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(sunday times)   Hitler was Gay   ( divider line
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6631 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-07 05:53:06 PM  
2001-10-07 09:59:08 PM  
how is it obvious? i had no idea that hitler was gay.
2001-10-08 12:10:18 AM  
I bet he was a right good piece of ass
2001-10-08 12:11:20 AM  
Oh my, the Devil's got another rival in love other than Saddam.

btw, who's going to stupid enough to stand up and defend Hitler's sexuality?
2001-10-08 12:14:56 AM  
Eva Braun?
2001-10-08 12:16:08 AM  
Now I know why he goose-stepped when he walked.
2001-10-08 12:20:05 AM  
Course he was gay.
He tried to fark all of Europe, large chunks of Russia and a fair portion of North Africa up the rear end.
2001-10-08 12:20:37 AM  
And he had a thing for men in uniforms
2001-10-08 12:20:58 AM  
... specially uniforms with plenty of leather
2001-10-08 12:21:26 AM  
He repressed it. He stamped out competition by sending other gays to die. He was mad at Jewish men because his penis didn't look so impressive in comparison
2001-10-08 12:21:54 AM  
shiat. He didn't die in that bunker . . .

. . . he moved to San Francisco.
2001-10-08 12:30:54 AM  
Jewish guys have large wangs? Wow, I always thought that was reserved for those of african and italian ancestry. So does this mean that Jerry Seinfeld is hung?
2001-10-08 12:34:33 AM  
Eva Braun was a trannie.
2001-10-08 12:37:10 AM  
I knew he shopped at the wrong side of the gap
2001-10-08 12:42:37 AM  
Funny, Patron. ( has the GAP not meaning Gay And Proud, though)
2001-10-08 12:43:27 AM  
Anyone ever here the rumor that Hitler liked to be pooped on?
2001-10-08 12:50:44 AM  
More than one of his female lovers wound up committing suicide. I recall reading he was also into being humiliated.
2001-10-08 12:54:16 AM  
Then his loss to the Allies must've made his lil' Himler explode, huh?
2001-10-08 12:55:55 AM  
I found this quite interesting. It is a photo of Hitler and a lesser known Nazi, a "Feel" Marshall Simmons. Apparently he was a personal favorite of Adolf's for some reason. Anyway, here's a picture of them out "reviewing" the troops.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-08 01:05:24 AM  
Was gay for many years, but by 1944, he was sad, and by '45, downright miserable.
2001-10-08 01:15:40 AM  
Hitler also had one ball as well...
2001-10-08 01:19:21 AM
2001-10-08 01:21:05 AM  
Hitler had issues?
2001-10-08 01:39:16 AM  
Blah.. blah.. more importantly.. he ordered many many people to death.. shouldnt that remain the real issue??
2001-10-08 01:48:40 AM  
Right on, Mrs. Max Load. Let's keep some perspective here. eh.
2001-10-08 01:49:15 AM  
2001-10-08 02:04:37 AM  
Cheshire_cat_sf: Yeah, I've heard that the liked to have prostitutes shiat on his chest.
2001-10-08 02:17:12 AM  
mmmm German shiza videos >:|
2001-10-08 02:53:23 AM  
Cheshire_cat_sf, Kapital--He liked having his niece do that to him too, as well as having her take a leak on him. I read that once in the school library, back in jr. high. Man, that dude was not right....
2001-10-08 03:02:01 AM  
gay..... WOW.. then impotent... I guess he had some farked up things going on.


farkING pile of crap......I hope Satan is taking it hard to his poop-shoot right now without vaseline......
2001-10-08 03:20:20 AM  
i can be at piece knowing that he's burning forever in hell being buttraped by demons
2001-10-08 03:24:28 AM  
I heard that poor old Goebels had no balls at all, Wolf.
2001-10-08 03:27:21 AM  

"...several of them daubed black shoe polish on Hitler's genitals."


2001-10-08 03:33:35 AM  
Alot of Homosexuals out there. None that i know have killed thousands of people and take over other countries. he was freak with an alernative lifestyle with an army.
2001-10-08 03:37:41 AM  
Goebals had balls. Thats why he had 6 kids. Hitler was impotent, hence no kids.

Nazis encouraged people to have as many aryan kids as possible to further the cause of the 3rd riech.
2001-10-08 04:12:42 AM  
"gay..... WOW.. then impotent... I guess he had some farked up things going on."

Augie Ben Doggie: I don't think I'd list a person being gay in the "farked up things" category. Impotency? Yeah. Farked up. Poop-o-phile (what the hell is the real word for someone whom likes to be pooped on....can't quite remember right now)? Yeah. Farked up.

But gay? Not farked up. Just gay. Being gay isn't being socially diseased.
2001-10-08 04:18:25 AM  
i wonder how long now till sethor comes in and starts yelling about gay rights.... "being gay does not mean you are hitler!" nono sethor..we said hitler was gay... not gays are hitler-esque
2001-10-08 04:19:04 AM  
this is from south park so it might be made up.. is it "fecal-philiac"
2001-10-08 04:51:06 AM  
This is the same Great British resource that brought us the GENUINE HITLER DIARIES...

and then made a puplic apology for them being fake a week later.
2001-10-08 05:25:58 AM  
MisterSym: you are correct...... not the way I ment it to be taken.....

there is nothing wrong with him being (or anyone being) gay.....

he seemed to have serious issues with his own "feelings"... wasn't he part Jewish as well??? trying to kill off every part of himself that he found "unclean" or whatever??

starnge little man.
2001-10-08 05:38:03 AM  
Augie Ben Doggie: Seeing so much of your posts in the past, I was fairly sure that you didn't mean it like that. Just didn't want to give the homophobes any further arguments of support, y'know. Notice I never accused you of anything...
2001-10-08 06:15:42 AM  
And this is news to anyone?
2001-10-08 06:29:30 AM  
I remember reading something about his bizzare sexual practices as a kid... sounded, ahem, somewhat anal :P
but seriously, the guy was a freakshow, regardless of his sexual practices. aint nobody really gunna know the truth, and should we really be that interested? thinking about that guy makes me nauseous.
going now.
2001-10-08 07:08:06 AM  
Hmmm... makes you wonder what the world would be like if Viagra had been around then....

Do you think Bin Laden has the same leanings?

PS. It's 'coprophilia'.
2001-10-08 07:16:57 AM  
Hitler also originally made the "You ain't all that and a bag of chips" phrase.
2001-10-08 07:48:28 AM  
I hear Hitler has a daughter that survived him -- and she holds a high political office in the United States!
2001-10-08 08:14:08 AM  
My brother is gay, I don't think he does these other things though..
2001-10-08 08:28:58 AM  
Didn't Nostradamus predict this?
2001-10-08 08:53:42 AM  
Sethor: No, you're thinking of Geri Halliwell's performance (see today's link).
2001-10-08 10:23:38 AM  
How reassuring to know that straight people don't have the corner market on being psychopathic, sadistic sons of biatches.
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