2003-06-04 11:59:32 AM  
Can anyone say "CarPool"
2003-06-04 11:59:49 AM  
Police spokeswoman Dawn Rowe said the body in the car was Daniel Perez Jr., 24, of Colton, a friend of Villegas.

Glad he's not my friend.
2003-06-04 12:00:50 PM  
there are so many car chases televised nowadays, he just wanted to be different.
2003-06-04 12:01:20 PM  
"Hold on grandma, this next turn is a doozy."
2003-06-04 12:02:17 PM  
off topic: who is this ButteredAsian girl? Why is she called that? And, why is she so popular at Fark?
2003-06-04 12:02:34 PM  
Stiff Competition.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-06-04 12:03:15 PM  
Should have the [OBVIOUS] tag -- if I had a corpse in the car I would be reluctant to stop for the police.
2003-06-04 12:03:43 PM  
theres nothing like a little road head from your bonebag girlfriend
2003-06-04 12:04:18 PM  
Oh, I thought the police had the corpse in the car.
2003-06-04 12:05:18 PM  
ButteredAsian was listed on the Fark Personals (left side of the page) about 2 weeks back. I don't know why she chose that nickname, you'll have to ask her. And I take it a lot of people on here found her attractive.
2003-06-04 12:05:43 PM  
butteredasian was a hottie on fark personals that showed up right when they stopped posting boobies so everyone went ga-ga for her, including me so there.
2003-06-04 12:06:07 PM  
"A man who authorities said led Fontana police on a high-speed chase while he had a corpse in his back seat has been arrested on suspicion of murder."

You were needing more evidence than that??????
2003-06-04 12:06:40 PM  
I don't think anything's worse
than your car becoming a hearse
the cops will catch you
and throw you in cell 2
I got nuthin to end this verse
2003-06-04 12:06:49 PM  
Well at least I can deal with backseat corpses. Now on the other hand, I hate bacseat drivers. But then backseat drivers don't decay either.
2003-06-04 12:07:53 PM  
Bbran: Butteredasian had a very cute pic in the personals,
so she became the topic of much discussion. read: I'd hit it! phrased twelve thousand different ways. let someone else explain the nickname to you...
2003-06-04 12:07:59 PM  
Bringing shame to Neon owners everywhere. Though being in the backseat of one isnt all that bad.
2003-06-04 12:08:38 PM  
06-04-03 12:02:17 PM Bbran33
off topic: who is this ButteredAsian girl? Why is she called that? And, why is she so popular at Fark?

Your question is answered, now if only HanZnSolo could help us out with a pic.
2003-06-04 12:08:38 PM  
and give you a sentence that's terse
2003-06-04 12:08:53 PM  
Auggie wanted to go for a drive,
Down Fontana way, near the 405,
But alas, the 5-0 conspired,
After a chase, shots were fired,
And Aug's homie chillin' in the backseat, unalive.
2003-06-04 12:09:29 PM  
very good Newspeak
2003-06-04 12:10:13 PM  
Wow these poems stink. Bring on MaxxLarge.
2003-06-04 12:10:26 PM  
thanks DrunkBastard
2003-06-04 12:11:18 PM\row.gif
2003-06-04 12:12:26 PM
2003-06-04 12:13:56 PM  
06-04-03 12:10:13 PM Dickless_chaney
Wow these poems stink. Bring on MaxxLarge.

Please refer to our losuy attempts as limericks not poems.

BTW, in case you didn't know it should be Dickless_Cheney
2003-06-04 12:15:29 PM  
I don't have a joke here, I just like saying "Rancho Cucamonga".
2003-06-04 12:16:05 PM  
I find the limericks amusing.
2003-06-04 12:16:12 PM  
Its gonna take FOREVER to get that smell out.
2003-06-04 12:17:17 PM  
there once was a feud in Fontucky
where homey got very unlucky

Farking Limerick block...

And Fontucky isn't anywhere near the 405 freeway...
2003-06-04 12:18:15 PM  
Wow these poems stink. Bring on MaxxLarge.

You were expecting Tennyson or Willie the Shake??
2003-06-04 12:19:22 PM  
Was the corpse in the back one of the Forelli brothers?

Dude should've gotten a new paint job on the car to get the cops off his tail. Doesn't he know anything about reality?
2003-06-04 12:20:18 PM  
OMFG !!!//11!!!111!! ROFFLE !!/1!! LOL

Dickless tried to be cool with his name, but he mispelled Cheney

OMFG !!!//11!!!111!! ROFFLE !!/1!! LOL
2003-06-04 12:21:42 PM  
Curses on you Skiinstructor and your precious geography....

Yeah I know the 405 isn't near Fontanasippi, but I needed something ending in "ive" and hey, the 405 is SoCal so....
2003-06-04 12:24:27 PM  
butteredasian was her name b/c she was 5'5 @ 140lbps... i think she ate too much butter, which is weird b/c asians are lactose intolerant... and go ask Hanszolo for the pic, someone has a screen name of butteredasian appreciation association too...
2003-06-04 12:24:42 PM  
Why is this strange?

Wouldn't you run if you had a corpse in your car? =)

2003-06-04 12:28:08 PM  
the inland empire (909) is sort of a joke around here... weird shiat like this always happens out there. this is why i stay towards the water. that and i heard aliens don't like water.
2003-06-04 12:28:18 PM  
Hmm, no Joel Rifkin reference yet?
2003-06-04 12:28:28 PM  
Ah....a new idea for Hollywood! Jack Lemon will play the one in the back seat.
2003-06-04 12:29:22 PM  
Joel Rifkin:

New Yorks worst serial murder case of this century began--or ended--with a routine traffic stop in the predawn hours of June 28, 1993. State troopers Deborah Spaargaren and Sean Ruane were working the graveyard shift in East Meadow, Long Island, when they spotted a pickup truck with no license plate ahead of them, at 3:15 A.M. The driver wasnt speeding, but the absence of a tag was in itself a minor violation, and they turned the flashers on, prepared to write a quick citation.

Curiously, though, the driver of the pickup did not stop. He didnt speed up, either, but he kept on driving. When the troopers used their siren, he appeared oblivious; likewise when Ruane got on the loudspeaker and ordered him to stop. Ten minutes later, with a call for reinforcements on the air, their quarry missed a turn and crashed into a lamp post at a Mineola intersection. Faced with pistols now, the solemn driver gave his license up and stepped out of the car.

By that time, Ruane and Spaargaren had smelled his reeking cargo, moving toward the rear bed of the truck, where something long and thick was wrapped in plastic, bound with rope. A peek inside the tarp revealed a womans decomposing body. Motorist Joel Rifkin, now in handcuffs, helped identify the corpse as 22-year-old Tiffany Bresciani. She was a prostitute, he told the officers. I had sex with her, and then I killed her. He was on his way to dump the body near Republic Airport, he explained
2003-06-04 12:29:25 PM  
who is butteredasian?
2003-06-04 12:30:00 PM  
My wife has a neon as well, but Im sure that she keeps the dead bodys in the trunk.
2003-06-04 12:32:22 PM  
ProgeriaKid: You're right about the Pay-n-Spray. I use my local neighborhood one all the time. ;)
2003-06-04 12:32:53 PM  
You could say that the police had him "dead bang." ba-dum-bum!
2003-06-04 12:34:27 PM  
Police spokeswoman Dawn Rowe said the body in the car was Daniel Perez Jr., 24, of Colton, a friend of Villegas.

You sure his name wasn't Marvin?
2003-06-04 12:34:48 PM  
Here's ButteredAsian from one of yesterday's threads

[image from too old to be available]
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