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(AP)   Parents of woman murdered while changing flat tire want Ford, Firestone held liable for death   ( divider line
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17366 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jun 2003 at 4:58 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-03 11:37:33 AM  
I want to sue Ford because the people driving their cars honk at me and it gives me a headache. Chevy and GM to follow soon.
2003-06-03 01:39:50 PM  
that's nothing, I'll sue Honda for enticing kids to put crap on their shiatty cars and call them rice rockets...
2003-06-03 04:06:28 PM  
I'm suing all car manufacturers because cagers always cut me off when I'm on my bike.
2003-06-03 04:29:53 PM  
For the people who can't be bothered to learn the details before screaming about how litigious our society has become:

"Dodge County District Judge F.A. Gossett III dismissed both Ford and Bridgestone/Firestone from the lawsuit.

Gossett ruled that Nebraska law shields Ford and Bridgestone/Firestone from liability unless they had "specific and actual notice of danger" to Stahlecker."
2003-06-03 04:54:29 PM  
Leave Ford and Firestone alone so that they can get back to the blowouts, rollovers, and Pintos we love so much.
2003-06-03 05:02:42 PM  
I'm going to sue this woman because she is going to get money, and in my opinion I deserve some money too.
2003-06-03 05:03:01 PM  
Hell, maybe they should go for Shell and Exxon too, she probably filled up at one of them.

/actually read the article.
2003-06-03 05:03:17 PM  
sign up site. I boo the submitter, and I BOO the admin that posted this to the front page.

2003-06-03 05:04:03 PM  
Parents of Skinink want to sue the headline writer for making their son click on a link asking for registration, thus hastening my carpal tunnel syndrome.
2003-06-03 05:05:22 PM  
You know what's funny? I just saw Andrew Firestone (the Bachelor) while getting Chinese food at Albertson's. He was there with his fiancee` (Jen? I didn't watch...) signing his bottles of wine. I guess he has a winery....interesting. From national TV to albertson's in Petaluma, CA. America: birthplace of dreams!
2003-06-03 05:05:40 PM  
I want to sue ford because pork is bad for my heart, and chevy is the heartbeat of america
2003-06-03 05:06:09 PM  
I'm going to sue this link for making me sign up to read the story.
2003-06-03 05:06:16 PM  

Just because the courts threw out the case (I believe the Supreme Court is still hearing it though) doesn't make our society any less litigious. A litigious society sues all the time regardless of merit. I think this qualifies. Don't you??
2003-06-03 05:06:54 PM  
Why are they suing with vigor?
It sure ain't like Ford pilled the trigger!
They can't own up to it,
'Cause they didn't do it!
But I s'pose their bank account's bigger.
2003-06-03 05:06:54 PM  
slug bug lawsuit pending
2003-06-03 05:07:03 PM  
I want to sue mlive for trying to spy on me. Sites that want crap like that don't deserve my attention.
2003-06-03 05:07:12 PM  
Always go for the deep pockets.
2003-06-03 05:07:20 PM  
It's not a signup, it just asks for a zip code and a birthday.

Some people's kids.
2003-06-03 05:07:34 PM  
It's hardly even signing up, pick 5 random digits for a zip code, and make up a year.
2003-06-03 05:07:47 PM  
The lawsuit claimed that Firestone was negligent in making the defective tire and that Ford was negligent in putting it on one of its vehicles.

Seems to me that the person who actually purchased the car would be most liable with this logic. Isn't that right....DAD!!! It's hard to belive that these parents would willfully have their child murdered. Sad...just sad.
2003-06-03 05:08:04 PM  
I guess StomachMonkey beat me to it. Oh well, I'll sue him now.
2003-06-03 05:08:10 PM  
What's wrong with a quick sign-up form?

/not a 38 year-old female, and not living in 90210
2003-06-03 05:08:25 PM  
I refuse to read any article with a sign-in. Besides, most headlines are more true than any article. Hence, I am outraged.
2003-06-03 05:09:03 PM  
But why does it ask?

Some people's parents.
2003-06-03 05:09:42 PM  
"gonna sue Jack Daniels for what he did to me...."
2003-06-03 05:09:43 PM  
Or even easier: Click the "outside the US" link.
2003-06-03 05:10:20 PM  

That just shows the judge has brains. Doesn't mean society is not overlitigous.
2003-06-03 05:10:25 PM  
When I absolutely do have to give crap like that, don't ask me why, but I'm usually someone living in GA... 30415.

/retarded in GA
2003-06-03 05:10:50 PM  
I'm actually outside the US even, but making it up's easier.
2003-06-03 05:11:09 PM  
God-Damn mother-f&cking American's. I hate you all. Yes, I am one too.
2003-06-03 05:11:16 PM  
what, no Rev. Horton Heat fans?
2003-06-03 05:11:38 PM  
MaxxLarge - that was your best one yet.
2003-06-03 05:11:48 PM  

Why don't the parents sue themselves, because without such dipshiats procreating, their offsrping would not have been available as a victim.

eeeerrrrr. you lose!
2003-06-03 05:11:54 PM  
One click per article. It's a principle thing. Today it's zip code, age, and sex. Tomorrow it's a SIN and a mailed in stool sample.

2003-06-03 05:11:54 PM  
agreed with Tunicoco. For that, I will sue Tunicoco for being right.
2003-06-03 05:13:10 PM  
A) It asks because they want to know who reads their articles so they can show that to their advertisers.
B) In order for something to be a "sign up" it would have to keep some sort of individual record about you and require you to provide some piece of that record to view things at a later time.

With all the people out there running unethical data mining operations it's nice to see a simple, polite, unobtrusive data request.
2003-06-03 05:13:45 PM  
I am going to sue SbB because looking at those huge Maggie cans makes me have impure thoughts, which means i will go to hell.

*wondering what the going rate on souls are nowadays*
2003-06-03 05:14:27 PM  
WithaK: Most of that stuff is included in their monthly usage reports, anyway.
2003-06-03 05:15:49 PM  
Aboolaboola, true. But the non technical business people don't understand that.

From their eyes they have less of an idea who reads a web page then they do who reads a newspaper.
2003-06-03 05:16:52 PM  
Yeah, people are stupid... mostly
2003-06-03 05:20:54 PM  
I think I bwoke Fark.
2003-06-03 05:22:18 PM  
Making up a ZIP and a year is too difficult?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-03 05:23:29 PM  
feel bad for the parents that their daughter died...
sad of them to try and make money from her death this way
2003-06-03 05:24:47 PM  
Thats almost as bad as Ford saying it was Firestones fault that they were to blame for the rollovers, when it was the car design, not tire design, that caused most of them.
2003-06-03 05:25:12 PM  
Use zip code 58843

Also: They can sue the tire manufacturer right after they prove that the failed tire had been at normal operating air pressure when it failed.

Too many asshats running on low/flat tires.
2003-06-03 05:27:18 PM  
Driver: "You know what would be awesome? Owning a beach."
Front Seat Passenger: "You can't own the beach, man."
Back Seat Passenger: "Even if you could, what if someone broke their leg on the beach. They'd sue you."
FSP: "What if it was a hot chick though...?"
BSP: "Well, she could sue me good. (Female Orgasm Imitation) Sue me, sue me!"

/much funnier in the movie, especially 'cause the kids are all stoned and eating mushrooms

BSP: "The snozberries taste like snozberries!"
2003-06-03 05:27:35 PM  
The dead girl's parents aren't thinking clearly due to grief. Sure Ford and Firestone are at fault but the buck doesn't stop there. Where did they get the rubber to make the tire? The supplier is also guilty don't forget the manufacturers of the machines used to make the tire. Besides that's only part of the story, their daughter was shot so of course the gun and ammo manufacturers and their suppliers are also at fault. And why are guns even legal? Looks like the Government is also to blame. Then there's the manufacturer of the vehicle her killer was driving, the killers parents and doctors and anyone who may have saved his life at one time. Then there's the mechanic who didn't notice that something was wrong with her tire during the last check up.
2003-06-03 05:27:36 PM  
Woo! Just for today, I'm a 1-year-old baby girl.
2003-06-03 05:29:15 PM  
Asshats driving down the highway at 80MPH with 10 kids in the back of a car on underinflated tires is the problem.

Air up your damn tires, folks.

(I've blown enough tires to know what I'm talking about.)
2003-06-03 05:29:27 PM  
I'm going to sue Drew. The lack of Boobie links has had a profound affect on my sex life, for I am married and will not cheat; therefore, the only way I get to have sex is via the Internet. This is definately negligence, and down right mean!
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