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(WTNH)   Judge declares Tampax less comfortable than Playtex. Next up: Deciding whether Miller Lite tastes great or less filling   ( divider line
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9749 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 May 2003 at 11:43 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-30 05:04:41 PM  
2003-05-30 05:47:39 PM  
Beer and tampons, either way you're going to the bathroom several times a day...
2003-05-30 07:39:12 PM  
Perhaps this could be the new commercial: A couple of hot lawyers arguing in court and then jumping into the conveniently located tub of hot oil. The hot judge then rips off her robes and "overrules" the other two.

Wow... I should be a writer!
2003-05-30 09:19:43 PM  
I always thought that Tampax was less filling.
2003-05-30 11:42:57 PM  
But Playtex has the great taste, Deakhorse23
2003-05-30 11:43:36 PM  
Sorry about that type, Darkhorse23
2003-05-30 11:46:30 PM  
Hrm. Good to know. Uh, I guess.
2003-05-30 11:48:24 PM  
So, the Judge told the Plaintiff to stuff it?
2003-05-30 11:50:11 PM  
Says the story is unavailable for me, anybody else get that?? Since I can't read the story I'll ask in the thread. It was a female judge right??
2003-05-30 11:50:30 PM  
But do they take care of that "not so fresh" feeling?
2003-05-30 11:52:00 PM  
But if you use Tampax you can be a "Pearl Girl". After all, everyone just loves a snob, especially a tampon snob.
2003-05-30 11:56:50 PM  
Skyfrog, ugh, just the mention of that product puts its stupid theme song in my head...

"Pearl girl, she's a pearl girl"

Who thinks up this shiat?
2003-05-30 11:57:11 PM  
Actually, the judge was a man, U.S. District Judge William Pauley.

The article was brief, but there are several others:

available from Google News
2003-05-30 11:59:57 PM  
Only given the two choices, I'll say less filling. Have you ever tasted the stuff? It does not taste great.
2003-05-31 12:00:39 AM  
redheads taste great, less filling.
2003-05-31 12:03:45 AM  
But..Tampax would never betray my trust. I cry now.
2003-05-31 12:05:29 AM  
Too bad it wasn't a douche case. Then the judge could look both lawyers in the eye and say "You're both douches! Er, douche companies; my bad."
2003-05-31 12:06:19 AM  
So why exactly are we supposed to care about a man's opinion on female hygeine products?? I know I only buy jock supports that are endorsed by Supreme Court Justice Sandra O'Connor.
2003-05-31 12:07:01 AM  
If you think the song is stupid, read what their site says:

Good Lord...
2003-05-31 12:08:11 AM  
Playtex is my choice.. but i dont use them theres something very unappealing than sticking that plastic applicator in there, spread eageled.. not fun at all
Damn PMS, Damn crankiness, Damn Blood Damn Damn Damn....
2003-05-31 12:09:18 AM  
"Where other girls may shiver - Pearl Girls will shine."

That's great, but their vaginas discharge bloody uterine lining like everyone else's.
2003-05-31 12:11:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

a photoshop I did that never made it past Photoislands shatty service... glad I could recycle!
2003-05-31 12:11:36 AM  
Are you a Pearl Girl? We have a hunch that you are. Pearl Girls embody the definition of what it means to be feminine, and celebrate being sensual, confident, outgoing.

Nothing says sensual like a tampon.
2003-05-31 12:12:45 AM  
I laughed, I cried, mostly cried, but still funny ;)

2003-05-31 12:12:53 AM  
i prefer maxi pads myself
2003-05-31 12:14:03 AM  
I prefer being a man! Hahaha!

I hope my wife doesn't see this.
2003-05-31 12:14:32 AM  
Wait, I meant to do it like this.

Judge Pauley, if you have been reading,
Says P&G's ads are misleading.
What she keeps in her purse
May be better or worse
But it just soaks up vaginal bleeding.

Also, a GIS for "manpons" turned up nothing. Sigh.
2003-05-31 12:14:44 AM  
It's my lifelong dream to be the girl tied to the rail track with playtex tampons.

2003-05-31 12:14:53 AM  
Coming soon, on Alabama tampon commercials:

"No representation is made that the comfort, protection and absorbency services to be performed by Tampax Tampons is greater than the comfort, protection and absorbency services performed by other tampons."

/you just gotta be here
2003-05-31 12:16:08 AM  
Heh, a girl in my first class study hall (Science 20) was talking reeeeally loud, and being annoying.

In the middle of talking about some farking party she went to, she looks down, and goes "Oh no.... oh no!!" and starts screaming at her friends for a tampon.

Funny shiat.
2003-05-31 12:20:55 AM  
for the record... thats jet-fuel, not blood... if ya really want a source pic I can dig it up.

Voting en... nah... this isnt a PS contest!
2003-05-31 12:22:12 AM  
Pssstttt... any of you get the email?? P&G are devil worshippers, it's true, I read it and it came from the 'net.
2003-05-31 12:22:27 AM  
Are you a Pearl Girl? We have a hunch that you are. Pearl Girls embody the definition of what it means to be feminine, and celebrate being sensual, confident, outgoing.

Pearl Girls are leaders. For them, it's not enough to just KNOW the latest trends - they just HAVE to share cool ideas and good information with all their friends.

That's because Pearl Girls are the real thing. The unapproachable goddess isn't their deal: Instead, they thrive on the vitality of life and revel in the company of others.

Pearl Girls are free thinkers, willing to try new things, re-evaluate old ideas, and take a whole-hearted leap into life's adventures. Where other girls may shiver - Pearl Girls will shine.

This all makes no sense. How can anyone tell if you're a Pearl Girl is it's something only the women using it can see it? That ad campaign is so stupid.

What next, a condom ad where it ask if you're a Trojan Guy?

2003-05-31 12:27:25 AM  
Ahh yes, glad to hear that the government is putting "Big Tampons" to the task for the little guy (oops woman, sorry) ;-)

Man, I'm glad I'm a man, man

Tell you the reason I am

I don't go through a faze every 28 days

Man, I'm glad I'm a man
2003-05-31 12:28:17 AM  

i would have voted for it.
2003-05-31 12:28:44 AM  
Are you a Trojan Guy? We have a hunch that you are. Trojan Guys embody the definition of what it means to be macho, and celebrate being tough, sponge worthy, a real sexy beast! Yeah baby!

Then they could show some bikini babes; and beer.
2003-05-31 12:29:22 AM  
trojan guy still sounds better then pearl girl.
2003-05-31 12:30:01 AM  
As a female, I can honestly say Tampax Pearl commercials, and their product, are the most retarded thing this side of the Mississippi. SWEET GOD! The product is gonna be /inside of you/, soaking up blood. Why in God's name would the disposable applicator being shiny matter?!
2003-05-31 12:31:28 AM  
Guilty as charged.
2003-05-31 12:32:06 AM  
how can a peral girl be a freethinker AND a slave to tremds?
2003-05-31 12:32:53 AM  
pearl - trends
2003-05-31 12:34:23 AM  
Pearl Girl sounds like a porno.
2003-05-31 12:34:49 AM  
that's why there's ob. they don't have to do dumbass advertising or jingles.
2003-05-31 12:35:26 AM  
05-31-03 12:29:22 AM Happygirl
trojan guy still sounds better then pearl girl.

I'm sure a Wonder tampon will come out, just as soon as they can agree to terms with Marvel.
2003-05-31 12:37:44 AM  
ah yes YOUNG FART, but will it be able to deflect things is what i want to know!!!
2003-05-31 12:38:08 AM  
I don't know what OB stands for but I always thought it would be funny if it meant Odor Body. Or it might stand for Oral-B. Who knows, I don't.
2003-05-31 12:38:08 AM  
nasty. use OB's and get it over with...they work better anyways. who cares what color the applicator is?
2003-05-31 12:39:29 AM  
Girl Dictionary:
OB = tampon that doesn't have a shiny plastic applicator. That's right, you stick your fingers up there. Better for the environment, takes a bit more skill/maturity.
2003-05-31 12:41:50 AM  
I'm glad I was on a jury for a murder case instead of this waste of time, money, and resources.
2003-05-31 12:41:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

you asked for this one Pummisher

Don't get it? go here:
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