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(Independent News)   Are the Iron Chefs and other celebrity chefs pushing the Anglerfish towards extinction?   ( divider line
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1028 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Oct 2001 at 9:41 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-06 10:10:27 AM  
i dunno but i like angelFOOD cake... mmmmmmmmmm
2001-10-06 10:19:42 AM  
I have been saying this very thing for years. I mean, just the other night, I said to Muffy and Biff over drinks, I said........
2001-10-06 11:25:45 AM  
I just got back from my (wife's) Orlando Disney Vacation. I also went to Emeril's at the Orlando Citywalk. $120 for dinner for two. I didn't see any anglerfish, though.

BTW, if you want to go to Disney, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Hotels are empty and desperate. The longest line I saw was 35 minutes (Big Thunder Mountain) and most rides you can walk up to and ride within minutes (or just walk up, in the case of Pirates of the Carribean and Small World).
2001-10-06 11:59:07 AM  

Endangered Species laws are unconstitutional in this country and damn insulting. It appears your Pagan animal gods aren't blessing any bears, and God isn't, because Bears don't go to heaven and Man rules over all the animals.
2001-10-06 12:10:48 PM  
2001-10-06 12:17:03 PM  
It is ashame.
2001-10-06 01:35:05 PM  
i don't think the iron chefs are pushing for anything since they are cancelled.
2001-10-06 01:44:30 PM  
The real question is is why would anyone want to eat a fish that farking ugy.
2001-10-06 04:42:52 PM  
"Hamish Morrison, the SSF's chief executive, said: "It is true there are a hell of a lot fewer of them now than there were 20 years ago. Monkfish are victims of their own success."

Professional, very professional.
2001-10-06 05:06:25 PM  
Let me guess the anglerfish has a creamy nougat center? What makes anglerfish so tasty so reveared? I hate fish. And any real american would rather have burger, or a ball park weiner! Only afghan rebels and commies eat anglerfish.
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