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(Fark)   Announcing FarkFest 2002: New Orleans / Mardi Gras.   ( divider line
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1051 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Oct 2001 at 12:06 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-06 12:15:15 PM  
God help us all
2001-10-06 12:15:58 PM  
Bring bail money
2001-10-06 12:16:12 PM  
Btw I doubt Shatner will be there. We've at least got a reasonable chance with the rest of them.
2001-10-06 12:17:32 PM  
Does this mean then that Will Wheaton will be rummaging through my belongings in the room if I choose to go?
2001-10-06 12:19:05 PM  
2001-10-06 12:19:28 PM  
Oh come on. Shatner has to be there!
Imagine William Shatner singing Neil Diamond covers.
Hilarity ensues and the French Quarter surrenders.
2001-10-06 12:22:26 PM  
2001-10-06 12:23:51 PM  
::drool:: $100 to spend Mardi Gras in the French Quarter with Farkers instead of having to drive in from Slidell or worse? I am sooooo there. Now getting there is the the problem. Anyone driving through N.Y.'s Tompkins/Broome Counties on their way? I can provide gas $$/witty banter/cuteness.
2001-10-06 12:29:04 PM  
HAHA I only live 3 hours away!!!!!!!!
2001-10-06 12:40:03 PM  
Anyone passing through Jackson, Mississippi from I-55 north (going south) or I-20 east (going west) can leave their vehicles at my place and hitch a ride with me if there is room.
2001-10-06 12:42:06 PM  
2001-10-06 12:46:02 PM  
How far is the drive from Jackson? It's hell getting into New Orleans on I-10 during Mardi Gras.

We'll post directions closer to Fark Fest, but if you can come into New Orleans from the south you will save yourself hours. Traffic on I-10 moves at like 3 ft/min
2001-10-06 12:58:06 PM  
Arkansas Farkers!...Let's Carpool from Ft Smith Area? (Quick Shot down 71 that way)...if we can get enough, maybe we can rent a van for the drive? We'll have to see...
email me at i­a­ms­um­b­uddy[nospam-﹫-backwards]e­ti­cxe*co­m.

If you are in Central AR, be easy to pick you up in Texarkana or Hot Springs...
2001-10-06 01:05:48 PM  
How 'bout that? Rassle and I live in the same town. It's a little less than 3 hrs to N.O. from Jackson. And it is hell getting there on I-10 during Mardi Gras.
2001-10-06 01:16:12 PM  
What's the nearest airport? I can't see me driving from VA.
2001-10-06 01:19:37 PM  
New Orleans International Airport is in Kenner, LA. That's where to fly into
2001-10-06 01:20:24 PM  
Dear god is this for real? Wow. When is the deadline for registering as a guest I would love to go (and Im sure most of you would love for me NOT to go ;p) but I can't plan anything 4 months ahead, i dont even know where im gunna be living by then ;p
2001-10-06 01:22:02 PM  
Raysmith, Thnaks!
2001-10-06 01:24:37 PM  
I just moved from outside N.O. to Baton Rouge... spitting distance!
2001-10-06 01:34:20 PM  
*sigh* I think Cruiser and I are going to have to pass. Too far, too expensive, too roudy. Send our best to the Walken and Wheaton.
2001-10-06 02:10:08 PM  
I'm going to be there. If that isn't enough of a reason to come, I don't know what is.
2001-10-06 02:26:59 PM  
Alright biatches, I'm there.

Find Flights: Choose by Price

Select one itinerary for:
Wednesday, 30 January 2002: St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (STX) to New Orleans, LA (MSY)
Wednesday, 13 February 2002: New Orleans, LA (MSY) to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (STX)


US Dollars
Per Person No. of Travelers Price (includes taxes/fees)
466.20 1 466.20 USD
Total price for all travelers: 466.20 US Dollars
Flight Departing Arriving Class of Service Aircraft
City Date & Time City Date & Time
American Airlines 706
American Airlines 942 STX
MIA 30Jan 03:56pm
30Jan 07:20pm MIA
MSY 30Jan 06:00pm
30Jan 08:27pm Coach
Coach 738
American Airlines 921
American Airlines 949 MSY
MIA 13Feb 12:55pm
13Feb 05:00pm MIA
STX 13Feb 03:43pm
13Feb 08:44pm Coach
Coach 72S
2001-10-06 02:39:30 PM  
You are coming from St. Croix? sweet..
2001-10-06 03:27:36 PM  
Hey, a reason to look forward to Mardi Gras!

With the Super Bowl being pushed back into the parade schedule I'm rather dreading my daily commute into the CBD. Don't get me wrong, Carnival is a blast, but it makes life hell for those people who are just trying to get to and from work.
I lived in Phoenix in '96 when the Super Bowl descended upon Tempe. Gods, what a zoo. Combining Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl will probably increase the chaos on a logarithmic scale.

Still, once work is done the merriment commences!
2001-10-06 03:31:05 PM  
People in New Orleans get off work for Mardi Gras... granted it will still be chaos for a couple weeks leading into Mardi Gras, but most places are closed Monday and Tuesday at least
2001-10-06 03:50:25 PM  
laisser le bon temps roule
2001-10-06 04:16:13 PM  
I'm proud to say that I was in the FARK chat room when they were first talking about this little brainchild.
2001-10-06 04:26:27 PM  
I'm even more proud to say I was not in the chatroom.
2001-10-06 04:34:05 PM  
How bout you proud people sign up and pay =0
2001-10-06 04:50:27 PM  
I will as soon as I take care of the other annangements. Like where I'm staying for the Superbowl.
2001-10-06 04:56:21 PM  
I've changed my mind. I can't let very many people hook up with me in Jackson so I'm limiting my hook ups to 3 people. It maybe more but for now it's 3. Ill keep ya posted
2001-10-06 05:00:06 PM  
Fb-, you are coming in on Jan 20th? That's a long trip... If I'm still living here I wont be able to be in New Orleans until the 8th. Hopefully I'll be living there by then though. Are you going to the Super Bowl?
2001-10-06 05:18:19 PM  

30th.. 2 weeks.

Meet some friends for Superbowl on the 3rd. they are out a day or two afterwards.. I will end up hanging out and drinking/partying for a few weeks.
2001-10-06 05:26:23 PM  
Ahh, the 30th... Sounds like a nice vacation
2001-10-06 06:22:27 PM  

My company let us of for Fat Tuesday and half of the next day this past year. By Monday night my wife and I were so exhausted from partying non-stop over the weekend and fighting the crowds, traffic, and parking issues the previous weeks that we stayed home Tuesday and went to bed early.
Next time we plan on taking it easy over the weekend so we can be on Bourbon when they clear the streets.
2001-10-06 06:40:21 PM  
Dammit, I'm too young. CAn't go.
2001-10-06 06:52:33 PM  
I'm there, Feb 8th is my birthday, and i have not yet been to Mardi gras....

2001-10-06 07:07:38 PM  
I couldn't get off work at all this year (Feb 01). I left Friday night, got into New Orleans at 11 PM and didnt go out cause I was too tired. Went to parades on Saturday (Iris and Endymion) went out to Bourbon St. Saturday night and came home Sunday afternoon. I havent been there for Monday and Tuesday but I expect it to be as wild as it was on Saturday night.

For those of you wanting to go, prepare for chaos. Traffic is a nightmare, you can not park anywhere. Start getting into shape because you will be walking everywhere. It is very exhausting. There will be a million people on a street that is like 11 blocks long. People sleep, eat, shiat, and walk around butt naked in the French Quarter. If you are thinking about it but not sure, you need to go.

FarkFest 2002 will be an experience, I guarantee you. Sign up now and get your money in soon so we can reserve a room!
2001-10-06 08:33:10 PM  
Shouldn't this be under BOOBIES?
2001-10-06 11:03:06 PM  
All Boobies are now in the Classifieds...
2001-10-07 12:21:50 AM  
Take it from a six year veteran of New Orleans, you will have much more fun if you go out of the quarter and go Uptown along the streetcar line. Seriously. Heck this is Anne Rice's neighborhood. It is very cool. I might just show up for this. Sounds like great fun.

~ Pinky ~
2001-10-07 12:05:06 PM  
We'll be uptown on St. Charles for the parades during the day. Check out the web site and you will see. This isn't just in the quarter. Sign up and join us, we'll have some locals partying with us
2001-10-08 05:34:36 PM  
I'll be there
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