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18683 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 May 2003 at 4:29 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-30 01:24:46 AM  
Ah, classic. My understanding is that on the school's trip to Spain last year, the two students who got busted for alcohol in their room had to help one of the teachers back to her room the night they were grounded. She was completely smashed.
2003-05-30 01:25:39 AM  
My school's trip to Spain, that is.
2003-05-30 02:29:24 AM  
That's farking hilarious. It can only get better if TSG manages to stumble across said picture.
2003-05-30 04:33:50 AM  
Where's the PIC! Dammit

2003-05-30 04:34:59 AM  
Alcohol is evil.

Think of the children!!!
2003-05-30 04:38:18 AM  
How long did her keg stand last?

I much prefer to what is commonly referred to as "hitting the beer bong" to doing keg stands.
2003-05-30 04:39:05 AM  
Were these 10 year-olds or 20 year-old students who are only 'under-age' because of America's draconian drinking laws? The article doesn't say. That said, if they're strong enough to hold a teacher upside-down, I'm guessing they're pretty old.
2003-05-30 04:39:32 AM  
A keg AND the funnel, THATS how it starts!
2003-05-30 04:45:15 AM  
What? High school students drink? Well.. i never..
2003-05-30 04:48:08 AM  
Drinking is not a game, people!
2003-05-30 04:49:44 AM  
Give me a bottle
and a motherfarkin' cup
So me and the boys
Can get all farked up
2003-05-30 04:51:23 AM  
We never had trips overseas when I was in high school.

If the school is going to sanction and chaperone such events - they damn well better set a good example for the students.
2003-05-30 04:54:23 AM  
High school seniors, no less. Most of these kids are going to be in college three months from now.

Oh no! Protect the children!

That said, teachers doing keg stands with 17 and 18 year old kids isn't too bright. But I can certainly see a "look the other way" attitude.
2003-05-30 04:54:40 AM  
It goes back to this idea of "befriending" rather than "mentoring" your students...
2003-05-30 04:56:28 AM  
If you're old enough to hold someone upside down for a keg stand, you're old enough to drink.
2003-05-30 04:57:20 AM  
The above is brought to you by the dad who's chaperoning the prom dance this weekend. Woo! PARTY!!!!
2003-05-30 04:58:38 AM  
The regularly scheduled entertainment must not have showed up.

"Hey kids, Wanna see something really cool?"
2003-05-30 04:58:40 AM  
I am a teacher, and that horrifies me to no end.
I do wonder though, are those teachers "highly qualified" consumers of beer?

Oh, and to Ken_Iseeum, there is a fine line between befriending and mentoring, its called professionalism, something that those teachers obviously lack.
2003-05-30 05:00:50 AM  
Judge these teachers on their choice of beer... and did anyone sing "hot for teacher"... what came of it? What percentage of Medford citizens live in "mobile" homes?
2003-05-30 05:00:58 AM  
I had great respect for some of the teachers I had throughout elementary and HS...

I don't remember any of them embarrassing themselves like this...
2003-05-30 05:01:08 AM  
Exactly what is the point of a keg stand? Seems like it would work AGAINST drinking more.
2003-05-30 05:03:34 AM  
Well this did happen in OKC...

Maybe cow-tipping was not an option.
2003-05-30 05:14:46 AM  
After one of my school's sports teams lost a big game last year, they all partied, and the coach's wife partied with them. One of my friends, the manager of the team, has a picture of the wife doing a keg stand while supported by students.

The catch? The wife's a celebrity, and has been on the cover of around five national magazines.
2003-05-30 05:17:04 AM  
This kind of thing happens at family reunions and it's okay.

It just isn't the same for a school function.
2003-05-30 05:18:44 AM  
The only stupid thing that happened was allowing a photo to be taken, you could deny it all day long if there was no photo evidence. While I agree that this kinda blurs the teacher/student relationship too much I don't really think that it endangers 17-18yo kids any more than they already endanger themselves. I wholeheartedly believe that our puritan attitude twards alcohol and other drugs is THE biggest reason for their excessive abuse in this country, you're not really rebelling if the grown-ups don't care. I'm not saying h.s. kids wouldn't drink otherwise but they probably wouldn't drink themselves to death on a regular basis.
2003-05-30 05:21:11 AM  
I am a teacher at a boarding school here in Switzerland. We have about 40 countries represented, with most of the students being American, then Italian, then Brazilian and Turkish. The jrs. and srs. are allowed to drink wine or beer but no hard liquor until they're 18, and they all have very low breathalyzer limits. Basically two drinks will be over the limit for jrs and three for srs. We had prom last night and we told the hotel staff to slow down their refill rate because we went through 65 bottles in an hour. It was a fun night, but some of the kids that had 'checked out with their parents' (and therefore would not be breathalyzed back at the dorm) got pretty drunk. But no major infractions and it was a quiet night. We were drinking too, but making sure to take it easy.

I just started working here in January though, and it is weird to see students drinking.
2003-05-30 05:21:36 AM  
Keg stands work off the pressure in the Keg, Its more force than the gravity in your stomach so It fills you as long as you stay up there. I usually get to the point tho where I just stick the nozzle in my mouth and let it flow long after any one is willing to lift me up.
2003-05-30 05:24:52 AM  
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Recovering alcoholic
2003-05-30 05:33:29 AM  
That is the coolest teacher ever!

Then again, maybe I shouldn't be writing after coming home from the bar.
And again, what the hell am I doing on the internet after coming home from the bar? And why is my writing still legible. Goddamnit, I'm a total nerd. :)
2003-05-30 05:36:09 AM  
Well, then... if she was demonstrating a principle of physics... then I'm all for furthering their education.
2003-05-30 05:36:55 AM  
bah...the parents are pissed cause they werent invited.
2003-05-30 05:38:32 AM  

I got freaked about when a former teacher (one of the few people I actually keep up with from high school) offered me a beer when I was visiting him. I was still under 21 at the time too, but I guess he figured I was mature enough.

Go to bed now and sleep. It is almost time for me to go to lunch
2003-05-30 05:43:09 AM  
And how many of these complaining parents have ever met their kid's teachers?

In my small hometown, everyone knew everyone, and character issues didn't pop up as surprises very often.

Parents must continuously play the ACTIVE role in the lives of their children - not just when "bad" things happen.
2003-05-30 05:43:46 AM  
Seriously, it's that late?

It's only 3:40 am where I am. I guess I'd be pretty freaked out if a teacher asked me for a beer. I'm more a fan of the girly drinks.

Heh, no seriously though, you're right. I should be going to bed. But I'm not tired yet. Maybe in an hour. And the legal drinking age here in Edmonton (canada) is 18, so a teacher offering me a drink (at 20) wouldn't be that weird. Although I guess I'd no longer look at him as a 'mentor' or anything like that.
2003-05-30 06:10:35 AM  
I'm generally about as laid back a guy as you'll find, but maybe I'm more of a fuddy-duddy than I realize.

I for one, think the teacher really screwed the pooch. As Mantix said above, there's a fine line between mentoring your students and befriending them. Students don't need more "pals" or drinking buddies, they need good teachers to educate them and help guide them along the path to adulthood.

It reminds me of when I was in high school, and there were always that handful of really "liberal" parents who were boozing it up or smoking weed with their kids or their kids' friends. It seemed strange to me how often they'd be labelled "really cool." I guess I can sort of understand, but to me it always seemed kind of pathetic.

It's one thing to have a beer with your kids, or even to allow them to have a party while you chaperone and make sure no one drives, it's another thing altogether to be out in the backyard funneling and doing keg stands with them. "Woohoo, I'm gonna party it up with my teenage kids and their teenage friends." I know one lady who even slept with a couple of her daughter's friends. Hell, she probably slept with more of her daughter's classmates than her daughter did.

I thank god my folks and my teachers weren't like that. I had enough people to drink and smoke with, I didn't need any more "buddies." I was glad to have parents, and I'm glad I had teachers.
2003-05-30 06:12:02 AM  
reason #22 college is better than high school: it's cool if the prof gives the students a drink.

(oh and being able to vote, but not drink = farktarded logic)
2003-05-30 06:15:07 AM  
"I guess I can sort of understand, but to me it always seemed kind of pathetic."

That should be "I can sort of understand why the kids would brand them as 'cool.'" I can't understand why the parents/teachers would behave that way at all. I definitely think that's kind of pathetic.
2003-05-30 06:30:22 AM  
WHERES THE PIC?! am i the only one pondering this?
2003-05-30 06:30:42 AM  
sniff, why wasnt my teachers like that?
really, if they were, i might have had the slightest respect for them :)
2003-05-30 06:49:55 AM  
Varulv - sniff, why wasnt my teachers like that?
really, if they were, i might have had the slightest respect for them :)

***Yep, it's pretty clear that you didn't have much respect for your teachers.***

That was the joke I was going to make before I looked at your profile and realized you're from Norway. I'm sure your English is better than my Norwegian, so I decided to shut the fark up. :)
2003-05-30 06:56:27 AM  
Reminds me of a school trip I once went on. Music trip, to Musicfest Canada in Ottawa/Hull a few years back. Teachers supposed to walk around the hotel at 10 to make sure everyone was in their rooms sleeping. Well, my teachers didn't make it back from the bars until well after midnight, and when they got to my room I had a bowl lit up,all they did was ask if there was any for them. The next night they didn't hit the bars. They came to the room where the big party was at, and drank with their students all night. The best part was, even tho they would party with us, they refused to buy any alcohol for us... well, me being the only student of legal age on the trip worked well for me. Went wih $20, came home with over $150, and didn't pay for a thing the whole trip.
2003-05-30 07:00:25 AM  
Oh yeah, the legal drinking age is 21 over there isn't it? Why do you live there again?
2003-05-30 07:02:51 AM  
Give yourself a Gold Star Technicolor-misfit for looking before leaping...

Good work, my boy!
2003-05-30 07:21:13 AM  
I'm sure that when I was 16 I would have killed to see my hot French teacher getting loopy and doing things only kids would approve of...

But alas, now I am a parent and while I may still fantasize of such things.... I expect only the finest for my kids.
2003-05-30 07:30:14 AM  
Dancin_In_Anson - Give yourself a Gold Star Technicolor-misfit for looking before leaping...

Good work, my boy!

I try... I spend enough time with my foot in my mouth in the real world. God knows I don't need to do it online.

I do however know a little bit of Norwegian. My great-grandparents were Norwegian, and a really good friend's parents are from Norway. Her mom used to teach me bits of Norwegian when she was in town from Minnesota.

Unfortunately, none of it is even remotely useful. It's stuff like "Torst Skilpadder," which is the name of a bar we used to hang out at.
2003-05-30 07:36:44 AM  
I'm in my 40's now. I remember a couple girls always had cameras at our parties. 'Sure would like to look through those photos today, with all those shiat-faced friends from another time (Dazed and Confused is one movie that got it right). How the &%#@ did a parent get a hold of the photo - sacred code broken.
2003-05-30 07:49:54 AM  
Our senior class was not allowed to do the proverbial "senior trip" - our class had been nothing but trouble from seventh grade on (Catholic School). Anyway, they took us on this "retreat" on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Within 20 minutes, about half of the three bus loads couldn't be found. We were holed up two mountains away, getting the fire ready for a last big party. The Priests figured it out and finally gave up - all the various clicks were getting along for the first time (as far as they knew). It was a great party, much better than the local public school senior party - what with the State Police helocopters and all. Good thing I was familiar with the woods there - a bunch of us made it away ok.

Point is that most of the parents had a pretty good idea what we were up to; most didn't have the time to care. The ones who did, really instilled the wisdom not to be on the streets, around normal civilization, or cause any real trouble - and above all act responsible.

My buddys kid got nailed for underage drinking - he kicked his arse. Not for getting caught, but for coming into town and being stupid, instead of staying out of sight.
2003-05-30 08:09:41 AM  

It reminds me of when I was in high school, and there were always that handful of really "liberal" parents who were boozing it up or smoking weed with their kids or their kids' friends. It seemed strange to me how often they'd be labelled "really cool." I guess I can sort of understand, but to me it always seemed kind of pathetic.

Yeah, there is something wrong with that type of situation. I could completely understand if the parents or teachers (in this case) allowed the students to drink, but they should not be drinking with them. Some one has to be responsible, and I do not think that it is going to be a bunch of drunken teenagers. The kids should be supervised, but parents/teachers could be in the next room or something.

In my experiences of such things, the parents direct involvement ended after the alcohol was purchased and the keys were obtained, as it should.
2003-05-30 08:13:10 AM  
..anyhow, it's only dangerous & destructive if you actually drop the teacher.
(check parents accusations)
wow, google the teacher and you find the e-mail addy, let's all send our letters of support. Teacher's are humans too.
2003-05-30 08:20:22 AM  
Someone get this pic and turn it upside down, and a "crime reconstruction", she's in there somewhere.
[image from too old to be available]
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