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(Some Guy) Video Point and click warfare: IR video of American pilots picking off fleeing troops with massive bombs   ( divider line
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26785 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 May 2003 at 8:55 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-29 09:20:35 PM  
Wow, support our troops.. what heroes... they can fly around safely in the sky, press a button and incinerate a third-world army.
2003-05-29 09:20:58 PM  
All the money spent on each one of those bombs could have been used on building a university on that site and educating all thos wasted people
2003-05-29 09:20:59 PM  
For those asking yes this is an AC-130 Puff the Magic Dragon/Spooky/Spectre. Pretty cool. We have about 20 of them or so. The large weapon firing is a 105mm cannon. It also has some serious 40mm and/or 25mm guns.

I can't imagine what it would be like to fly when that 105 is firing. I love C-130s.
2003-05-29 09:22:00 PM  
I should rephrase, I'm glad my tax dollars went to killing those terrorist b@stards.
2003-05-29 09:22:01 PM  
I find it sickening too...
2003-05-29 09:22:35 PM  
Hmm... The bombs dont look too accurate ~_^
2003-05-29 09:23:33 PM  
these poor people are running for their lives, literally just trying to stay a live. they could have no idea where they are being attacked from, they just know that they are running and the bombs keep following them and they dont know where to run to.

and yet i still find it slightly amusing.

does that make me a bad person?

2003-05-29 09:24:07 PM  
And all was laid to burnination.
2003-05-29 09:24:21 PM  
Mr Mephisto:

I'm with you.
I've seen one dead body. That's enough.
2003-05-29 09:24:23 PM  
If they are running away from you, isn't that like shooting them in the back?
2003-05-29 09:24:53 PM  
Wow, that's pretty sad. What if some of those "white moving dots" were women carrying children?

It's sick that they laugh at the guy being blown in half.

Farking disgusting.

Flame on, biatches.
2003-05-29 09:25:12 PM  
or it could have been spent on office supplies, paperwork, and beauracracy.

The point your trying to make is fairly mediocre. I guess you are saying we shouldnt have gone to war because we could have spent the money on buildings which could have been knocked down?

Oh, and theres such a thing as a budget. If there was no war, that money would not have been spent on 'education'
2003-05-29 09:25:19 PM  
Hell. As long as we won with as few of our troops dead as possible, more power to them.

If they ran away, and came back the next day, people would be biatching and US/Aussie/UK troops would be dead.

Better them than us.
2003-05-29 09:25:25 PM  
they can fly around safely in the sky, press a button and incinerate a third-world army

That's right. It is about winning not giving your enemy a chance to kill you.
2003-05-29 09:25:30 PM  
Hey Port_Wine_Boy.
We only have twenty of these ? I had figured there were a bunch more. I can't attest to being in one when it fires. Underneath on the other hand was a humbling experience .....
2003-05-29 09:26:16 PM  
This is actually kindof disturbing ^^;;

They are picking of real people, and it's just like a video game.
2003-05-29 09:26:46 PM  
2003-05-29 09:27:02 PM  
2003-05-29 09:28:00 PM  
Lemures: Your not a bad person for thinking this blowing up terrorist people stuff is way cool.

2003-05-29 09:28:14 PM  
The video is Farked. So I shall reserve comment.
2003-05-29 09:28:33 PM  
The target being attacked is never identified. From the number of vehicles parked around, it looks like the headquarters of an army unit. Iraqi headquarters units commonly used hospitals, mosques, and schools as facilities during the recent campaign. If these soldiers would have just run into the mosque instead of running away, they would have all lived. As far as I'm concerned, this clip should be spread far and wide, to let potential enemies know what the United States of America can do to cruel societies who desire its bloody destruction.
2003-05-29 09:28:49 PM  
And another thing. There is probably a LRS or FST team close enough to have blood splattering on them, on the ground calling in the fire.
2003-05-29 09:28:59 PM  
those bombs cost a lot, and that one guy that evaded 15 missiles before they finally got his ass.. his life cost millions..
2003-05-29 09:29:20 PM  
Mr Mephisto

Damnit man, couldn't you wait to post that and make me think about this in a sensible fashion until AFTER I'd watched it and laughed?

Still, very good post.

I'm off to go watch this and pretend it's quake for a moment.

/disconnected somewhat from reality
2003-05-29 09:29:28 PM  
These sorts of videos do serve a useful purpose though. They send a very clear message: can't we all get along? Because if you hurt Americans, you will die.

Perhaps this sort of thing will discourage future terrorist incidents.
2003-05-29 09:29:29 PM  
Just sick. They just should have packed that bird full of ammo and just say "On" and "Off". With a laser that would show up better on that scope. No permissions. Just lay on those guns.

Powerups would help too.
2003-05-29 09:29:36 PM  
this is horrible that people are finding some sort of joy in seeing other humans blown to bits

its sick behavior and you need to be checked out of if you get jollies off stuff like this
2003-05-29 09:30:10 PM  
The explosions are not bombs. Those are the rounds from the howitzer that is pointing out the side of the airplane.

Each "boom" is probably less than $1000.
2003-05-29 09:30:18 PM  
geezuz guys would you stop your whining and biatching? christ. if you had half a clue about how servers work you'd know *why* that message is coming up. Apache on Linux can produce the same damn message if configured the same way.

so please, unless you have a clue, shut the fark up.
2003-05-29 09:30:21 PM  
Always disconcerting to see so many farkers cheer for what is the cowardly slaughter of human beings. The real shame is that those who bomb and kill with the help of those videogame-like weaponry are then called "heroes." I'm sorry for them, and for their soul.
2003-05-29 09:30:33 PM  
05-29-03 09:22:35 PM DangerMouse55

Hmm... The bombs dont look too accurate ~_^

Actually they look extremely accurate. It does take a minute for the SHELL to get from the plane to the ground though.. notice how the gunner was leading them?
2003-05-29 09:30:40 PM  
HOLY FARKING DFJKLDJFL:! I knew that kid! We went to High School and played Football...Damn shame to...we had some good times..Miss you Brett....
2003-05-29 09:30:47 PM  
Perhaps this sort of thing will discourage future terrorist incidents.

And international complicity to the housing and funding terrorists.
2003-05-29 09:30:53 PM  

Sometimes life is just priceless!
2003-05-29 09:31:27 PM  
Oh shiate! Wrong thread! SAorry
2003-05-29 09:31:51 PM  
OK from the description, this is a fairly old video, first released during rhe Afghanistan action. And in war, killing enemy combatants is part of the mission. You sure as fark don't want to leave them to kill YOU.

Hoo motherfarking Rah indeed.

That's the way its done. Kept us from having to kill more of them by scaring the piss out of them.

That is the way it's done, ladies and gentlemen. Skip the knives and clubs and go straight to the big guns. Less people die that way in the long run.

Of course the liberal apologists* for muslim extremism would rather we had gone in with our hands tied behind our back in a "fair" fight. They WANTED our boys to die, because they wanted us to "learn a lesson".

fark global socialism sideways with a MOAB.

* This is not to imply that all liberals were apologists for muslim extremists, just that all of said apologists were liberals and/or socialists)
2003-05-29 09:32:00 PM  
Speaking of the surrealization of violence, I saw the Austrian movie "Funny Games" for the second time, last night. It's still, easily, one of the most horrifying movies I've ever seen.
2003-05-29 09:32:05 PM  
i now predict every other building to be built is going to be a mosque
2003-05-29 09:32:23 PM  
I'm hoping it's some kind of military regulation that the guy in the plane has to say "boom" every time a bomb he drops explodes. Cuz if he's just amusing himself, like it sounds like he's doing, then he's not the type of person that I would want to give a pocketknife, let alone a big plane with lots of explosives.
2003-05-29 09:32:53 PM  
If they run, they're terrorists. If they stand still, they're well disciplined terrorists.

jebus h. christ I think I have a hard-on.

/too much Full Metal Jacket. hell, we even got to watch it for winning the firing range in boot camp. hoo rah!
2003-05-29 09:33:45 PM  
old hat
2003-05-29 09:34:09 PM  
Poop-n-Slop, to my knowledge, that was a terrorist/al-qaeda 'camp' (hence the reason they were allowed to raze the building next to the mosque). The likelyhood of there being women there, let alone women carrying babies, would have been extremely unlikely.
2003-05-29 09:34:32 PM  
Proton: Jesus disagrees with you. So does the Buddha, and just about every founder of every religion out there. Just because some nutcases have hijacked Islam and committed atrocious acts doesn't mean one should ever rejoice in the death of another human being.
2003-05-29 09:34:53 PM  

I'm not seeing a lot of apologists on this thread (although I bet I'm labelled as one damn quick).

The folks that are horrified by the video aren't saying the action was unjust, just that the celebratory glee that some feel by watching death makes some people puke.
2003-05-29 09:34:55 PM  
PS. That video is very old, and is taken from an AC-130 Gunship over afghanistan.
2003-05-29 09:35:24 PM  

It's not exactly joy...but it is amazing. It's like an xbox game out there. When I was in the service we had to shoot enemies while we looked at them. This does bring us a bit further from the reality of war. And, hey...war is going to happen.
2003-05-29 09:35:34 PM  
Honestly? The majority of you sicken me.

"Oooo, cool! Body parts! Haha, they just killed that brown guy! That'll show Osama!"

You're all large assmonkeys. God. Those are people dying. People running for their lives, and you applaude America for laughing and killing them? Doesn't that strike you as a bit dangerously desensitized? Sick? Depraved? FRIGHTENING?
2003-05-29 09:36:22 PM  
farking html!
2003-05-29 09:36:56 PM  
Towards the end of the video they also uncover an entrance to a tunnel network in a nearby mountainside that they had intel on being owned and used by al-queda operatives.
2003-05-29 09:37:02 PM  
GojiraXP: Hoo farking Rahhhh!!!!
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