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2003-06-01 11:43:26 AM
It's nice to know our military bases technology on "Starship Troopers".
2003-06-01 11:50:10 AM
Or did "Starship Troopers" {the movie} base it's soldiers on military projections? The equipment in the original book was quite different from what was used in the poorly done movie version.
2003-06-01 12:03:45 PM
In the researchers' designs, soldiers of 2011 will step into wired uniforms that incorporate all the equipment they need.
Yes friends, computer hackers will all be dead by 2011.
2003-06-01 12:32:11 PM
Just remember, boys -- one bad commlink and those crafty Rebels gain the upper hand.
2003-06-01 01:09:36 PM
In other news, Homeland Security has ordered the removal of the letters 'E', 'M', and 'P' from the alphabet to prevent the dissemenation of information about how to disable the 'Scorpion'.
2003-06-01 01:11:34 PM
I hope it doesn't take one stupid kid to take out or whole army...
2003-06-01 02:00:36 PM
All this to fight who?
2003-06-01 02:25:37 PM
Does this mean they are going to start shooting like storm troopers, too?
2003-06-01 03:07:21 PM
don't be ridiculous, jpo. only imperial storm troopers are this precise.
2003-06-01 03:20:02 PM
Looks more like they're going paintballing to me.
2003-06-01 03:29:17 PM
The helmet reminds me more of

2003-06-01 03:39:28 PM
Well, let's hope none of them get a ham sandwich stuck on the ejector handle....
2003-06-01 03:41:02 PM
Looks like a paintball player.

The trooper isnt holding an M-16 variant. The Army will be using some variation of the M-16 for another 40 years...
2003-06-01 03:42:46 PM
Actually, it's mostly looking like Nod soldiers from Command and Conquer.
2003-06-01 03:43:39 PM
Those shoes don't really go with the outfit.
2003-06-01 03:43:40 PM
Dudes, rip on it all you like, but you have to admit....It does kinda look cool. I especially love the "blue-blocker" style visor.
2003-06-01 03:45:03 PM
Wait a sec... 15 billion to develope?
It's expensive. Lot's of Pork.

That means the Military will be jumping all over this.

Just wish that included getting rid of that damnable M-16. I hate that rifle. Hated it in the serve during basic... hated it in central america... hated it in south africa... and I still hate it today. Piece Of Crap. I'd rather use an AKM any day.
2003-06-01 03:47:04 PM
Young Ghyslain's never going to squeeze his lardy-ass into that.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't sue me, 'lardy-ass' is a term of endearment round my way.
2003-06-01 03:48:16 PM
He looks like a Cobra operative to me. Goooooo JOE!
2003-06-01 03:48:44 PM
I remember when police officers were not all fascist troopers that acted like androids when you talked with them.
2003-06-01 03:50:21 PM
id hit it
2003-06-01 03:51:33 PM
2003-06-01 03:52:21 PM
Lemures would hit it
2003-06-01 03:52:23 PM
Wow, those look freakin' badass, if not a bit intimadating. I for one welcome our fascist shock troops, though I can't wait till the uniforms eventually become black.
2003-06-01 03:52:47 PM
Even more of a technological advantage against countries that wouldn't have a shot anyway. Still no cure for Russia's new cruise missiles and supersonic torpedoes
2003-06-01 03:54:09 PM
2003-06-01 03:54:10 PM
Who would make a better Darth Vader, Colin Powell or Dumbya? Cheney could definately be the Emperor.
2003-06-01 03:54:57 PM
I love The Leader!

/please don't send your goons after me
2003-06-01 03:55:02 PM
yep, good point - the uniforms will eventually be black - at least the ones they wear on city streets...
2003-06-01 03:55:39 PM
I was thinking Bobafett:

2003-06-01 03:56:26 PM
2003-06-01 03:57:48 PM
Jedi learns fast how to use the force
Very nice outfit for a Jedi, lots of Mullennium Falcons flying around for protection.
By the way, would that soldier be getting the same pay rate of todays soldier? Yoda wants to know, are there any pay-raise envolved for Jedi? or will it go down, under the claim of General Shelton that "It is not that dangerous no more to serve your country, so $7.50 is good enough for you".
You know that Jedi cannot work for that much money, except in 711,hhhmmmmm??
May The Force Be With You
2003-06-01 03:58:34 PM
Those shoes don't really go with the outfit.

Most lesbians aren't known for their dress sense.
2003-06-01 03:58:49 PM
The problem being, of course, they still die just the same when hit by a grenade worth 1/100th of their uniform.

I think this is a step in the wrong direction. =/
2003-06-01 03:59:10 PM
2003-06-01 03:59:57 PM
2003-06-01 04:00:33 PM
Nihil8r writes: don't be ridiculous, jpo. only imperial storm troopers are this precise.

This begs an interesting question: how is it that most sci-fi characters are such bad shots? I mean, we're working on technology today that can destroy relatively tiny nuclear warheads many miles above the planet travelling at thousands of miles per hour -- but, the Empire can't even shoot down rebel fighters that are moving much more slowly (not in absolute terms, but in relation to the various ships).

Also, why did everyone in 'Independence Day' marvel at the aliens' ability to destroy whole cities with their main weapon? The United States, Russia, France, China, Britain, Israel, Pakistan, and India can pretty much do this already. And, they can do it more quickly. Sure, it's scary that the aliens would actually use city-killing weapons. But, the weapons themselves aren't really worthy of awe.

You know, for someone who isn't particularly fond of the sci-fi genre, I am putting waaaay too much though into this.
2003-06-01 04:02:35 PM
Most lesbians aren't known for their dress sense.

IF only fark had some kind of angry-looking emoticon i'd use it right now.
2003-06-01 04:03:04 PM
Exactly, this is gonna be like playing warcraft III for 10 years and keeping all the enemies on super-easy... why make better more expensive soldiers when we dont need em'.
2003-06-01 04:03:21 PM
new technology always looks like sci-fi movies. where the hell do you think the flip cell phone came from... beuller? ...star trek.

nothing new to see here, move on.
2003-06-01 04:03:33 PM
Eps... Brutal, man. Brutal.
2003-06-01 04:03:33 PM
Is it me or do the uniforms have a bit of a dehumanizing effect on them? After all it is easier to send a troop of men to their death if you don't have to look into their faces when you do it.
2003-06-01 04:04:43 PM
2003-06-01 04:05:09 PM
Eraser: It was a movie. That, and it didn't contaminate an area for years and years, so they could actually move into it right after they killed everyone.

Also, that's a really cool thing, but I fear for the soldiers if whoever they're fighting against has an EMP bomb or somesuch.
2003-06-01 04:05:12 PM
"Your new army is coming along nicely. We're quite proud of it."
2003-06-01 04:06:19 PM
actually, if we invade, say, China, wearing this outfit, the local reaction might be something like:

local 1: ooohh, sirry amelican makey new movie

local 2: solly, but clazy amelican no makey movie, he come for bang bang up rocals.

local 1: medic!!!

2003-06-01 04:06:47 PM
Eps, true, but my opinion still stands. I like military uniforms but those shoes are ruining it for me.

Apocalypsecow, might help if you can't tell the gender if women are going to be involved in combat.
2003-06-01 04:06:48 PM
Apocalypsecow, the people sending troops into battle today don't have to look into the faces of the soldiers. If they did, they might be a little more circumspect in their use. Of course, there is also the argument that it's important to think of the army dispassionately. If you're too concerned about the welfare of an individual soldier, you might fail in your duty to protect the country.
2003-06-01 04:09:07 PM
Also, why did everyone in 'Independence Day' marvel at the aliens' ability to destroy whole cities with their main weapon? The United States, Russia, France, China, Britain, Israel, Pakistan, and India can pretty much do this already. And, they can do it more quickly. Sure, it's scary that the aliens would actually use city-killing weapons. But, the weapons themselves aren't really worthy of awe.

Well, if the aliens in Independence Day had the planet-destroying capabilities of the Death Star, there wouldn't have been much of a movie.
2003-06-01 04:09:29 PM
06-01-03 03:55:39 PM Tangentman
I was thinking Bobafett:

Tangentman, you rock.

Actually this new outfit is pretty cool (not $15B worth of cool, but still pretty cool) but as anybody that has watched Black Hawk Down, or followed other semi-accurate glimpses of combat will attest to the following :

Sensors to monitor heart rate are silly. In combat your soldier's hearts are going to beat harder and faster than you thought possible. There is no more exciting event than to have someone shoot at you and miss.

The battle isn't over until you die or run out of ammo. If you die before you run out of ammo then you suck because if you had gone wild with your ammo maybe you would still be alive. Figure out a way to carry more ammo is way more important than figure out a way to monitor the stress levels of your warriors. In BHD we saw what happens when you run out of ammo (the two Delta guys and the second downed BH pilot.)

If these guys can patch in to the Predator unmanned drone and call in firestrikes (Hellfire missles or ???) = happy soldiers.

If these guys can have access to real-time battles maps and situation reports on their goggles, or even better real time visuals from overhead satellites or helicopters, way better.
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