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(   Women have sex more often with single dads because single childless men are selfish and immature   ( divider line
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12872 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 May 2003 at 1:36 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-29 10:24:07 PM  
     So that's why I haven't gotten laid in...a long time. Hmph!
2003-05-29 10:43:36 PM  
All men are selfish and immature.
The only difference is women dig guys with kids and pets. And in a way, kids are pets. And vice versa. I mean, how many women do you know that refer to their cats as their "children?" I got rid of my cat because girls paid more attention to him than me. But I'm the one they slept with at the end of the day...
2003-05-29 10:47:35 PM  
Good dogs make great women bait.
2003-05-29 11:36:35 PM  
From whence springs thy self-hatred, Ignom?

The poll for FQ, the nation's first magazine for fathers, found that almost 40 percent of women would have sex on the first date on account of the man revealing his love for his children in conversation.

From a magazine for fathers? Sounds like as suspicious source, I call shenanigans. No way 40% of British women give it at the mention of a rugrat... Or do they? Farkettes?
2003-05-30 12:18:19 AM  
This only works if the Dad is involved with their children's lives. Those are the REAL MEN. REAL MEN are the sexiest!!!
2003-05-30 01:11:38 AM  
Damn all those years of being careful about contraception!
2003-05-30 01:26:27 AM  
40 percent of women would have sex on the first date on account of the man revealing his love for his children in conversation.

Um...As a woman I don't think that one single factor would determine if I slept with a guy or not. It's more a combo of things
2003-05-30 01:37:43 AM  
Well, I'm heading down to the adoption agency. See you guys later.
2003-05-30 01:37:53 AM  
Kick-ass. I just need to have some children, and then I'll get sex!

Wait . . .
2003-05-30 01:39:03 AM  
Anyone got a kid I can borrow for the weekend ? No, I didn't mean...... No, don't call the police..... No, what I meant was....

2003-05-30 01:39:19 AM  
According to a British Poll:

ALL Women want it up the ass, so don't ask them:
Just do it ! And check for their response afterwards...

2003-05-30 01:39:29 AM  
Am not
2003-05-30 01:40:54 AM  

I can tell you that when I wore my wedding ring, it was a chick magnet.

The theories are interesting as to why they like doubt, but the fact remains that there are women who seek that sort of thing out.

Fear of commitment is my guess.
2003-05-30 01:48:29 AM  
I am childless, I plan to stay that way.

I figure, that's more responsible than having a shiatload of rugrats from different mothers.

What about guys that already own their own homes, huh huh?
2003-05-30 01:50:33 AM  
Thats why my 17 year old cousin, who has a kid gets laid every weekend!!!

Thats so bogus. Dudes who knock a chick up usually only do it cause they're getting lucky all the time anyway. So what comes first, the chicken or the egg?
2003-05-30 01:51:01 AM  
Interesting logic here...

Women want sex with single dads... so who wanted to sleep with them in the first place when they weren't dads (because if they weren't dads then, why would women want to sleep with a single childless man)?

I have a headache.

I'm going to sleep.
2003-05-30 01:54:16 AM  
"From now on, all of your names are Bender Junior. Got it?"
2003-05-30 01:55:15 AM  

I'm thinkng you haven't gotten laid due to that goatee thing under your chin. Haaahaa... sorry I accidently clicked on your name and saw the picture. I better Run for the hills before I get hit.(Ducks and Covers)
2003-05-30 01:55:49 AM  
And single moms get more because men figure they make poor decisions about sex partners?

ducks wrath
2003-05-30 01:59:13 AM  
So where is all this sex I am entitled to as a single father?
2003-05-30 02:00:41 AM  
Dark hair...check
Brown eyes...check
Height...19 meters. Someone wanna tell me how tall 19 meters is?
2003-05-30 02:04:01 AM  
"All men are selfish and immature."

I could be wrong, but do you think your dad is selfish and immature?

And I haven't ever had a woman pay any bills for me yet.
2003-05-30 02:04:21 AM  

If you find the line, lemme know. Single dad too.

Farker curse probably exempts us anyhow.
2003-05-30 02:05:38 AM  
All else being equal, I can believe this.

As far as the wedding ring being a magnet, this is also true. Makes me sick. As soon as I slipped that ring on I had more "possibilities" than I ever had before I got married. Idiots.

Go try to fark up someone else's marriage and leave me alone, you low-life buffoon women. I'm not a challenge for you, I'm a farking immovable object. I love my wife.
2003-05-30 02:05:56 AM  
Note to self: Adopt adorable chick-magnet

but keep him locked in the can't trust nobody too close these days...
2003-05-30 02:07:30 AM  

I think it was 1.9 meters, which is about 6'3"
2003-05-30 02:10:11 AM  

Oh and who gives a shiat what women think or want? Instead of having a stupid ass kid, just buy a farking porsche.
2003-05-30 02:10:28 AM  
Grivas: you da man...lmao
2003-05-30 02:12:21 AM  
Nearly 60 feet luckybob. Thats a very tall something.
2003-05-30 02:13:40 AM  
As a single father who is now married(to the mother), I can also verify that a kid and a ring are instant chick-magnets, for some damn reason. Pisses me off, really.....
2003-05-30 02:14:03 AM  
This story should've received the
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag because of some blanket assumptions some asshats decide to make about single men without children.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-30 02:17:33 AM  
I think that I'm gonna try that weddding ring thing. I'm imagining all sorts of amusing scenarios where I have been playin some attractive/broken chick who has a thing for married men. After I get bored, I break the news that I'm actually single, watch her freak out and leave, mwahahahaha so easy to get rid of too!
2003-05-30 02:22:22 AM  
where as married men with kids gets none for 18 years..Wheres the justice?
2003-05-30 02:25:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-30 02:25:14 AM  
This is my kid:

[image from too old to be available]

Okay, farkettes, have at me!

(Actually, you would be amazed at how many girls think this is cool as hell.)

(His name is Andy Rhett, by the way, and he was born in the Cabbage Patch on October 1st.)
2003-05-30 02:26:05 AM  
I'd like to read the article, it sounds goofy enough, gauging from the comments; the little globe just keeps on spinning and spinning....
2003-05-30 02:27:34 AM  
..It aint armed robbery if the gun aint loaded
2003-05-30 02:27:42 AM  
teH m37riC 5Ys7eM 0wnZ0RZ u f4gg37 B3Ar!!!!
2003-05-30 02:30:40 AM  
Father of three, I came to the conclusion that there are three kinds of women;

1- Our Mothers and sisters.
2- Women that can bring good healthy babies, lots of them.
3- Sex objects. Some come for money, some for fun, and some for competing with other women ofr who got the stud over night.

BTW; Respect level is highest at No.1, steps down at No.2, rock bottom at No. 3

Of course you never tell No.3 that. They already know it, and enjoy it, and happy with it. If they do not know it, you pretend that this scale does not exist, cause you want the sex, no more.
2003-05-30 02:30:57 AM  
oh I get it....Lose the wife then I get sex more than twice in my life.

/goes to plan "hiking" trip to Siberia for spouce
2003-05-30 02:33:00 AM  
Master yoda forgot to figure drugs in group three, some cum for a half an 8
2003-05-30 02:33:06 AM  
Dude..that doll is ghey
2003-05-30 02:33:43 AM  

The perfect man, it found, was 1,9m tall with black hair, brown eyes, a muscular build, and a variety of interests ranging from sports to literature.

Coming from a man, this would piss women off.
The perfect woman i find, is 4'2", naturally blonde, one eye,extra jumbo knockers, and has interests ranging from sex to cooking.
2003-05-30 02:35:03 AM  
What I learned from this thread:

Cats, dogs, and children are chick fluffers.
2003-05-30 02:35:42 AM  
Doesn't matter what you think. Just what the girls think.

Emily thinks it's funny. She sleeps with me. :)
2003-05-30 02:36:20 AM  
I'm thinking that the men that are getting it are able to have a cohesive, intelligent conversation about life over an evening. That's what gets women into bed, frankly. Massage the brain, the rest will follow.
2003-05-30 02:36:50 AM  
The paradox here is any decent dad spends all his time iwth the child and has no time to accept sex...:-(
2003-05-30 02:41:58 AM  
Hip_about_time ......hmmmm, the mind of the jedi at the young age.

I see that you know how to be a jedi, women like that.

My the force be with you, hip.
2003-05-30 02:44:25 AM  
2003-05-30 02:44:43 AM  

exactly what I was thinking.

Hey I'm married, but have no kid and the wedding ring hasn't caused anything different to happen.

I guess I just lead a dull life.
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