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(CNN)   Barry Bond's speech after hitting #72. (Check out what he bet his teammate Shawon Dunston)   ( divider line
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2001-10-06 01:40:14 PM  
did anyone actually sit thru this thing? I didn't give a rat's ass.
2001-10-06 01:46:46 PM  
I heard that none of his teammates associate with him???
2001-10-06 01:49:52 PM  
the guy is has no class but who cares anyway, Sammy will beat it sooner or later anyway ....
2001-10-06 02:04:35 PM  
The video quality is great. WMP rules. QuickTime and Real suck ass. QuickTime crashes or just plain doesn't run, RealPlayer uploads all your personal info to Real, crashes, and has crappy quality. I guess WMP isn't all that great, it's just the defacto best.
2001-10-06 02:06:03 PM  
Too bad Barry is such a jackass off the field.

Barfly: I sure hope Sammy does beat his record.
2001-10-06 02:09:30 PM  
he may be antisocial and a bit self centered, but a jackass?
he never threw fireworks at fans (Coleman) or spit on Kramer(Hernandez)
2001-10-06 02:13:17 PM  
In case you didn't sit through it, bonds owes his teammate a mercedes CL500.
2001-10-06 02:35:23 PM  
Baseball sucks. Fat guys in stupid uniforms.
2001-10-06 02:49:41 PM  
Barry Bonds is stupid... lol he broke the record knowing he was gonna have to buy this dude a car.
2001-10-06 03:07:52 PM  
Admit it: this is about racism. Mark McGwire was white, and he got all the press when he did it in 98. Sammy Sosa was not white, and he got the shaft. Now that a black man is going to beat out a record held by a white man, everyone is all pissy about how he's a bastard and doesn't deserve the attention. I would have hoped the baseball community solved this problem with Jackie Robinson, but it's obvious there's still a long way to go. Obviously black men are welcome as long as they stay in their place and don't break any records held by white men.
2001-10-06 03:20:33 PM  
Yeah, us white middle-class people can be bastards some times.
2001-10-06 03:25:23 PM  
Aeonite - wow. Heavy thoughts. Now I know why Michael Jordon and Colin Powell are so hated. I've always wondered.

No, wait, they're not... maybe it's something else about Bonds?
I'll wait til Jesse Jackson plays the race card, then decide. In the meantime, go Sosa!
2001-10-06 03:32:07 PM  
"or spit on Kramer(Hernandez)"

It wasn't Hernandez, it was McDowell.

"Admit it: this is about racism."

Oh, shut the hell up. McGwire got more press because he hit 62 before Sosa, and finished with more than Sosa at the end of the year. Bonds isn't getting as much press because he's breaking a 3-year-old record, instead of a 36-year-old record. Big f*cking difference.
2001-10-06 03:33:21 PM  
Aeonite, you schmuck
there hasn't been a mention of racism in these threads.

Some people think bonds is a jerk, so what.
I'd bet 95% also think sammy sosa is nifty.

mcgwire is not the beauty boy he is played up to be... he was quite a jerk when he played with the A's, evidently. (from anecdotes i've read before)

I do think he has changed, but so has bonds (imho).

Also, Jackie Robinson joining the (then white) ML did start to solve this problem. There still were problems when Aaron was chasing 713 and when Carew was chasing .400.

Griffey Jr. got some death threats when he was with Seattle, I don't recall what feat he was chasing. (Nor do I recall if they were race specific threats... a lot of people just don't like Jr.)

None of these imply racism on the part of MLB, just on the idiots who make these threats.
I've never seen a game promoted as 'come boo the record chasing n*gger'.
2001-10-06 03:43:12 PM  
He owes Dunston a Mercedes convertible. Not bad.
2001-10-06 03:51:31 PM  
Aeonite: You were the first to play the race card.
Bond's reputation is regarded throughout the league as stand offish at best, jerk at worst. Both black and white.
His skills and records speak for themselves and HOF assured even without HR record. You're looking for a fight or to provoke, leave it be.
Sosa will own this record for the longest anyway or untill they "unjuice" the ball, close some teams/reduce pitchers and/or lengthen some parks. Enron is a joke.
2001-10-06 04:26:27 PM  
Aeonite = troll. 'nuff said.
2001-10-06 04:45:41 PM  
Pretnar... you're right it was McDowell...
Hernandez is the one who said/thought 'Im Keith Hernandez' when in the car w/EB.

(coincidence: that episode (the spitting) is on right now)
2001-10-06 04:52:56 PM  
But why? Why McDowell?
2001-10-06 05:12:25 PM  
Another "Who cares?" tag needed. I once hit a bum with my car and he flew all the way across the interstate. Where was my press conference? Lets see Barry do that!
2001-10-06 06:05:01 PM  
bah, the reason this didn't get as much press is because it got overshadowed by the terrorist attacks. also, i remember a lot of people bashing mcgwire and sosa back when they were working on breaking the record. i mean, i know there's a lot of racism in this country, but this just isn't an case of it.
i'm rooting for sosa to break this next year. i think he's a better all-around player, and he just strikes me as a good guy. also, i think ricky henderson's record is more important than bonds', but he didn't get as much press.
2001-10-06 07:06:28 PM  
Baseball? What's baseball?
2001-10-06 07:47:02 PM  
Aeonite = troll

Well spoken Lizrdgizrd

If anyone is a racist here, its Aeonite.

Bottom line, Barry Bonds is an idiot and a jerkoff, that's why no one wanted him to get the record.
2001-10-06 07:55:48 PM  
Barry isn't the most outgoing person in the world, but he is one of the best ballplayers ever to play the game, and he's having the best year a ballplayer could possibly have!
2001-10-06 10:29:21 PM  
I'm from Pittsburgh, so I grew up when Bonds used to be a jerk. He's matured a lot, and I'm proud that my boyhood hero has the class to show it. Here's holding out hope that hell freezes over and he signs with the Pirates for '02!
2001-10-06 10:50:32 PM  
Barry Bonds hits seven-two, doo-dah, doo-dah
2001-10-06 11:13:09 PM  
I'm neither a troll nor a racist. But you're all entitled to your incorrect opinions.
2001-10-06 11:22:08 PM

"Bonds, who is black, didn't give a direct answer when asked if he thought
racism played a part in the reaction to his chase.

"Does the KKK exist?" he answered. "Sure. Probably. I don't know. Is it
affecting me? No. Does it bother me? No."

When Henry Aaron chased Babe Ruth's career record in the early 1970s, he was
met with a racist reaction from some. "It hasn't changed drastically. There
are still people don't like people of all kinds of races," said (Dusty)
Baker, who played in the latter part of Aaron's era. "One thing I've
noticed: The lack of fans of color in every ballpark."
2001-10-07 12:41:09 AM  
What a colossal waste of bandwidth. A one page text version would have sufficed.
2001-10-07 02:32:16 AM  
The reason the public wasn't behind Barry as they were with Mcgwire has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with the fact that a) this was a contract year, b) while all his other teammates sit in a typical locker chair, Barry has a leather recliner c) Barry has his own staff to do his pregame workouts, he doesn't do anything with the team d) He was the only person that didn't show up for the team picture e) He has a big screen TV in his locker room that only he is allowed to watch and I can go on and on and on...I'm proud of him, he did it, he's a great baseball player, it's just too bad he couldn't have the charisma and general personability of a 'good guy' off the field.
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