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(via /.)   Sony announces the mother of all Playstations: 120GB hard drive and a DVD+/-RW for recording videos and more   ( divider line
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16357 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 May 2003 at 1:47 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-28 11:47:29 AM  
Now there's conflicting reports about this system. Another does not claim it has a DVD+/-RW, but it has a hard drive to be recorded on. Basically as it was noted, a Tivo/PS2 combo.
2003-05-28 12:18:29 PM  
Isn't this also known as a computer?

2003-05-28 01:21:18 PM  
Just give me GT4 Online and skip the PS2-Computer crap.
2003-05-28 01:49:39 PM  
more specifically, Hal?
2003-05-28 01:50:06 PM  
Article about MPAA lambasting new X-box recording features in 5...4...3...
2003-05-28 01:50:44 PM  
When I can stick my tallywhacker in it and get off, then I'll tell ya its the mother of all playstations.
2003-05-28 01:50:52 PM  
what ?? WHY??? who buys this crap??? will it fit in Navigator and/or an Aviator ??
2003-05-28 01:51:17 PM  
Can somebody say Action Gamemaster???
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 01:51:36 PM  
I'm waiting for the Sony Nippleclamps that will jolt my body every time the controller vibrates........

Mmmmmm, vibrate..........
2003-05-28 01:52:06 PM  
It might be cool, it might only be so-so. Either way I'll probably stick with my old Mac for the time being.
2003-05-28 01:52:58 PM  
Were this Slashdot, there already would be 20 comments about making a beowulf cluster of these and Microsoft bashing. Thats why I like Fark, we only have Akbar.
2003-05-28 01:53:55 PM  
...and it can also divide by zero.

2003-05-28 01:59:04 PM  
Here's some clarification on the new PS from Sony. There are many conflicting reports on what this gizmo actually is. From what I've read about it the Resgister has the best information... Here's the linky Lynx...
2003-05-28 02:04:12 PM  
2003-05-28 02:10:14 PM  
and psx was the name of the original playstation.
2003-05-28 02:10:24 PM  
I'll take it!
2003-05-28 02:16:40 PM  
Another great console from Sony - wonder how long it will take for this model to throw a "disc read error"?
2003-05-28 02:20:57 PM  
huhu huhuu huu you said psx... sex.... hahahahuhuu
2003-05-28 02:25:52 PM  
Imagine a beowulf cluster of these things!
2003-05-28 02:31:41 PM  
BUT, does it work with the Super Nintendo??
2003-05-28 02:31:57 PM  
Imagine plopping down several hundred dollars for this only to have PS3 come out a few months later. up fan boy.
2003-05-28 03:03:25 PM  
Sony does have (or did) have the rights to use the TiVo software, they'd be damn smart to not to re-invent an outstanding product and put that on there. I don't think TiVo had a japaneese product, but I can forsee big legal problems Sony vs TiVo wise if they (after years of partnership with TiVo in the US) decided to recreate a similar product.
2003-05-28 03:09:46 PM  
"While you were still learning how to spell your name, I was being trained to conquer galaxies!"
2003-05-28 03:12:25 PM  
From what I've read you won't have to worry bout the PS3 comming out at the heels of this new product. It seems that they aren't even going to start producing the Processors for the PS3 until at least 2005. As Far as clustering PS2's u can Read bout it here Second Article --->
2003-05-28 03:14:32 PM  
But does it really work!?
Will it really mighty my penis, man?!
[image from too old to be available]
If it really works
I'll order a DOZEN!
2003-05-28 03:17:56 PM  

I guess they felt the need to innovate now that Saddam won't be using PS2s to guide any more missiles.

[image from too old to be available]

I got nothin'.

2003-05-28 03:33:30 PM  
BradBrening, any idea how to fix that disc read error aside from chucking the thing out the window and buying a new one?
2003-05-28 03:42:05 PM  
all it needs now is a vagina and the love of role play games and slashdot fans will never have to upgrade again...
2003-05-28 03:47:45 PM  
2003-05-28 03:57:29 PM  
Durn it. I submitted this with a much funnier tag.
2003-05-28 04:18:22 PM  
Good God....that ugly-ass purple color on Slashdot looks farking disgusting. Somebody shoot Commander Taco.
2003-05-28 04:19:11 PM  
I'm waiting for the playstation 9, it taps directly into your adrenal glands.
2003-05-28 04:23:02 PM  
Um...why not just buy a computer and forget the consoles. I haven't had a console since the Super Nintendo. Haven't needed it. Just keep upgrading your computer. You will have put a little bit more mony into it, but you can do 10 times the ammount of things with it. Burn cd's, play music, get on to the internet. Being a full on PC gamer, I can't understand why people are still buying consoles. Unless you absolutely have to play halo. :)

OH, and mac gamers, don't even start. Mac gamers can click on this link.

Funny as hell...
2003-05-28 04:24:13 PM  
Ok, it's not a link. Sue me.

"You Cock bite!"
2003-05-28 04:36:52 PM  

I had a disc read error problem. I eventually had to chuck it but some of the ways people have fixed it (none of these worked for me, so YMMV)

Using the ps2 purely in a vertical position
Increasing the voltage on the pots
Taking it apart and cleaning the lens

Actually, I didn't try increasing the pots voltage - I couldn't get the farking drive apart. My screws were stripped. I think one of my roommates tried to "fix" it for me. Plus, I wouldn't trust a CD lens cleaner on those lenses - take it apart and use compressed air. Have you tried any of the above?
2003-05-28 04:52:15 PM  
the PDF file that showcases some of their new prducts---the PSX is in the middle
2003-05-28 04:53:23 PM  
wow, more PS2 crap for people who cannot afford a dvd player or a PC. why not just make a decent game system next time sony.

By featuring a real-time OS that is to be used for games, the unit will be capable of high-definition and high-speed recording functions.

it'd be nice if the games were actually in high-definition...
2003-05-28 04:58:42 PM  

Price of ATI 9800 Pro: $389
Price of ATI 9700 Pro (one generation back): $265
Price of PS2: $179

PS2 came out in what, 2000? How much have you spent upgrading your computer since then? How much of that upgrade cost was useful for NON-game uses?
2003-05-28 05:29:07 PM  
Everyone knows that Playstation sucks. it doesn't have mario or halo... or pacman! PACMAN!

2003-05-28 05:41:37 PM  
Hm. Still not four input-ports right? Still no way of saving games out of the box right?

That's good old Sony.

/Didnt read article
2003-05-28 05:50:34 PM  

As I said in the post earlier, you will be paying a litte bit more for a computer, but you can do everything on it. Aren't you using a comuter right now to post and read this?!! Um...didn't you have to pay for that too? Why didn't you put money you spent on your PS2 into your computer, and make it a gaming computer. Further more, 9 out of 10 gaming computers don't have a Radeon 9700 or 9800 anyways. Does everybody who buys nice car get a Dodge Viper? No. That's why you would get something in the range of a GeForce 4 TI series. I am still using my Geforce 3 TI 200 128, and I can play any game out there. I paid $80 for it. I'm a computer technician and sales person.

By the way, if anybody needs a good deal on computer parts in Fresno. Go to PC Club, and ask for me, Sir_Tofek.
Or you can check out
2003-05-28 06:42:55 PM  

and psx was the name of the original playstation.

Time to go to school.
The PSX was a term that stood for Playstatin X-perince and was the name of the magazine PSX which is know today as U.S. Official Playstation Magazine.
wil [TotalFark]
2003-05-28 06:59:23 PM  
When I worked for G4, we got this mysterious directive from Sony that we were no longer allowed to call the Playstation "PSX." At the time, I thought it was really stupid . . . but it all makes sense now.

I love it when a plan comes together.
2003-05-28 07:16:14 PM  

They are going to do the same thing they did last time- Hype it up so much that everyone will wait to buy the psx and not the xbox2 or the nintendo game trapizoid. Then they'll release a mediochre machine(made as cheap as possible) that looks cool after everyone else has had terrible sales because of sonys nazi marketing stratagies.
2003-05-28 07:27:51 PM  
The Playstation is called the PSX because before Sony blackmailed Nintendo, they were going to call it the PLAY STATION EXTREME(Three words) hence the PSX. Sony always called it the Playstation.
2003-05-28 07:35:49 PM  

well duh, thats what everybody does!
2003-05-28 08:25:16 PM  
I'm running a P-III 500/20 G (175 G sitting on the desk waiting to be put in)/256 M/CD-RW. It satisfies all of my uses *EXCEPT* gaming. The only reason for upgrades is games, period. Now, I can make further upgrades to make it gaming possible costing probably on the order of $300 or more. Or I can get a PS2 for $179, which I did last week. I'll eventually be upgrading to a top of the line computer, but as an interim solution the PS2 made more sense.

2003-05-28 08:31:31 PM  

2003-05-28 08:32:43 PM  
PS2SP!!! Seriously, sony. Seriously.
2003-05-28 08:53:50 PM  
05-28-03 04:58:42 PM Rpm


Price of ATI 9800 Pro: $389
Price of ATI 9700 Pro (one generation back): $265
Price of PS2: $179

PS2 came out in what, 2000? How much have you spent upgrading your computer since then? How much of that upgrade cost was useful for NON-game uses?

Yep. That's what brought me back to console gaming after like a 10+ year hiatus. All that will change when Doom 3 comes out though. Then it's back to buying a new $2k box that I will only use for gaming... Man, I am a dork.
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