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(   McDonald's sues food critic who called its fries "obscene and tasting of paper"   ( divider line
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11843 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 May 2003 at 12:29 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-28 05:20:58 PM  
My new theory is that if you have a typo in your headline it will be posted.
2003-05-28 05:28:13 PM  
McDonalds fries suck. I like Burger Kings much better.
2003-05-28 05:37:40 PM  
Maybe the poster is Russian.
2003-05-28 05:48:52 PM  
I guess they figured that they've been the target of enough insane lawsuits, it was time they starting dishing it out.
2003-05-28 05:50:00 PM  
those damn vritics!
2003-05-28 06:12:25 PM  
"I was only saying what I thought of fast food and that I find it repulsive."

At least he was nice enough to call it food.
2003-05-28 06:27:22 PM  
Ha! they fixed it:

"McDonald's sues food Vritic who called its fries "obscene and tasting of paper"
2003-05-28 06:30:35 PM  
McDonald's fries were damn tasty once upon a time....that is until they caved into those farking vegeterians and stopped using rendered animal grease to cook their taters in.
2003-05-28 06:40:34 PM  
I once thought McDonald's food was pretty good, for fast food. Somehow, they made it seem obscene and it tastes like paper, but not the same as wrapping chips in a Penthouse.
2003-05-28 07:32:34 PM  
mmm... freedom fries...
2003-05-28 08:19:59 PM  
I think it's a good move on McDonald's part. I mean, they can't have people going around saying things about their food that have never before been uttered. I mean, people might begin to believe that they serve food that is less than good for you, as well as poorly made.

Such statements could put them out of business.
2003-05-28 08:37:45 PM  
"Would ya like some obscene paper-tasting potato strips wit' dat?"
2003-05-28 08:56:48 PM  
You'd think McDonalds would have learned its lesson about frivolous lawsuits - between the hot coffee and their food making people fat...
2003-05-28 11:19:35 PM  
I want to be a fast food reviewer. It would be the easiest job in the world.

"I found ________'s food to be sickeningly greasy. The secret sauce was good, I thought, until I found it was not thousand island dressing, but a big fat loogie from the pimply-faced cook. All and all, I give ________ a 5/5, out of fear of a lawsuit."
2003-05-28 11:46:26 PM  
Hmmm...OK, I know this lawsuit is taking place in Italy, not America but...

How long will it be before a Hollywood studio, completely devoid of ideas, sues a national movie critic, say Roger Ebert, for saying their newest release is a waste of time, giving it one star, and a thumbs down.

Just speculation.
2003-05-29 12:36:52 AM  
Lawyer for McDonalds: "The fries that are said to taste of paper are thrown away within five minutes of being cooked..."

So at least you know the paper tasting fries are fresh!
2003-05-29 12:37:28 AM  
No, "tasting of paper" describes a cranberry-oatmeal cookie I had earlier today from a coffee stand. I swear that thing was a sprinkle of cinnamon away from being cardboard.

Although, it ought to help me have an absolutely epic bowel movement in the morning.
2003-05-29 12:37:48 AM  
I wouldn't call it obscene. Tasting like paper is going a bit too far.

The taste of dead animal grease byproducts mixed with the ground remains of potatoes unsuitable for use in potato chips sounds more appropriate.
2003-05-29 12:38:18 AM  
this is a food critic. obviously they aren't going to like fast food. i don't like fast food and i'm only moderately a food snob (vegetarianism makes you automatically kind of snobby), and imagine what people who are PROFESSIONAL food snobs think about mcdonalds. i can only imagine how repulsed they must be by it if their idea of a burger is chopped up steak with blue cheese and organic lettuce and tomatoes, probably with handmade mustard, and about 6 billion herbs.
2003-05-29 12:38:30 AM  
freedom of speech surrenders?
2003-05-29 12:38:36 AM  
agreed Candypants

McDonald's gets sued for everything, including serving "hot coffee" that burns idiot women. For $600K.

They get to sue for idiot reasons too now, in my book.
2003-05-29 12:39:33 AM  
I haven't had McD's fries in a long time but I remember them being pretty damn good. Have they really had to make changes because of the oil they use?
2003-05-29 12:45:56 AM  
Yeah, McD's said they used no animal by-products in the fries, then a group of Hindis found out they were eating fries cooked in the adipose tissue of their sacred animal.

Yeah, the truth hurts.
2003-05-29 12:47:35 AM  
Well, I guess that I now have no reason to ever go to a McD's again.
2003-05-29 12:48:29 AM  
How iroic! Fat people sue Mcdonalds, and now Mcdonalds is suing a (possibly) fat person!
2003-05-29 12:48:39 AM  
MMMMMMMM, rendered annimal, grease,its the dawn of the season for making love. The fertility gods are calling and my cup runneth over, Farkets. I bath and have good credit, no rendered annimal baggage and have a cute face,body, and sense of humor. And have a picture of my fiance Susan.
2003-05-29 12:51:41 AM  
Yeah, I haven't been to a McDonald's since I was 9.
2003-05-29 12:52:16 AM  
Has anybody here read a book called "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser? It is all about the fast food industry and how it has influenced essentially every aspect of american life. There is also some discussion about how the food is processed. You may want to think twice about stopping at the drive-thru after you read it.
2003-05-29 12:53:06 AM  
Fox to unveil new show: "When McDonald's Attacks"
2003-05-29 12:54:51 AM  
McDonald's fries were damn tasty once upon a time....that is until they caved into those farking vegeterians and stopped using rendered animal grease to cook their taters in.

That's because Mrs. Kroc is something of a vegetable, herself...
2003-05-29 12:58:06 AM  
That was my review, and it was a typo. It was supposed to say "[McDonald's fries are] obscene and tasting of feces." My apologies to Mayor McCheese.
2003-05-29 12:58:17 AM  
mmmmmm...obscene fries
2003-05-29 01:03:02 AM  
I'm one of the [apparently] few people that prefers Mcdonalds to Burger King... However, "The fries that are said to taste of paper are thrown away within five minutes of being cooked if they have not been served" is just an outright lie...

and as for "and the oil is changed regularly"... well, if by regularly you mean once in a blue moon.

And I should know, I worked in one - and yes, it was a most horrible experience that has no doubt damaged me and my dignity for life.
2003-05-29 01:05:19 AM  
that'll show him for eating mcdonald's food
2003-05-29 01:09:02 AM  
McDonalds chips are delicious.

but its so much cooler to say you hate mcdonalds
2003-05-29 01:12:57 AM  
"McDonalds chips are delicious.
but its so much cooler to say you hate mcdonalds"

Riiiiight. I'm saying that I don't like McDonalds FRIES because I want you to think I'm cool, and not because they're ass nasty. Wait, that's twice I've insulted them, does this mean I get to be extra cool? asshat.
2003-05-29 01:15:00 AM  
it is cool to say you hate mcdonalds. anti-corporate stuff is really trendy right now.

/hates trends. and also hates mcdonalds.
2003-05-29 01:20:29 AM  
"Paper industry leaders sues food critic for claiming their paper tastes like McDonalds fries."
2003-05-29 01:22:14 AM  
I don't think you can sue critics. It's their opinion. If you can, then he should claim that he's a comedian, and that was part of his act. Untouchable!
2003-05-29 01:22:20 AM  
McDonalds fries used to be great, but the last part actually holds the reasons why they taste like shiat now.

"The fries that are said to taste of paper are thrown away within five minutes of being cooked if they have not been served and the oil is changed regularly."

Since they are basically cooked to serve now they are tasting crappy. The Employees are under pressure to serve the food fast, so I find they have a tendancy to PULL IT OUT BEFORE ITS DONE. So, instead of cold fries, now you have undercooked peices of crap that are burning the hell out of you.

Stupid "fresh fries" asshats have totally ruined McDonalds.
2003-05-29 01:24:16 AM  
He's a critic, he is entitled to his opinion, and free to share it. What is next, Warner Bros suing because some guy said the matrix reloaded was a plot less cinema version of a game cut scene.
2003-05-29 01:24:54 AM  
Those aren't potatoes anyway, they are just soy-based food products made with 100% real potato flavoring. This also goes for the fish, beef, shakes, etc...

The napkins may have 100% paper flavoring come to think of it... maybe something got mixed up at the factory?
2003-05-29 01:25:36 AM  
mcdonalds fries are delicious. i dont care what theyre cooked in, i dont care how bad for me they are. other people might disagree. thats the nature of free speach.

now im curious if mcdonalds would sue a food critic for writing such libelous slander as "The McRib sandwich is a cullinary delight"
2003-05-29 01:27:57 AM  
Its funny Mcdonalds first stock loss came when they changed the grease in their fries. Their fries suck now.
2003-05-29 01:28:33 AM  
Italy is going to get added to the axis of evil chart now.
2003-05-29 01:31:22 AM  
Maybe McD's changed to synthetic oil? I know my car likes it.
2003-05-29 01:32:59 AM  
Burger King puts a plastic derivitive in their fries.

2003-05-29 01:35:23 AM  
I found more information about this topic on an Italian site. It's Google translated.

"It succeeds solo from McDonalds. McDonalds is in crisis and finds the "guilty": Edoardo Raspelli . Already, while the colossus of polpetta the extension some yielding , thinks well to sue the more famous gastronomico critic of Italy, culprit to have told its experience in a McDonalds."
2003-05-29 01:36:28 AM  
I now know what obcenity tastes like. I thought obcenity
was more of a curry flavor, but what do I know.
2003-05-29 01:38:02 AM  
Yep i like burger king's better. But I'm not a real fry guy... just in the past couple days I've been ordering a chicken whopper, a medium coke, and 2 cookies. Fries aren't necessary. Though I'm now contemplating whether or not it would be cheaper to just get the damned meal and get cookies too... I dunno.
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