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(Bad Mouth)   The Star Wars Kid enters the Matrix. The Star Wars Kid Reloaded   ( divider line
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34598 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 May 2003 at 3:01 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-29 01:45:47 AM  
That was great, even better than the Star Wars remix of it, I'm thinking.
2003-05-29 01:52:31 AM  
Only would be cooler if he was hitting Agent Smiths with that staff.
2003-05-29 01:57:10 AM  

Some mirrors of the file incase it gets farked:

The Sideshow Guys-


Finally, courtesy 103.3 The Zone:

View the
Original Video

and the
Lightsaber Remix

and the Star Wars Kid

2003-05-29 02:49:12 AM  
That's so funny it hurts. Sometimes, I wish I ended up an accidental internet celebrity.
2003-05-29 02:54:46 AM  
I was actually wondering if somebody would do this. Although I was expecting something more along the lines of what Ricardo was thinking.
2003-05-29 03:08:49 AM  
That never fails to crack me up.
2003-05-29 03:09:03 AM  
his sever is about to get nailed
downloading now

i would hate to be that fat kid in the videos
well i would hate to be any fat kid, but this one alot more than most

i hear they raised 4 grand for the fat kid and got him an ipod and other things, sheesh in my day we just use to tease fat kids
2003-05-29 03:11:48 AM  
See, it wouldn't be funny with a skinny kid like me. :(

/wishes he was fat and could make money
2003-05-29 03:12:56 AM  
It's very nearly Farked now.
2003-05-29 03:13:44 AM  
Mirror works great. thanks for putting that up..

good, but nothing will top the PizzaMatrix at somethingawful..
2003-05-29 03:14:01 AM  
That... was just hilarious. I can't stop laughing.
2003-05-29 03:14:09 AM  
aw, the vid doesn't seem to work for me.
2003-05-29 03:14:36 AM  
Cool.. but I was really hoping they were going to work in some bullet time somehow.
2003-05-29 03:15:22 AM  
It's my site, and there is no way that server will survive the power of a FARK onslaught--not for a video link at any rate.

I pay $45 per year for hosting.

The site's funny though. Come back and visit once the server recovers from being nuked.
2003-05-29 03:17:05 AM  
Bit Torrent link for the first Video

Bit Torrent link for the Remix Video

Bit Torrent link for Reloaded Video

Have fun.
2003-05-29 03:18:11 AM  
wth... I did the HTML correctly and everything... bleh...

If you have Bit Torrent installed just copy them to your IE(or what ever) address bar.
2003-05-29 03:24:41 AM  
I showed this to my mates at work... Very funny (I think they'll be signing up too)...

The Virus that is FARK grows!!!
2003-05-29 03:25:35 AM  
this was hillarious. I also suggest getting it from a mirror.

Anyone got a link to that pizzamatrix thing? I'd like to see that.
2003-05-29 03:26:10 AM  
bit torrent 4lyfe!!!11one

yah.. i download SP that way. neat idea.. will be big :)
2003-05-29 03:37:41 AM  
wicked. but someone's gotta get some new footage of that kid. if he lived in my city, id follow his every move, paparazzi style.
2003-05-29 03:38:34 AM  
farking awesome video, and hey, the kid looks like a younger version of Michael Moore!
2003-05-29 03:39:05 AM  
can someone tell me how this got on the internet in the first place? and why the hell were people raising money for this fatass?
2003-05-29 03:43:56 AM  
2003-05-29 03:45:28 AM in the ComedyGoldmine section.. it should still be on the mainpage on the right...

the Ps was incredible.. the movie containing the animations and synched to the music is beyond belief..

bake up neo..
2003-05-29 03:47:30 AM  
I heard 2 stories.
1. He left the tape in the recorder he used in the school av department.

2. He gave the cassette to a friend almost a year later without taping over his performance. His friend and some other kids put it on kazaa.

The rest is history.

Oh and some blogger tracked him down in canada and asked him what hardware he was into. He wanted an ipod so they started a collection. They felt sorry for his embarrassment. See for the whole story.
2003-05-29 03:48:20 AM

Lots of mirrors for you Anti_Freak_Machine. Enjoy.

Also, The Filmbandit's redubbing of the original MR trailer is good.


"The rumors are true!"
2003-05-29 04:05:58 AM  
This is old news. There's also a Mortal Kombat one. Anyone know of others?
2003-05-29 04:15:19 AM  
Seriously, what took Fark so long to get to this one?
2003-05-29 04:18:50 AM  
Nothing will ever top Fart Within The Matrix.

That link goes to 3 different versions, including a way too long 5 minute version. There are also plenty of other cool video hacks on the site.
2003-05-29 04:22:55 AM  
That was funny too. The soundboards are the best.. Play the Al Pacino phoneprank.. guaranteed to kill.. or the Jacknicklson one.. you will laugh.. Play some of the soundbites yourself first, then play the pranks, its great.
2003-05-29 04:37:07 AM  
Rolandblais has four versions of this (2 not mentioned as of yet). I still am looking for a link to the "Mortal Kombat" one.
2003-05-29 04:41:40 AM  
erp.. that was of course.. thats where i got the FWTM dumb
2003-05-29 04:44:29 AM  
Mortal Kombat one as requested:

Thanks for the new ones. I'm building a list here if you'd like to contribute. :)
2003-05-29 04:47:26 AM  
that, was the most stupidist thing ive ever seen. I think i'll next inject scenes from hulk into the front of it while playing the trailor soundtrack, and then start strobing the original video making no mind that whats on screen has little to do with the trailor itself.

I want my 20 seconds back.
2003-05-29 06:06:57 AM  
The star wars kid rocks.
2003-05-29 06:07:16 AM  
Dr. Jeff:

"most stupidist" "trailor"

Forget about your 20 seconds; call your school and get your tuition back.
2003-05-29 06:30:57 AM  
I dont know if you guys noticed this, but I just noticed. That kid, in the video? he's fat. Man that's always a laugh riot, because fat people are fat and you just know how that is.

It seems he's eaten a bit more food than he can properly burn off, or perhaps he has a slow metabolism or something. LOL. Man that's always funny.

I think he was pretending to be star wars or something, I couldnt tell, I'm still not past the fact that he's fat LOL.

Also I think lawrence Fishburne is up to like 190 or something LOL
2003-05-29 06:40:01 AM  
I thought he would dodge bullets or something. They put the whole Matrix angle to waste with that un-funny montage.
2003-05-29 06:53:55 AM  
Is anyone else disturbed that the lightsaber remix would probably look damn cool if the kid wasn't such a lard bucket?
2003-05-29 07:22:56 AM  
Someone should put up a bit torrent for files like this. Keep bandwidth down for people hosting.
2003-05-29 07:23:56 AM  
So anyway. Anyone want to see my bellybutton lint collection?
2003-05-29 07:34:57 AM  
And another convenient place to watch the "Reloaded" version:
2003-05-29 07:38:02 AM  
The makers of SWK Reloaded are now my 24 hr. heros.
That was great stuff.
2003-05-29 07:50:42 AM  
I'm hurting inside from laughing so much. Star Wars kid rules! They need to do a crouching tiger hidden dragon one.
2003-05-29 07:51:26 AM  
Or Kill Bill
2003-05-29 07:54:36 AM  
It was amusing to watch with Morpheus' commentary in the background, but other than that there's not much to make it stand out......I agree that somebody who's good with character animations needs to add a few agents or Agent Smiths.
2003-05-29 08:02:57 AM  

I am not EVEN going to try to download that now. Probably tomorrow, once the server has recovered from today's brutal punishing.

I have never even tried to get anything from my site posted on Fark, for just this reason.

2003-05-29 08:20:55 AM  
I am starting to really hate this fat french kid.
2003-05-29 08:22:02 AM  
There is a BitTorrent mirror of all the Star Wars Kid videos here. The "Reloaded" one downloaded in 10 seconds for me from there. Nice.

That said, I didn't think this new one was that creative. It was a rehash of an original idea but lacked the technical talent that made the original so funny. So there.
2003-05-29 08:27:01 AM  
This would be really cool if it weren't a winblows media file.
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