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833 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Oct 2001 at 1:40 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-07 01:42:36 PM  
It's about time we did something.

How about posting via Metafilter (like we did before) in case it gets farked? Or maybe we should just wait. Whatever.
2001-10-07 01:43:40 PM  
If it does, we will. Everyone's at home today though, traffic shouldn't be as bad
2001-10-07 01:45:04 PM  
that's nice to know
2001-10-07 01:47:37 PM  
I'm boycotting cnn since they don't know where switzerland is.
2001-10-07 01:48:57 PM  
With everybody at home most of us are using dialup. Things won't be as bad as when everbody was at work on those fat pipelines hitting refresh every 5 seconds.
2001-10-07 01:49:36 PM  
Bye bye, Osama.
2001-10-07 01:50:28 PM  
Osama = bloody stain
2001-10-07 01:51:46 PM  
Monkyman: lol, CNN needs a new map expert.
2001-10-07 01:54:15 PM  
So I read (on fark, where I get all my news) that the shooting war is on, and I turn on the tv, and maybe thirty seconds later, there's an earthquake. Damn! It was right under the house, too (according to cal-tech) so it was one sharp shock... I thought it was a bomb somewhere in LA, for a moment.
2001-10-07 01:57:36 PM  
Athosia: Randall McNally could be the man!
2001-10-07 02:01:06 PM  
DrRatchet: For real? Just a tremor or what? Please do tell.
2001-10-07 02:01:44 PM  
I love that nice green fuzzy screen. I just wish there were more pretty lights.
2001-10-07 02:03:12 PM  
DrR.: Just heard on MSNBC, 2.9 on the scale. Total coincidence.
2001-10-07 02:03:56 PM  
2.9 earthquake under Silverlake, a neighborhood 3 miles NW of downtown Los Angeles. The official word from caltech (the guys who monitor all the earthquakes around here) can be read here:
2001-10-07 02:05:42 PM  
Anyway, it was 1 mile N of my cheap-ass apartment. Scared the hell outta me :^)
2001-10-07 02:06:17 PM  
Tony Blair just said we are going to kick they asses for not complying. Ain't he cool. Plus he gave props to my man G.W.
Go get boys.
2001-10-07 02:08:10 PM  
Hey DrRatchet, I was in Tacoma during the 6 pointer in Seattle back in 96. 3rd floor apartment, swaying like a damn train, whao, whoa, whoa.
45 seconds of pure freak show.
2001-10-07 02:09:04 PM  
Good speech by Tony Blair
2001-10-07 02:09:29 PM  
If I see any dogs and cats living together, I'll know it's the end of the world

we are SO off topic at this point...
2001-10-07 02:11:13 PM  
CNN now says the attack's been over for 15 minutes...

Yah, good speech by Blair. He went out of his way to point out that more Britons died sep. 11 than in any other terrorist attack in history... Is that true? I hadn't heard that before. Can anyone confirm?
2001-10-07 02:12:06 PM  
Someone photoshop the night vision
2001-10-07 02:12:40 PM  
Yes, good speech. I think him and GW are using the same guys towrite their speeches. Made my nipples (Ewww, guy nipples...) hard just hearing him back us (the US) and GW.
Oh, btw, that "go geet boys" was supposed to be "Go get some, boys!" Not the bathtub-sharing, homo-erotic statment it looks like.
2001-10-07 02:15:05 PM  
Turn to ABC news it has some Taliban guy speaking.....
2001-10-07 02:16:27 PM  
Anyone else notice that Fox news keeps popping up their stupid web address? They popped it up earlier saying they had info on who and how many of the US troops were being re-activated, but their site has none of that info. Jackass'.
I still have a few months before my "inactive reserve" status is up, and I want to know if I have been reactivated or not, dammit! The army recruiters here in Austin are about worthless too. I asked them if they had any info and they just scratched their heads.
2001-10-07 02:16:38 PM  
Go get them boys. And try not to get killed.
2001-10-07 02:16:48 PM  
Mmmmm... Cruise missle.... million bucks a pop.... but they're SOOO COOOOOOL. Sorry, had to do it :-)
2001-10-07 02:16:55 PM  
RelaximusPrime + Kalkin
Tony B. good speech.

I think you guys are too easy to please. It was same old, same old that they roll out for this kind of situation. IDS or Charles Kenndy would have done exactly the same.
2001-10-07 02:19:40 PM  
current military activations on foxnews at,2933,35377,00.html.

Can't say that I like fox, but it seems complete. I'm just waiting to be activated now. We'll see....
2001-10-07 02:19:49 PM  
Thank god for picture-in-picture. War on one screen, fotball on the other. The America's two favorite forms of sanctioned violence
2001-10-07 02:20:36 PM  
Odd... none of us Marines have been activated yet...
2001-10-07 02:20:58 PM  
their showing the taped info from the taliban, they knew we were going to attack, motherpharkers.
2001-10-07 02:21:28 PM  
I already feel a sense of Justice! And I also sense a quick defeat against the Talabin, And hope that the rest of the conflicts the go past the Talabin go just as fast. Go USA and Allies! Kick some Farking Ass!
2001-10-07 02:22:32 PM  
Tanks for that info YahooGuy. Are you inactive reserve also?
2001-10-07 02:24:58 PM  
No hanky, but yeasterday I had to deal with a farking learjet flying mach 1, VERY low over Austin yesterday for about 2 hours. Noone local knows what the hell was up with it. I kept looking toward the capitol.
2001-10-07 02:25:56 PM  
Osama is saying his prayers right now. He knows the one thing nobody wants to ever know: when he's gonna die.
2001-10-07 02:26:20 PM  
Who's mama been laid'n (osama bin laden) is talking on that tape now.
2001-10-07 02:27:06 PM  
Didnt see any Airforce Jets today, But I did see a Crop Duster Spraying for Gypsy Moths or Asian Lady Bugs. Freaked me out at first. Are you sure it wasnt the Earthquake that you hear Hanky? Just seen a report that LA had 2.2 quake.
2001-10-07 02:29:05 PM  
Hanky : There was a sonic boom or something here in LA about an hour after the attacks started. Thought it was a bomb...
2001-10-07 02:29:28 PM  
Heh i live next to a airforce base. havent heard aircraft all day.

By the way. i think the attack happening today has something to do with a satalite the US launched 5 days ago... (dont even start flameing me for not mentioning wtc, you know what i mean)
2001-10-07 02:29:38 PM  
the last Quake I felt sounded like a 747 at first when the rumble started. But soon realized it was a quake, So It probably was a Fighter Jet. Sorry Hanky,
2001-10-07 02:29:41 PM  
I'm selected (drilling) reserve in the Marine Corps. And as for the fighters, they've been up since 9.11 patrolling airspace. Large events just get a bit more cover, for obvious reasons.
2001-10-07 02:30:05 PM  
Are you guys listening to Osama talk on TV? It's on CNN...
2001-10-07 02:31:14 PM  
I hope Bush isn't just pulling a Clinton (I'm trying to appeal to the conservatives) by bombing some crap today, killing civillians, and proclaiming victory.
2001-10-07 02:31:31 PM  
bin Laden was just talking on CNN via Arab TV. Nothing really new, just more jihad rhetoric.
2001-10-07 02:31:40 PM  
Osama is making a pre-recorded speech, caling for Jihad. It sounds like he was expecting something massive. Too bad for him, todays bombing was so short... Maybe he'll lose some credibility. Of course, anyone he still had credibility with will follow him blindly no matter what...
2001-10-07 02:32:39 PM  
Someone cap those pics of these idiots on the tape and we'll photoshop the hell out of them.
2001-10-07 02:32:51 PM  
DrRatcher: Yes, an estimated 250 Britons died in the attack. BBC Radio 4 routinely uses the word "atrocity" in their news reports.
2001-10-07 02:33:37 PM  
You scared me osama. Your the one who should really feel safe ,dumbass.
2001-10-07 02:34:02 PM  
Anyone know where I could score a copy of Bush's speech today?

Any help would be appreciated.

2001-10-07 02:34:16 PM  
Sorry, I typed your name wrong. I'm a little on edge, I guess. My apologies.
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