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(Telegraph)   Prince William: "My father thinks I'm the laziest person on earth"   ( divider line
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6143 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 May 2003 at 2:33 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-30 03:39:40 PM  
I think youre dads the laziest man ever....
2003-05-30 03:41:49 PM  
Ummm....isn't an MA a masters degree? Doesn't that require an undergrad degree first? In most places doesn't an MA take at least 6 years of full time study, five if you're lucky/hard working?

On a related note, why the hell does anyone care what the monarchy is doing? Its not like they have any real power or responsibility. farktards spend millions of tax dollars to live a lavish lifestyle for what, exactly?

Send the farker to any american or Canadian university for a few years and tell him he has to pay his own way. Useless asshat. At least the Hilton sisters have a parent with a brain and a work ethic, what's this guys excuse.
2003-05-30 03:44:54 PM  
If he's lazy, what the heck am I? Checking - Ah! Good. My unemployment check from the state is here. Now to deposit it, email my resume to a couple more companies before hosting another Diablo II game with my online friends tonight. I've turned into such a bum...
2003-05-30 03:44:57 PM  

All scottish universities offer only a masters degree. Because degrees in the UK are much more highly specialised than in the US a Masters typically takes only one to two years of extra study. Thus the Scottish masters is 4 years (one year more than the traditional BA). After completing my BA I was admitted straight into a PhD program in the US without doing a master's in between on account of the fact that I'd already covered the ground at BA level.
2003-05-30 03:48:13 PM  
thanks, that makes sense now. I guess if useless asshat is going full time (not 8 months/year as is the norm here in Canada) then 4 years makes sense.

ALphax: please tell me you're joking.
2003-05-30 03:52:06 PM  
I'd hit it...
2003-05-30 03:53:19 PM  
Still 8 months a year but you don't have to spend time fulfilling a geology requirement if you're in fact studying history.
2003-05-30 03:54:59 PM  
i'd hit it, hit it, hit it, then pass
2003-05-30 03:55:52 PM  
oohhhhhh...ok....that really makes sense now.
My first degree would have been 2 years had I not been forced to take 50% non-major classes.
2003-05-30 03:57:32 PM  
Rain_maker: No I'm not. That's a pretty accurate description of the rest of my day. Almost 9 months without a job, about 5 interviews in that time. 3 to 9 jobs applied for per week. And this is one of the states with a relatively low unemployment rate compated to the national average, too..
2003-05-30 03:59:21 PM  
Good thing its all a fluff job then. Ya know.. being the king and all.
2003-05-30 03:59:36 PM  
I'm hoping someone here knows:
What exactly does the monarchy actually DO? Is there something that they are necessary for, or some element of British politics which they fulfill? Here in Canada the Queens face is on our money, and the Governor General/Attorney General's are necessary for a signature every now and again on our Acts of Parlaiment, but they don't really do anything.

Doesn't someone in Great Britain realize what could be done with the money beig spent to keep a bunch of inbred white trash in this typ eof lifestyle??
2003-05-30 04:01:02 PM  
That article dragged on forever.
2003-05-30 04:01:18 PM  
that's funny because my father also thinks he's the laziest person on earth.
2003-05-30 04:03:55 PM  
Maybe if he's lucky his family can arrange a marriage with a beautiful, submissive rich girl and then have her killed of when he's finished with ......oh ya, that was Charles. Sorry, bad memory.
2003-05-30 04:22:16 PM  
Send him to me, I'll find something for him to do.

2003-05-30 04:33:55 PM  
Do Kings have Interns?

/deciding between presidency and monarchy
2003-05-30 04:46:12 PM  
They took the link down! Probably got offended by the accusation on this thread that "they had his mom killed!"
Those British bastards!
2003-05-30 04:47:12 PM  
Prince Willy, who cares what your ugly ass father says. Come over to the states and I'll, uhm, I'll, uhm... Oh gad, I'll just get it over with now.

2003-05-30 05:06:03 PM  
Actually, I think even the Hilton parents don't do anything except party & snort coke. That's how the 2 girls got in to all the parties when they were only 15 or something- cause their parents were with them. Sheesh, doesn't anyone watch E! True Hollywood Stories?
2003-05-30 05:55:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-30 06:08:57 PM  
Isn't that what most fathers think about their sons? Or is that just my dad and Prince Charles?
2003-05-30 06:23:53 PM  
comfortable bed

country boy




I'd hit it.
2003-05-30 06:57:08 PM  

article was a little too long to read, I quit after the cooking part.

I'd CUSAK it though!

2003-05-30 08:25:59 PM  
Prince William: "My father thinks I'm the laziest person on earth"

Well, Willie better not try to muscle in on Droppo's racket. He's the Laziest Man on Mars.
2003-05-31 12:18:29 AM  
He likes R&B, and he likes it loud, so he's marked as a bit of all right in my book.
2003-05-31 05:19:07 AM  
probably ranks as the longest article about the crappiest subject ever...

"people think i like this...but i like this stuff. people think i do this stuff but i like this stuff..i really have to study cuz my lifelong carreer of being insanely rich from my shapeshifting, blooddrinking, baby eating ancestors war conquests and ownership of central banks just isnt enough...i have to pretend i know swahili or whatever..."

i hate that dude and i hate you too.

also....loud r&b is about the most annoying thing in the farkin world....i would fark him up if he lived with me.....pussy-ass-prince-biatch......

and real farkin men wear kilts....not pussy-ass-prince-biatches obviously..
2003-05-31 10:27:42 PM  
Not surprising. As I understand it, it's a longstanding tradition among the British Monarchy for fathers to think their sons are good-for-nothings. Probably dates back to when Henry III's kids rebelled against him. Of course, back in those days teenage rebellion involved swords and private mercenary armies rather than mohawk hairdos and piercings in strange locations.
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