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(Yahoo)   12 Burger King workers burn feet attempting to walk on hot coals as part of corporate bonding program   ( divider line
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2032 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Oct 2001 at 8:38 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-06 08:41:46 PM  
Everybody involved got exactly what they deserved.
2001-10-06 08:44:47 PM  
No kidding. What an incredibly stupid idea.
2001-10-06 08:45:04 PM  
I smell lawsuit
2001-10-06 08:47:05 PM  
never mind.. they signed a waiver.. poor iditots
2001-10-06 08:47:52 PM  
Might I add... *clear throat*

2001-10-06 08:50:37 PM  
That's not a lawsuit you smell.. and it's sure not hamburgers
2001-10-06 08:52:16 PM  
and all this just to sell hamburgers. Makes you wonder what Ford employees have to endure.
2001-10-06 08:54:05 PM  
yea, they're bonding alright, bonding with those coals. i wonder if this will make the price of my whopper go up because of their damn insurance
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-10-06 08:54:08 PM  
That is so funny. I know you know that already, but I need to voice this...

2001-10-06 08:55:55 PM  
2001-10-06 08:56:52 PM  
Dana Frydman, come on that can't be her name. Dana Frydwoman is more believable.
2001-10-06 09:03:11 PM  
Pah. First and second degree burns are nothing. I used to work at a place called Happy Burger, and when they wanted to promote employee bonding they'd lock a bunch of us in a room with starving pitbulls.

Anyway, that coal-walking thing only works when wood coals are used; use the other kind and you're barbecue. Wood is a very poor conductor of heat, so even though the coals reach an incredible temperature very little heat is conducted to your skin. Sort of like how you can stick your hand in a 300 degree oven and be fine as long as you don't touch the walls. It helps a lot to keep moving, though, and don't bring your feet down too hard or you might break through to a much hotter layer underneath.
2001-10-06 09:03:14 PM  
This has inspired me to go to Burger King and get a Whopper.
2001-10-06 09:16:38 PM  
Bah, Wendy's is king. Queen. Whatever.
2001-10-06 09:20:47 PM  
Charbroiled not fried ... wonder if they cooked burgers before/after?
2001-10-06 09:20:53 PM  
Arbys!! Arbys onwz.
2001-10-06 09:26:21 PM  
Flame broiled whopper(flipper).
Think the guy who hosted this is a secret agent for PETA?
2001-10-06 09:41:43 PM  
Idiots rule!!!!!!
2001-10-06 09:49:57 PM  
Burger King employees are more productive because they are flame broiled, not fried like McDonalds...
2001-10-06 09:51:43 PM  
This sounds like it came straight out of a Dilbert strip.

They should sue anyway, waiver or not. It was a corporate team-building event, and anyone who didn't participate might get labeled "not a team player."
2001-10-06 10:05:32 PM  
I tried the same thing when I was 4 years old. The coals were white hot. 4 year old reasoning... White, like snow, can't be that hot...

I was rushed to the hospital.

My excuse...I was friggin 4!!!! What the H3LL were these idiots thinking!!!
2001-10-06 10:06:01 PM  
Nothing like the smell of burnt Tinactin.
2001-10-06 10:17:29 PM  
Marketers and managers.

For the people that made it through unwounded, they feel like they can accomplish anything. An illusion, of course.

For these poor saps, they've learned the TRUE lessons.
1. If something looks too stupid to do, it probably is.
2. Put too much trust in what some jackoff tells you, and you might get burned.

Oh hey, speaking of barbecues...other Hawaii Farkers, I'm putting together a barbecue for tomorrow, Sunday afternoon. Should have mentioned this sooner, I know...
1:30 PM, right in the center of Magic Island. (follow the bike paths). You know what I look like...the other organizer is in a power wheelchair...bring something to eat, preferably something to grill.
2001-10-06 10:24:25 PM  
I think the most important part of this story is the fact that this was a 'corporate team-building'event. This whole madness was born out of the pop psychology craze of the 70's and it desperately needs to stop. The nonsensical activities taking place all over the corporate landscape in the name of 'espirit de corps'is a deterrent to a healthy work place. Don't want to participate in the corporate 'Gong Show', 'Karaoke Night' or be compelled to weekly donations during the United Way drive and you'll be branded as 'not a team player'. Expect difficulty in getting raise & promotions as a result and worry alot about job security. I don't want to relate to my fellow employees, I only want to do my job reasonably well and then go home. Is anyone really loyal to any corporation? Offer me a lateral move to a rival company with a 15% raise and I'm out the door. While I'm being practically forced to dance on hot coals ,my updated resume floats around While I'm being forced to listen to some motivational drone at the corporate seminar ,my mind is focused on the free drinks and whether or not I should let my manager win at tommorrows golf tournament. If I need motivation to work I only need look at my monthly mortgage and car payment. Leave me alone and let me do my 50 hours a week then let me go home and enjoy my family and the benefits of my hard work.
2001-10-06 10:52:26 PM  
"...workers used wheelchairs the next day when they went to the airport to leave for another company retreat."

hawhaw, and they lined up for round 2.
2001-10-06 10:52:41 PM  
and they call us hillbillys stupid.

these idiots are shirts. real empowering.

yeah uh huh.
2001-10-06 10:55:56 PM  

you are the EXACT reason this country is in the shape it is in, greedy, self-serving farks like yourself, who go through life only motivated by the everlasting dollar..

You have my pity...
2001-10-06 11:10:29 PM  
Of course, Ninja Burger employees would never burn their feet on the coals. Not because they can run lightly over them without touching, but because they're not that stupid.
2001-10-06 11:24:38 PM  
Hehe, more like promoting corporate bondage...
2001-10-06 11:31:31 PM  
WALKEN, I agree completely with Thunder. I was loyal to a company once. I busted my ass 50 hour weeks because we were shorthanded. I rearranged my days off to accomodate their schedule. I was a team player. You know what it got me?! It got me a 40lb box hitting me in the head, a year and a half ago. I have a ruptured cervical disc, 3 bulging cervical discs, multiple bone spurs in my spine, nerve damage in my arm, a spinal cord contusion, and I haven't been paid in the year and a half since I got hurt because their W/C "on the take" doctors keeps saying I'm ok for light duty, even though I'm on Vicodin 4-6 times a day just to keep the pain tolerable.

And the company.......well, it's your all-american corporation....WAL-MART!! They try to do that rah-rah bullshiate all the time and basically try and make you do stuff for free but when it comes time that you need them to come through for you, they'll drop you like a bad habit.
2001-10-06 11:33:10 PM  
This thread really should have had this:
[image from too old to be available]
for they we're flame broiled
2001-10-06 11:37:44 PM  
at least their feet can bond to a bandage.
2001-10-06 11:42:26 PM  
Damn. I'll never look at Wal-Mart the same again. That must have farkin hurt. geez.
2001-10-06 11:44:34 PM  
I will never go past another B.K. without thinking about the smell of burning human flesh. And I mean "go past", do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Those "marketing" folks sure do know how to turn people away.

Now uncle Dave over at Wendy's don't need any of dat fark'n bonding shiat. Uncle Dave sez "My way or the highway" and keep your stink'n feet outa the BBQ.
2001-10-06 11:47:14 PM  
The funny thing is, MaxHardCode, there was a Dilbert strip portraying a coal-walking team-building exercise. I'm not going to scan it and post it here, but Dilbert ultimately came out successful because he always wore asbestos-lined underclothes. He was allowed to wear his socks on the coals and turned out fine. It was funny. Go search through the Dilbert site if you really want to see it.

Burger King--they just don't have people smart enough to figure out that you have to keep moving.
2001-10-06 11:47:33 PM  
Wal-mart. Man, the horror stories that have come out of that place...

that's why I'm not even considering them as an employer, even in these farked up times.
2001-10-06 11:53:57 PM  
Dilbert. Oh ho ho. What laffs. Right up there with Garfield. And Family Circus. And farky Winkerdick.

Far Side rules. Always has. Always will.
2001-10-06 11:59:01 PM  
I too, was a victim of the "anything for the company" mindset. While I didn't have to walk over hot coals, I did spend every waking hour working for the company, busting my ass to meet impossible deadlines, taking pager calls at 3 a.m. on a Saturday from dumbfark doctors who couldn't figure out how to use a touch-tone phone.

All this because I believed the advice I received from my parents: Take care of the job and the job will take care of you.

End result: Owner came in one day and told us THAT DAY that the company was sold to larger company, my office got downsized, I went into major depression, and my wife decided she was no longer in love with me.

I'm okay now and a helluva lot wiser.

But I will never put more than 40 hours a week into ANY job again unless I personally own the company. If current job doesn't like that, I'll get another job.

Life only happens once. Don't live it for anyone else but yourself.
2001-10-07 12:03:57 AM  
Wow. This is the single most funny/stupid thing I've ever read.

Dana Frydman, vice president of product marketing for Burger King, was injured but had no regrets about the event she helped organize.

``It made you feel a sense of empowerment,'' Frydman said, ``and that you can accomplish anything.''

Nothing I could say would make that any more asinine. Sell your Burger King stock people. Hopefully you never had any.
2001-10-07 12:30:25 AM  
Want FRIES with that?
2001-10-07 02:42:12 AM  
this should read..........

Flame-broiled burger-flipper feet, doo-dah, doo-dah

i think that's the first time i actually came up with a good one
2001-10-07 03:16:33 AM  
Read your contracts when you're getting hired!

I vest at roughly 25% per year. If my employer gets bought out, I vest another year's worth of stock. If I get laid off within a year of the purchase, I get fully vested. It doesn't mean much, but it's an example of how things can be structured.

There are good employers out there. Don't for a second think that all corporations are bad / all mom-n-pop's are good. I worked for a family-owned restaurant that treated all of us like crap, so we started drinking all their liquor. We considered it asshole tax.

A good employer knows how to treat his employees, and a bad one will eventually lose his best employees to the competition.
2001-10-07 09:31:02 AM  
I just find it completely ironic that they try and promote this "family" atmosphere the entire time and if something happens when you need them, they kick you while they are down. Perfect example of Wal-Mart bullshiate. Those commercials where they say "Wal-Mart is a great place to work" just turn my stomach. If I hear anyone even considering about going to work for them, I do everything I can to convince them not to.
2001-10-07 10:32:52 AM  
woodytx you got it going. go bro

poehitman its a hard lesson to have to learn. but keep your foot in that insurance companys ass. fight with everything you've got to get what they owe you. the loud wheel gets the grease, as the saying goes. you only have everything to lose. good luck

remember we are working to live, and as you know they don't kiss you when they fark you.
2001-10-07 01:53:51 PM  
Are ya wonderin' what that flame-broiled smell really is?

Call me for your free readin' now!
2001-10-08 12:41:56 AM  
Walken... Where the hell did greed ever enter into this? I want to do my job and get a fair and reasonable paycheck without wasting time that could be spent with my family at some B.S. corporate seminar.
Last week my son had an important football game. My wife (employed by the corporate offices of a major retailer) couldn't see her son play his game because her company had decided morale was down since September 11th and insisted employees stay after work for a talent show to raise money for the United Way. We have donated hundreds of dollars to various causes since the tragedy. That's not a boast, it's to make a point.
I'm not greedy and I'll donate what is appropriate for me based on how much I can afford and if I decide to.
In this case our personal life was more important than a talent show/ fundraiser that ultimately embarrassed dozens of employees , many of whom had likely already contributed to various causes related to September 11th.
Did anyone feel better about the company after this event? If they did they were in the minority. Was there an option not to partake in the event? Sure, if my wife didn't mind losing points on a future review for lacking 'team spirit'
and likely not getting a much deserved raise.
The corporations only 'own us' if we let them and we letting them in droves.
2001-10-09 11:52:31 AM  
'Owww! my feet!'
'Quick! slap on some special sauce!'

I've actually done fire walking a numbert of times, and not as some poncey bonding thing but to prove it's just simple physics - the thermal conductivity rate of charcoal means you have about 1/3 second contact time - which is enough if you walk briskly and don't pick embers up between yor toes.
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