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(Some Guy) Video Point and click warfare: IR video of American pilots picking off fleeing troops with massive bombs   ( divider line
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26785 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 May 2003 at 8:55 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-29 04:43:51 PM  
IR kicks ass. I wish my remote could do this. I'd point it at my neighbor's house.
2003-05-29 06:10:44 PM  
"Making friends in Afghanastan"

Sounds like a Sesame Street segment.

/anyone else notice they spelled Afghanistan wrong?
2003-05-29 08:58:50 PM  
2003-05-29 08:59:23 PM  
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There are too many people accessing the Web site at this time.

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2003-05-29 08:59:32 PM  
farked already???
2003-05-29 09:00:04 PM  
It's dead, Jim.
2003-05-29 09:00:05 PM  
nope not farked. I saw this about 3-4 months ago. MMM infared gibs.
2003-05-29 09:00:40 PM  
Even when I got in, the video never loads.
2003-05-29 09:00:49 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 273 times.

That's quite a server you got there...
2003-05-29 09:00:53 PM  
Boy, gotta love these high-powered Microsoft IIS webservers. Farked instantly.
2003-05-29 09:01:30 PM  
2003-05-29 09:02:35 PM  
I'm on it now...not Farked.

I hereby declare my home to be a Mosque.
2003-05-29 09:02:44 PM  
2003-05-29 09:03:21 PM  
Man! If I had one of those in my car...I'd never get a speeding ticket again!
2003-05-29 09:05:25 PM  
I don't care if they're holding white flags, kissing a picture of dubya, wearing a tacky flag shirt, and putting out their Christmas decorations...turn them into red clouds of mist.

Speaking of this server's admins not the bad guys of course...
2003-05-29 09:05:34 PM  
Can anybody who got in snip a still for the rest of us?
2003-05-29 09:05:55 PM  
That poor sumbiatch running must've been scared to death! WOW.
2003-05-29 09:06:03 PM  
Best. video. ever.
2003-05-29 09:06:13 PM  
How can they keep that stationary view on their targets?
2003-05-29 09:07:23 PM  
Bah farked already, anyone mirrored it?
2003-05-29 09:07:34 PM  
2003-05-29 09:08:18 PM  
If this is that ac-130 video, that sucker is OLD.
2003-05-29 09:09:14 PM  
I believe it's video of a AC-130. The plane flies a wide circle around the target while the gunner hunts targets with a 120mm howitzer sticking out the side, I believe. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
2003-05-29 09:09:29 PM  
electronic object tracking is common, Nvidiot.
It reduces the shakiness of the picture in your vidio camera.
2003-05-29 09:10:05 PM  
Holy shiate! That's like playing a friggen' video, we sure do make it easy to kill now. I wanna rejoin!
2003-05-29 09:10:38 PM  
Okay the page loaded... so where's the video? Oh, do I need to use Microsoft IE in order to properly view webpages served by Windows 2000 Server now? wtf
2003-05-29 09:11:38 PM  
download clip here:
2003-05-29 09:11:40 PM  
So this is a vidio of Puff, the magic dragon, in action, Dude?
2003-05-29 09:12:24 PM  
this is sick.
2003-05-29 09:13:06 PM  
I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but I hate seeing this kind of thing.

I can't understand anyone celebrating in death and destruction.

Yes, Al-Queada [sp?] attacked the US (not the Taliban mind you).
Yes, you have the right to retaliate.

But I just don't like seeing pictures of anyone getting killed. I just don't get off on seeing human life taken.

And, rest assured, I'm fully aware of the usual stock phrases that shall be thrown my way, like

"War is hell"
"They deserve it"
"Don't watch it if you don't like it"

blah blah

I just don't like people celebrating the killing of any human being. I can't understand anyone considering it entertainment. Same reason I think web-sites like Ogrish are sick. Each to their own I suppose.

And, for the record, I'm not a rabid anti-war activist.

Mr Mephisto

Flame away...
2003-05-29 09:13:34 PM  
Circling... that explains it. Pretty nifty, just lead the target a bit and your buddies on the ground take care of everything. No wonder the US moves through wars in a matter of weeks.
2003-05-29 09:13:34 PM  
I can't believe I misspelled "video" twice.
I know I suck for spelling, but jeeze!
2003-05-29 09:13:36 PM  
See what you did to Granny's web server.....
2003-05-29 09:14:07 PM  
few more mirrors:
2003-05-29 09:14:16 PM  
Mr Mephisto
Absolutely. Big ditto from the peanut gallery.
2003-05-29 09:14:35 PM  
Spooky strikes again.
2003-05-29 09:15:04 PM  
My tax dollars at work.
2003-05-29 09:15:16 PM  
For all those folks having problems seeing the video because MS products create horrid HTML and only load in IE on MS Windows (doesn't even load on Mac IE), here is the direct link to the file (which you will need to open in yet another MS app:

the video (WMV)
2003-05-29 09:15:20 PM  
Next time explosions start going off all around me, I'll be sure to zig-zag, the whole straight line thing doesn't work too well.
2003-05-29 09:15:29 PM  
Another fine example of how WINDOZE BLOWS.
2003-05-29 09:16:30 PM  
This video is way old! Howard Stearn showed it like a month ago. I have it burned to CD. KEEP AN EYE ON THE FLYING BRIgHT SPOTS WHEN THE BOMBS EXPLODE. Body Parts.

Let the bodies hit the floor!
2003-05-29 09:16:31 PM  
hoo mother farkin' rah!
2003-05-29 09:17:22 PM  
Look, someone's getting away.. let's drop a 2000 pound bomb on them.
2003-05-29 09:17:49 PM  
This is 7 minutes long. Geez.

Love how they discuss whether or not to hit a mosque...
2003-05-29 09:17:59 PM  
Ah now that I can see it, yeah its an old clip from Afghanistan thats been floating around for a while.
2003-05-29 09:18:16 PM  
Bah.. can't even post the link cause their sever doesn't support the file type!.. well here it is just copy/paste:

mms://​cd4334fb 48f35c7c78190_AC130_GunshipMed.wmv

Apparently MS IE on Mac can't even view the video directly, and MS html is horrid enough where other browsers see nothing at all.. wtf.. Oh and the video needs to be opened in an MS media player btw :P
2003-05-29 09:19:14 PM  
Dolfin: Actually, they are more like 500 pounders in most cases.

Hell of a way we Americans spend our tax dollars eh!
2003-05-29 09:19:57 PM  
Mr. Mephisto, keelin
thats great guys.
2003-05-29 09:20:21 PM  
2003-05-29 09:20:26 PM  
jeez, this is an old video......made the rounds on the DOD e-mail circuit a while back
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